Aging, Diseases and Inflammation

Aging, Diseases and Inflammation

  • To cure any disease every health system in the world targets the fluid in the body. Fluid is the only thing that moves in the body from one place to another.
  • What we eat passes through digestive track and is finally excreted. Only the nutrients in the food or drinks get into blood and can have some curative properties.
  • In case of diseases like Jaundice there are no medicines because the body stops digesting and the nutrients cannot get into blood.
  • There may be millions of things in the body Vitamins, Minerals, Hormones etc. It is common sense that a person can get a disease only if some of the things are in excess or short in the body.
  • All the medicine system target in fulfilling the shortage of these things in the body.
  • The diagnostic have limitations inspite of very expensive tests being conducted in the labs. These labs cannot detect even 1% of the shortages and excess.
  • The whole of the medical scientists have been  wasting lives of the people by passing the buck or giving excuses for not curing people with clock wise precision.

Take an Example to understand what is happening when you go to a doctor

  • Take a glass of water. Add a spoon of salt to it. Taste it.
  • If you find the water to be very salty, what you will do. Naturally you will add some more water to the existing mix of salt and water.
  • If you find the water to be less salty, you will need to take care to add less water next time to the same amount of salt.
  • What a doctor does is – add some sugar to the water to ward off the taste of excess salt. Or may be some other stuff like wheat floor or such things. But it introduces some other tastes to the water. That will create its own set of problems.

What is the exact cause of a disease

  • Our body has millions of monitoring systems (may be 100s). These monitoring systems regulate various vitamins, minerals and processes in our body.
  • These monitoring systems need some tools to work in the form of some hormones or minerals or vitamins.
  • Some times it may happen that 2 or more monitoring system need some minerals in conflicting quantities.
  • Due to the conflict 2 or more monitoring systems collapse and stop working. This causes a disease.

What should be the cure

  • To manage all the excesses in the body a person should drink lot of water with 45 minutes to 1 hour gap. That will dilute all the excesses in the body.
  • But then there are lot of other shortages in the body. The shortages in the body will get further reduces. But there are usually more than 1 check in the body. In short term the body is not adversely affected by shortages or excesses for a short period of 24 hours.
  • Now to manage all the shortages in the body, do not drink any water or other liquids on next day.
  • Repeat drinking lot of water on day 1 and not drinking any water on day 2 for 4 to 10 days or more depending on the seriousness of the disease.
  • In a matter of 4-5 days all shortages and excesses will be taken care of. The conflict of various shortages and excesses will be resolved and the person will be cure.

Some experiments have shown that the above works with clock wise precision in almost every disease. At this point of time, this is the best possible treatment for any disease.

Celiac Disease Cure

Celiac Disease Cure

First day – Drink 3 to 4 litres of plain water with 45 to 60 minutes gap divided in equal parts.

Second day – No water or other liquid.

You will see lot of other improvements in health in 4-5 days. In 10 days one can expect to be free from Celiac. To be 100% sure one should continue this for at least 30 days before trying wheat.

Celiac is inflammation of intestines. There are certain foods that cause inflammation. Those foods should be avoided. Refer to the celiac cases listed in celiac category.

For logic and explanation of the cure – refer to Sepsis page of this web site.

Lower High Blood Pressure in 10 Days

Lower High Blood Pressure in 10 Days

Young man with Celiac disease aged 29 years.

His highest Blood pressure readings were 145/95 with pulse 100.


First day – 3 to 4 litres of water with 45 to 60 minutes of gap divided in equal parts.

Second day – No water or other liquids for 24-36 hours.

In 8 days the blood pressure was 122/78 with pulse of 85.

In next few days I expect the blood pressure to drop further. The reasons are pretty simple. They are as mentioned in Sepsis section of this website.

Keep coming back. Celiac disease will be over in less then 1 month.

Today after 10 days the BP and Pulse Rate were – 110/70 pulse – 84

Inflammation and Sepsis

Inflammation and Sepsis

What is Inflammation – The link discusses most of the things –

The above articles concludes that inflammation is caused in every disease. That is common link. it also gives a report card that there is no known cause and cure of inflammation.

The question that arises is – if inflammation is reduced or completely eliminated, does that cure the underlying disease. To me it seems so.

I started treating sinus about 7-8 years back by dehydration for 24 to 48 hours. It it always worked with clock wise precision.

2 months back my mother aged 80 had tooth ache. Due to other health concerns, I wanted to avoid pain killers. I asked her to give up water for 24 hours. She did. And thereafter she did not report any pain.

In May-June 2014 my father aged 80 was hospitalised and diagnosed with sepsis, He had other complications as well. The attending doctors said that there are no chances of his survival. I tried the same over hydration for 24 hours and then dehydration for the next 24 hours and he started recovering. When he shifted to home, I hired a health care provider to hydrate and dehydrate with precision. Today he is without any medicines whatsoever.

Sepsis is whole body inflammation and the mortality rate is about 49%. But people with multiple organ failure, more than 15 days in ICU thee are no chances of survival. The people who survive are supposed to have insomnia and disabling pain. He has none. He seems to be in better health then he was 20 years back. All of his problems are gone. The hydration dehydration cycle was repeated for more than 10 times during the period of recovery. His brain was also reported to have suffered irrepairable damage. But now there is no sign of brain damage. He is cured of seizures as well.

If sepsis and underlying inflammation can be cured in 48 hours, why cancer and other incurable diseases cannot be repaired in 48 hours. Afterall the extent of inflammation is lower in case of other diseases as compared to sepsis.

One should also take note of foods that cause inflammation –




Seizure Cure

Seizure Cure

I read somewhere on google that sugar and the medicines for seizures effect the same place in brain. That made me start thinking why we can not use sugar instead of medicines to cure seizures.

My father had been on medicines for seizures for last 30 years or more. He was taking tegritol 400 mg. Whenever he discontinuted the medicine he had seizure episode within 3 to 7 days.

My father is 80 years of age. He was 4th stage CKD patient. He had high Blood Pressure for more than 30 years and was taking regular medicines for that.

In May 2014 he was admitted to hospital with high pulse rate of 140 bpm. He also complained of severe constipation for last 6-12 months. During his stay at Hospital he fell from bed and broke his arm. Most likely reason of fall from bed was seizure episode.

After surgery for broken arm he had altered sensorium. His urine output stopped during his stay in ICU and CRT dialysis was performed for about 30 hours.

After about 10 days stay in hospital he was discharged with food pipe.

At Home his food pipe came out. He could not drink or eat anything orally. He used to suffocate. He was not able to speak clearly because of lungs malfunctioning.

After 6-7 days he was again admitted to Hospital. The food pipe and urine pipe could be inserted for 2 days. Due to malnutrition he again slipped into altered sensorium and semi unconscious state. He stopped responding to any stimulus. He was in ICU for more than 8-10 days.

He was discharged from Hospital after 12 days stay in Hospital without food pipe and urine pipe. The doctors opined that there are no chances of his survival and that we should take him to some hospital nearby since it will be frequent visits to the Hospital.

At this point I decided to use my theories of cure on him.

He was given 100 ml water after every 45 minutes on day 1.  On day 2 he was not given any fluids at all.

On these days the net loss of fluids was about 10 litres.

From this point onwards he started showing signs of recovery.

At home his medicine for seizures was not given regularly for first 45 days. He was put on rice diet only and was given 5 to 7 spoons of plain sugar orally.

Than it was realised that these seizure medicines cause swelling in his feet. Then these seizure medicines were stopped completely. But he was given 5-6 spoons of sugar on daily basis. Lack of sugar used to cause restlessness and poor sleep quality.

For last 3 months he is without any medications – none for BP, CKD, Constipation  or any other conditions. So far he seems to be perfectly all. With no out ward symptoms of sickness.