How to get rid of game app requests on facebook

How to get rid of game app requests on facebook

There are two situations to stops the notifications from your friends to play games-

First Situation

1. Click on the notification.
2. Click on – View in App Center (This is on bottom, extreme right side).
3. Click on Block
4. Click on Confirm.

Now you are done and will not receive any notification to play that game in future from any of your friends.

Second Situation

1. Click on Notification
2. Click on cancel
3. Click on – View in App Center (This is on bottom, extreme right side).
4. Click on Block
5. Click on Confirm.

Now you are done and will not receive any notification to play that game in future from any of your friends.

Allopathy a Fraud

Allopathy a Fraud

Why Allopathy and other medicine systems are fraud played on the world –

The meaning of Allopathy – a system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of remedies (as drugs or surgery) producing effects different from or incompatible with those produced by the disease being treated.

In essence Allopathy believes that a symptom is caused due to deficiency or excess of something in the body.

The fluid is the carrier of every mineral or drug in the body. When there is deficiency of a particular mineral in the body allopaths bombard the body with some thing else that is known to cause some other side effect or disease. That is the reason that every medicine brochure has to the contain the words that there are side effects of this medicine. Really – it is every medicine. Please go ahead and read some of the brochures.

There is a better way of reducing or increasing the mineral that is deficient or in excess in the body. Reduce or increase the fluid in the body. Or do that alternatively.

If you add 1 spoon of salt in a glass of water and you find that it is not upto your taste say it is more salty, what you are supposed to do. Add some more water in it rather then adding sugar, or atta or something else to change the taste of salt.

If the salt is felt to be less, you can reduce the amount of water next time. Humans can do that by dehydrating for 24 hours.

Sepsis Cure

Sepsis Cure

My father is aged 80 years. He had been in hospital 2-3 times in last 8-9 months. His pulse used to go high upto 140 bpm. Usually severe constipation and low fever used to lead to high pulse followed by hospitalisation. He had been on medication for constipation for more than 50 years. He had CKD stage 4 condition for last several years. He had high BP for last 40 years or more.

His stay in the hospital used to be uneventful.

This time he was admitted on 20.5.2014 at night. By next day his pulse was normal. The doctors told us on 22.5.2014 that he will be discharged the next day morning. At midnight we were informed that he fell from bed and broke his left arm. It required surgery. His surgery was planned after 5 days.

His was administered pain killers for his arm. By next 2 days he was losing his senses. But doctors kept on assuring that he is alright. Surgery was carried out in that condition on 27.5.2014. After surgery had started having problems in drinking and eating. One day after the surgery the hospital started pushing for discharging my father. Inspite of our reservations, the hospital discharged him. After bringing him home, we found that he is not responding to any gesture or voice command. Even his eyes were not responding to light or other stimulants. However the hospital doctors kept assuring that this is due to medicines and he will be all right in few hours.

By next day morning we were sure that some thing is wrong. A doctor at local CHGS dispensary suggested that he might be slipping in vegetative conditions and should be taken to a neuro hospital.

We moved him to another hospital within 24 of discharge from the first hospital. After 1 day his urine output came down to zero. After 2 days they carried out CRRT Dialysis. After CRRT he was discharged in haste again within 2 days without any instructions about removing his food pipe and urine pipe.

At home after 2 days his food pipe came out while he was sleeping. After that again his food intake and water intake dropped to zero.

Again he was moved to hospital due to weakness and no food intake. After 2 days of admission he became semi unconscious. He was shifted to ICU. But even after 5 days in ICU he did not respond to any stimuli. He had severe infections in lungs, could not speak anything, could not pass stool without anemia.

The doctors suggested that we take him home. The doctors said that there is no hope for him and he will require hospitalisation every now and then and therefore we should have arrangements with a hospital close to our home.

The doctor told me to rent a suction pump for taking out cough of my father. I asked doctor about the cost of suction pump and suggested that we can buy the same. The doctor said that buying will be much more expensive and renting is a better option hinting that my father is not likely to survive more than 10-15 days.

I requested the doctors to let me know the basic medical terms and the basic conditions of my father so that I could do some thing according to my knowledge of health matters. The doctors gave my the name of a book and author to read and refused to give any more details.

I very strongly requested the doctors to stop the antibiotics since it seemed to cause dehydration. But doctors refused to agree even though I very strongly offered to give my request in writing. The doctors seemed to have reduced the medicines and changed the antibiotics as well. The hospital even refused to change his diet inspite of my written request.

After 24 hour my father had some response and opened eyes and tried to communicate. After this the hospital shifted my father to general ward.

For last 2 days my father was shifted to general ward. I stayed with him. First day I gave my father 100 ml water every 1 hour thru food pipe. By 8 PM my father complained of stomach ache. And I promptly stopped giving him water.

Next day I did not give a single drop of water to my father. By next day evening my father was was able to cough and spit out his cough. That was a good sign. I had requested the same earlier as well.

Finally my father was discharged from hospital on 26.6.2014 with food pipe and urine pipe. We kept alternating his water intake and then stopping his water intake for 24 hours for next 10 days. He still had his food pipe and all food and water were delivered thru food pipe only. After 6 days my father removed his food pipe while he was sleeping.

After this we started giving food and water thru mouth. My father used to vomit the food and water along with cough every time we used to feed him.

But day by day his cough was becoming less thick and less in volume as well.

The other problem was that my father was not able to pass the stool without anemia. The colour of the stool was dark green. I checked from my friends in medical profession, they also opined that dark green stool is also an indication of last days and that days are counted for my father.

After 20 days at home we started giving mixed fruit Jam every hour – 1 spoon every hour. Some times plain sugar was also given to supplement the sugar.

It took another 10-15 days and the colour of the stool also changed from dark green to normal yellow.

Now my father is perfectly all right. He is without any medication for last 15 days.