How to get 95 to 100% Marks in Exams

The Theory that may help students get 100% marks in Board Exams. and Later in life

The theory is that after class 5 the child should be set free to learn on his own from books and discussions with other students and teachers.

The discussions should only be to go beyond books.

From the first day in class every one keeps telling a child that he is no good to go beyond books. We forget that the books are also written by people (by people with much less resources at their disposal). There is life beyond books. That is what the children have to uncover.

The teachers and tuition make the children handicap, crippled. I did not make my Child depend on any one.

My Child was an average student from class 1 to class 11. The Child asked me to teach in class 11. I asked the child to open book and start reading. Every explanation given in the book was to be practiced. The portion that I asked my child to cover was not supposed to be asked in question papers. But I considered that as the base on which entire chapter was depended.

The child said since it is not necessary and it is wastage of time, will not do the things my way. I resigned and quit. For next 7-8 months the child was on its own. The child was not allowed any tuition. In Jan the child was very upset about final examinations. Again the child asked for help from me.

I repeated the very same question. That made the child extremely upset and said that it is going to take 3-4 days with no gains. There was hardly any time left.

I told the child to leave the time calculations to me and do as suggested. The child took almost 7 days. The child was more confident but worried that will not be able to complete the course.

I gave confidence that there is more then enough time if the child keeps basics strong. The child completed every thing much before time. The child was now happy and confident. Did every thing on its own.

The child started 12 class on a happy note. Did all maths chapters much before it was to be taken up in school

The child was told not to learn any thing from school. Teachers or other students. The child had to learn every thing on its own. The child was not supposed to attend the schools regularly. The child used to stay at home and enjoy learning on its own. The child just got minimum attendance to enable it to appear in board exams.

The child had completed every thing much before her 2nd term exams in Dec. The child was told not to ask for any kind of help from me unless it had tried the problem for more than 1 hour on its own.

Now I asked to taste the success in pre-board exams. Because one has got to be used to success. The child did not listen to that. The child gave her pre-boards without any preparations or studies. All these days the child was living at relatives place in connection with some religious ceremonies. Where presence was not required. But I did not intervene. I had set it free.

Before exams the child was over confident and could anticipate its results. The child was very confident of 95% and above marks. During all exams days it would see all TV programs on regular basis.

The child forgot to learn the killing instinct which was very important to score perfect 100 in all subjects.

There the child failed miserably. Had the child trusted me on that, it would have scored perfect 500 today.

Anyway I am happy for the child. The child learnt some good lessons of life. The child still has enough mile stones to reach.

State Bank of India Cheats

On 26th March 2015 I went to State Bank of India, Vikaspuri, New Delhi.

There I saw an old sikh couple being offered an insurance policy by an officer of the bank. Insurance policies are never a good investment product.

I asked this couple what is being offered to them by the Bank officer. They told me that if they pay Rs. 50000/- per years as insurance premium under the policy they will get guaranteed Rs. 1200,000/- at the end of 10 years. Besides this there will be lot of other insurance benefits. I calculated in my mind and I found the return to be extremely high.

I asked the bank officer. He confirmed that it is the offer he had given the couple. I asked him whether it is equity linked plan. He denied first. Then said it is growth plan. On further questioning he accepted that it is equity linked plan.

I asked about the guarantee part in the insurance scheme. He confirmed that there is guarantee that Rs. 12 lacs will be paid back to them after 10 years.

There was another lady sitting nearby. She was listening to all this. She also spoke of her experience. She said that she had taken similar policy and had suffered a loss. She did not get even the amount paid as insurance premium on maturity.

In view of Bank officer manipulating the scheme, the couple was confused and wanted to invest the money thinking that I must be wrong. How can a banker like State Bank of India make false statements like that. But when this lady also spoke they were terribly moved. They asked the officer straight questions. And with our support to the old couple, finally the bank officer accepted that there is no guarantee of the amount. The insurance premiums shall be invested in equity and whatever is the result of such investments, shall be paid on maturity. And it can be even less then Rs. 5 lacs.

On 28th March 2015 I confronted the Bank Manager of SBI Vikaspuri about the issue. Even the bank manager said that it is possible that the policy holder gets Rs. 12 lacs on maturity. But she refused to make a statement on the guarantee part of the deal. She kept saying that she has even helped policy holders get even higher amounts. I fail to understand what is the role of the Bank Manager in getting higher returns on an insurance policy.

May God reward such Bank Managers in most befitting manners.

Sepsis survivor’s story by his son

Sepsis survivor’s story by his son

Age 80 years.

Patient history

  • Constipated for last 50 years.
  • Epilepsy since last 25 years – On tagritol 400 mg daily for last 20-25 years. Any attempt to give up Tagritol used to cause seizure in 2-3 days.
  • Urine incontinency since last 10 years or more.
  • Both Hip Replacement surgery 7-8 years back.
  • Prostate problems for last 5 years or so.
  • High blood pressure medicine for last 20 or more years
  • Blood sugar never a problem. But sugar consumption on a very low side since long time.
  • Used to drink alcohol about 30 years back on regular basis. After that very casual once in 10-20 days.

Just before May 2014

For last 6-7 months severe constipation with increased pulse rate of 130-140 and high blood pressure. 3 Hospitalisations in 12 months prior to May 2014.

My father was hospitalized on 20.5.2014. Was ok in few hours after hospitalization. But fell from hospital bed on 22.5.2014 and broke his arm from near shoulder.

Was operated upon on 27.5.2014. But had signs of altered sensorium. He stopped responding to any stimulus. He was not able to talk or respond to any verbal commands. He was discharged from hospital saying that he is under sedatives which has caused this problem and will be ok in 12 hours or so after reaching home.

He was again hospitalized on 1.6.2014. He had severe lung congestion. He underwent dialysis since his kidneys also stopped working. He was unconscious for more than 3-4 days. He was discharged from hospital on 10.6.2014 with food pipe. He was not able to speak since his lungs were still blocked. At home the food pipe came out while sleeping. He had problems in ingesting food and liquids. He had developed gangrene as well. He had black nails in his feet.

Again my father was hospitalized on 14.6.2014. The attempts at inserting the food pipe and urine failed. He became semi unconscious by 15.6.2014. He was shifted to ICU and remained there for next 8 days. In the same condition. He had stopped responding to any stimulus.

Then he was shifted to HDU around 24.6.2014. On 26.6.2014 he responded to verbal commands and was shifted to a room.

During the course of my father’s ICU stay, I was told that his brain CT scan has shown black in a place which is supposed to be gray. That his brain had damaged and there is no way it can recover. I was told that chances of his survival are zero. That whatever time is left will be spent in making visits to the hospitals. That his death was supposed to be due to asphyxiation. He was suggested to undergo a procedure wherein asphyxiation can be avoided.

We did not opt for that since it was supposed to delay the death and was of no curative value.

After shifting to the room I stayed with my father for next 48 hours. For the first 12 hours I gave him 100 ml water thru his food pile (ryles tube) every 45 to 60 minutes. He was also given milk and egg white inspite of my protests to start him on rice. Every 2 hours. In 10 hours my father complained of stomach pain and hence I stopped the water.

Every 2 hours efforts were made to clear cough from his throat by using vacuum pump. But nothing seemed to move to his throat.

Next 40 hours I dehydrated my father. I gave him no water except milk and egg whites.

After 40 hours his mouth was filled with heavy cough which had to be cleared using cotton bands since he was not able to spit the cough. Next 10 – 15 days we repeated the procedure of hydration dehydration. At the end this chest was absolutely clear. There was no sign of any congestion in his chest. Though he had a history of chest congestion. During his first 48 hours hydration / dehydration cycle he lost 9 litre of fluid thru urine. The total intake was about 2.5 litres after considering his milk and egg white intake. The fluid loss thru breathing was in excess of 3 litres in view of sepsis and breathing rate of 24 per minute. Next fluid loss was 9 litres or more.

After this initial 48 hours my father was discharged from hospital.

During his stay at home there was complete confusion which medicine is to be given and which not. The medicines were random. After about 45 days we stopped epilepsy / schizophrenia medicines completely. During this 45 days period also his medicines were on and off without any reasons.

His congestion did come back after he started consuming milk. The swelling in feet was visible after he started tea intake.

His swelling was reduced after he was given salt water and hydration/ dehydration cycles.

During this period of 45 days he used to get up every 2 hours during night to pass urine.

He still repeat these hydration/ dehydration cycles once in 7 days. His night time passing of urine has stopped completely.

He has stopped wetting his clothes.

My father does not have any pains. He sleeps at least 14-16 hours a day. Though he complains that his sleep is not very sound. He was used to pain killers earlier. But he does get enough sound sleep for 6 to 8 hours or more. His gangrene is gone. His foot nails have become white. He is on his own. He can climb down the stairs on his own. His breathing is better in the sense that he does not get tired easily. He does not take any medicine any more except blood pressure once in 7 days or so when his blood pressure shoots up. The changes in blood pressure is due to poor fluid control on most of days now.

Main Points of Treatment

  • Hydration/ dehydration cycles
  • Daily sugar intake spread thru out the day
  • Rice diet in intial 45 days. Wheat excluded
  • 5-6 meals every day.

What was the logic

  • Since childhood I had sinus. Since I was a sportsperson with very good pain tolerance, I never saw a doctor for 2 reasons. First I or my parents did not know what is sinus and what are symptoms. Second it used to get easily cured in 3-4 days may be due to my sports. As I aged the problems of sinus became sever. Frequent Sore throat, body ache, fever etc for more than 10 days. It used to be severe and I had to be on bed for 7 to 10 days. During those days I started experimenting with dehydration.
  • When I had my last sinus episode, I decided to give up all fluids for 48 hours. After 24 hours I found there was no fever and pain or discomfort associated with sinus. After 24 hours the cough started flowing freely. It took about 7 days and my chest was as clean as glass.
  • Over the next 3-4 years I was not getting sinus very frequently. When there was little problem I used to repeat the same dehydration cycle. For last 3-4 years I did not get any fever or running nose. Not even a single day lost due to any health issues. I did not take any precautions. I could be in the company of people who had severe allergies and cold and cough, seasonal flu but i was completely immune.
  • So I knew that it works on all respiratory problems.
  • I am so confident about respiratory systems, that I assured my friend who started snoring recently that with 4 hours he will get complete relief from snoring.
  • In fact I am quite confused why no one thought of this simple logic earlier. Sinus has symptoms like – inflammation, infection, congestion and swelling. Dehydration relieves congestion. Dehydration heats up the body killing all bacteria. Dehydration removes swelling. With these things gone – inflammation is also cured.

Now since my father had very severe cough and his lungs were all chocked I could think of nothing but easing the respiratory pathways. And it worked. Why do we need the medicines any way.

Celiac Cure – Inflammation angle

Celiac Relief and possibly Cure

Celiac is due to inflammation of intestines. It is very interesting to know more about inflammation even for people who are healthy and have no health issues. Read what is inflammation at –

As per above articles inflammation causes every diseases and health condition. Even aging is due to chronic inflammation. So if we can control inflammation then we can increase the life span or may reverse the aging process.

Now look at the foods that cause inflammation.

There are other web sites giving more detailed information about the food that causes inflammation.

Then there are web sites that give the list of foods that are anti-inflammatory. Like one at –,,20705881,00.html

In my opinion both the versions are absolutely wrong.

The foods that are supposed to cause inflammation is consumed by the vast majority of people on this earth. 99% of the people do not experience any inflammation from those foods. Take for example wheat or gluten, milk, FATs. Everybody consumes these products but everybody does not celiac of other diseases due to those foods.

At the same time the foods that are anti inflammatory, may cause inflammation among lot of people. Tea is one of them. People who drink more than 7-8 cups of tea every day may experience very serious inflammation. Tooth gets effected due to high consumption of tea. Similar is the cause with other food items.

Then what causes inflammation????

Whatever we eat, has to be metabolized or digested or absorbed by the cells of the body. Food that cannot be absorbed by the cells causes inflammation.

Even drinking excess water causes inflammation.

Think of it. Think Hard. And you will see very clear light.

I and my daughter had very severe constipation. My daughter used to be very sick due to constipation in her younger days. I and my daughter increased water intake and with hours constipation disappeared. We were very happy and started advising everybody that water is very beneficial for health and it is best for constipation.

But after some time constipation revisited us in varying degrees. We were surprised but kept blaming other things.

I am not completely relieved of all kinds of constipation. I give up water for 24 to 36 hours every 7-10 days. That makes sure that I do not have excess of water or shortage of water. Same is the case with sugar, FATs and other things.

One may not feel the impact of excess or shortage of anything within 1-2 days or may be months or may be years. But when it does think what you have been eating for long term and that particular thing may be the main cause of problems.

Sepsis is whole body inflammation. It is auto immune system problem. It is dangerous in that there is more than 50% mortality (death) in case of sepsis. Even after recovering from sepsis the side effects are very serious. If we take sepsis as the yardstick and give 100 marks on the scale to sepsis then celiac and other auto immune system disease won’t get even 30 marks. So if there could be very reliable way of curing sepsis, then every auto immune system disease can be cured very easily.

I cured sepsis of my father aged 80 years in June 2014 within any side effects after recovery. In fact he seems to be much healthier. I have reasons to think that there is age reversal in his case.

I will post the whole story some other time.

In essence it is water routine mentioned at –

Water routine is the only thing that manages all other foods that we might be eating in excess. If one does not want to give up foods that we one may be eating in excess because of our liking that particular food item, one can easily do the water routine. But sure giving up or restricting that food item will help.

I tried Celiac cure on 2 persons using water routines. In 4 days all the symptoms were gone. There is no discomfort till date. There are no symptoms in the body. They can easily indulge into foods that may contain gluten without any stomach ailments or other things. But they continue to be on gluten free diet because they could not resist other foods and there were huge excesses or may be simply it is long term cure. May be they can get free of celiac in coming days. But for sure they are no more worried about eating gluten by mistake or when they cannot resist eating gluten foods.

Myths about Sugar Consumption

  1. Diabetics develop gangrene. Initially it was said that gangrene is due to high blood sugar of the diabetic person. A study 3 years back claimed that gangrene can be cured only by increasing the sugar intake. But still nowhere in the world, there is recommendation concerning the minimum amount of sugar that a person with a particular condition is supposed to consume.


  1. 18 months back there was a study/ research results of the GENOME project concerning genes responsible for sugar metabolism. The research said that a person with 4 copies of the gene responsible for sugar digestion/ metabolism is 9 times more likely to be obese as compared to the person with 9 copies of the gene responsible for digestion of sugar. No recommendation came out till date concerning the minimum amount of sugar that should be consumed.


  1. It is not the amount of sugar that one consumes but the amount of sugar that his body is able to digest that matters.


  1. Inflammation is the cause of every disease.


  1. There is a list of foods that promote inflammation.


  1. This list is seems to be based on the study of some foods in sick people. In Celiac disease milk and other dairy products seems to cause inflammation, so milk is declared as inflammatory. More than 60% of the people in the world drink milk and consume other dairy products. But it does not cause chronic inflammation which can cause similar diseases on those people. Anything in excess / shortage of the requirement of the body causes inflammation. If things cannot be used for cellular metabolism completely it will cause inflammation. Even water cannot be ingested beyond a point and after that point even water causes inflammation. People who do not consume any sugar at all, will have severe inflammation. At the same time people who consume too much of sugar will also have severe inflammation.


  1. Constipation and Diarrhea are the indications of inflammation caused due to shortage or excess of water, FATs and sugar. Constipation can be relieved by increasing the sugar consumption, FATs and water. Everyone would admit that. But everyone is so scared and misinformed today that no one dares to use these. They will rush to doctors, who will give these things in the form of medicines or syrup and will not disclose the basic facts. That is nothing less than a crime.


  1. I have more than 10 years of experience with water intake and constipation. A person who drinks less water will have constipation which can be easily cured by increasing water intake. But after some time constipation returns. A person who had not been drinking enough water for a long time, compromises his capability to ingest water and hence any water after that limit will cause inflammation (read constipation here).


  1. A person who is put on cholesterol lowering drugs will have upset stomach and constipation. As a matter of practice when a person is put on cholesterol lowering drugs he is given laxatives and gas medicines. After 10-20 years constipation does not bother the person. His body gets used to the changes. But causes other ailments (read high blood sugar) because of compromised intestines. Intestines stop digesting FATs after few years and cause strokes and heart attacks.


  1. Body builders consume 1/3 of the total calorie intake in the form of carbs while preparing for body building contests. That is about 1000 plus calories. That reduces the fat considerably. The bulk of the body that they build is the result of inflammation. That causes considerable problems in the joints and is a matter of concern for most of the body builders. Excess / shortage of everything is bad.


  1. Coming to shortages. 90% of Diabetics do not consume any sugar or restrict sugar and carbs to a great extent. Recent studies say that it is harmful for the heart muscles. Diabetics suffer from cervical and sciatica pains often. Diabetics suffer from foot ulcers. As per recent Research all the brain problems (Schizophrenia, MS, other auto-immune disorders) are the result of ulceration of the nerves. The ulceration of the nerves and nerve pain is due to shortage of sugar and FATs.


  1. Over the last 30 years or so there is so much of mis-information about sugar and FATs. People have stopped consuming minimum amount of healthy amounts of sugars and FATs and the predictions are that every disease is spreading many fold and in next few years will result into more health care costs.


  1. Coming to personal experiences. My mother and father, both are aged 80 years. Both had gangrene initial phase last year (2014). Doctors opined that it will not be possible to get rid of the gangrene easily. My mother is diabetic and my father is not. In fact my father had perfect controlled blood sugar. His blood sugar will always be in the region of 80 to 100. No significant changes in blood sugar irrespective of sugar consumption. My father had sepsis, CKD stage 5, prostate initial stages, poor bladder control, hypertensive, severely constipated, on medication for epilepsy for last 20 or more years, he was diagnosed with Encephalopathy in June 2014 with permanent damages to the brain.


  1. Both my mother (who is on insulin 3 times a day for last 20 years) and my father who is not diabetic are consuming sugar (raw) every day since last 6 months. Gangrene has disappeared in both. My mother used to have severe cervical pains. That has disappeared. Both get better sleep today. Constipation of my father is gone. He is without any medication for seizures (epilepsy) for last 6 months.


  1. Besides sugar intake my father uses the water routine mentioned on the home page often. My mother who is diabetic cannot follow the water routines properly due to history of diabetes and no sugar intake for more than 30 years now.


  1. My father’s Encephalopathy is gone. His brain is functioning perfectly.


  1. In people with all these problems, wrong intake of foods etc, compromise their ability to metabolise these foods considerably. So the option for them is to take sugar and other things in very small doses. Quantities that their bodies can digest.


  1. In some people who consume high amount of sugar, FATs and water, the similar problems will be there. That can also be corrected by restricting the sugar, FAT and water intake and spreading the same over the entire day.


  1. Keep checking back for more info.

Indian Council for Medical Research Reply to One Cure

RTI Application sent to Indian Council for Medical Research

This is disgusting that inspite of spending trillions of dollars every year the governments all over the world have failed to find the cause of any Disease.

I have been able to treat most of the Diseases including cancer. The details of my experiences with diseases are listed on my web site – You are requested to conduct your tests to find out if my experiments have already been tried earlier and proven wrong.

In particular I would like to draw your attention to the cause of Diabetes and Blood Pressure.

Energy Production – During sleep the metabolic rates comes down to 5 to 10% of the day time metabolic rate. By metabolic rate I mean the conversion of food into blood glucose. During sleep our body runs on Blood Sugar only. There is no conversion of FATs or stores of sugar into blood sugar. Even insulin injected to a person does not work during sleep.

During sleep the body does repair and process the things for elimination. First thing in the morning all humans go to toilet and excrete.

If during sleep the blood sugar falls short of requirement to run the vital process and systems of the body the body will not carry out the elimination processes properly. That will result into toxic build up in the body.

If body carries more toxins, as a defence mechanism the body will leach out glucose from cellular system of the body. The purpose will be to complete the elimination process during day time or next day during night.

The more money people have more sick they are today. Reason more you eat more you need to eliminate. More energy you need during night to process that shit. More chances that you will fall short of the energy.

As the toxins will build up in the body, blood sugar and blood pressure will go up. Both in response to the toxin build up.

Small tests that proved that above is correct has been carried out by me. A diabetic person has lower blood sugar the first thing in the morning after getting up. Blood sugar after 1 or 2 hours of waking (without eating or drinking any thing) is more by 30 to 40 points. That shows that during sleep the body uses only blood sugar. Increase in blood sugar means that as per internal calculations of the body, the body fell short of required energy and now trying to recover.

A person on Insulin can recover in 5-6 days and be free of Diabetes in 6 to 10 days by alternating water on day 1 and day 2. More details on my web site mentioned above.

Please let me know if any research has been carried out so far by any one in India on the above lines. If research on the above points has been done please provide me complete details of such research.

Indian Council for Medical Research reply to One Cure for All Diseases

No information exists with them on the above matter. The application forwarded to Ayush.

Bed Wetting Cure

Doctors will run away from any Discussion on the subject

I have been on facebook for last 3-4 years now. I have written to many doctors about the bed wetting cure but no one has commented and looked into the same seriously.

In the beginning when I posted the bed wetting cure, a doctor (Indian) from USA asked me not to mislead public that the medicines for bed wetting are bad and have serious side effects. He said the medicines have been around for very long time and are perfectly safe. He dared me to search internet for the medicine.

I spent next 2 hours searching internet for the medicine. I found that the medicine was responsible for –

  • causing death of children.
  • FDA was seized of the matter for more than 25 years and did nothing about the same
  • The common side effect of the medicine was swelling on the face – which is caused due to water (fluid) retention.
  • That medicine is basically ADH – which promotes retention of fluids in the body and hence the side effects.
  • It was rocket science and FDA could have acted on the reported side effects.
  • The scientific community agreed that they are not clear how the medicines work
  • The medicine was effective only for the period when medicine was taken
  • The medicine was recommended only for night out of children so that they are not embarrassed
  • The medicine was never recommended as a cure.

My school mate is a Pediatricians

So I shared my experiences with him. Asked him to give comments. I followed up a number of times during last 3-4 years. He was always busy and never able to look into health concerns of the children.

I have not received his comments till date. I did not ask for discussion on the subject but only a comment whether he thinks that I could be wrong some where.

Stop trusting the medical community


How much more time you wanted to give the science. You may like to read at –

My suggested bed wetting cure was promptly deleted by wikipedia experts saying that it is not credible.

After that I questioned the credibility of the information available at wikipedia article by making  the changes in wikipedia article. Following is copied from the above link –

  • Insufficient anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) production
    A portion of bedwetting children do not produce enough of the anti-diuretic hormone. As explained above, the body normally increases ADH levels at night, signalling the kidneys to produce less urine. The diurnal change may not be seen until about age 10.[8]
  • But more credible sources say that ADH is not insufficient among kids wetting bed.[30]
    Excessive urine production is due to an inadequate amount of, or inadequate response to, antidiuretic hormone ([ADH]) at night. ADH regulates urine production by increasing water reabsorption in the kidney, and a lack of ADH leads to an overproduction of urine, often beyond the capacity of a child’s bladder.[24]

I gave a credible link which is USA govt authority which contradicted the first finding (by a not so credible authority, may be sponsored by pharma cos involved in selling the drugs using ADH).

Both the links are visible at wikipedia article. None has been deleted. Wikipedia is not taking any stand. It has been almost 2 years now.

I have squarely blamed FDA for last 3 years. So many articles are available on my web site. FDA has not woken up. Retweet this article to wake up FDA so that FDA can really do something about it.

How much more time you want to give medical establishment.

I am really tired of all this.

Diabetes Cure

A person aged 42 years was diagnosed with High Blood Sugar and High Blood pressure about 25 days back. His figures were –

  • Bp – 150/100 pulse 110
  • Sugar 343 (fasting)

He started going for morning walks, homeopathy medicines and karela ka juice. Nothing happened. His blood pressure and Blood sugar tested on higher side after 10 days.

Then he started following water routine. I purposely asked him to cut out all medicines and evening morning walks, since he does lot of labour otherwise. His is not sedentary life style. He continued going for morning walks.

After 4 days of water routine, his Blood sugar (random) was 153 and 157 on 2 occassions.

He was asked to stop karela ka juice as well as morning walks as well, to single out the reason for improvements.

  • On 4th March 2015 his Blood sugar was 117 (random). Bp- 136/87 and pulse 66.
  • Today on 8th march his blood sugar was 110 after a meal and eating sweets. His blood pressure and pulse rate were also ok. He was much relaxed and comfortable.

I will follow up with him for another 3-4 months and report back any adverse findings here.

Diabetes Cure in 6 days

Before starting the routines, you may ahave to get rid of all habits relating to caffeine intake. To do that, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day with 1 hour gap for 3 days. That may cause head ache and body pain. Bear all that for 3 days and then you will be able to stay clear of caffeine.

After giving up tea, next day onwards follow the routine –

Day 1

Drink 12 glasses of water of 200 ml each. Normal meals without any caffeine.

Day 2

No water or other liquids. That will make it 36 hours without any liquids. Normal meals.

Day 3

Drink 12 glasses of water of 200 ml each. Normal meals without any caffeine. Add 1/4 spoon of salt in first 4 glasses of water.

Day 4

No water or other liquids. That will make it 36 hours without any liquids.  Normal meals.

Day 5

Drink 12 glasses of water of 200 ml each. Normal meals without any caffeine.

Day 6

No water or other liquids. That will make it 36 hours without any liquids. Normal meals.

Check your Blood sugar levels random in the evening. If it is less then 100, do report here,

After day 7 start adding 4 to 6 spoons of sugar every day.

After one month average sugar intake should be 8 t0 spoons a day.