Free Lipid Profile (Cholesterol) Test

Every one must be familiar with Blood test for finding out the cholesterol levels in your blood.

Most of the people are aware that the patient is advised not to eat any food or drink any thing for upto 12 hours before the blood test for Lipid profile (Cholesterol) test.

The oils and FATs that a person ingests gets into blood to be transferred to cells and tissues for cellular metabolism.

Oils and FATs that can not be used by cells immediately are stored for future use in the tissues.

If a person consumes too much oils / FATs on a regular basis, a limit will be reached when the cells and tissues will not be able to store any more oils and FATs for future use.

When this limit is reached the cells stop picking up oils from the blood, hence the oils / cholesterol levels could be found elevated in the blood.

Usually it is expected that cells will pick up oils from blood within 12 hours from the time of consumption, hence patient is asked not to eat or drink anything 12 hours before a lipid profile test is done.

There could be various other situations which can cause the blood to hold on high levels of oils even after 12 hours.

  • A day when very high amounts of oils or diary products are consumed.
  • A day when the fluid intake is extremely high.
  • A day when salt consumption is very high.
  • any other event which could adversely affect oil metabolism.

So the lipid profile test only indicates the excess amount of oils in the blood and some thing that has gone wrong in last 12 hours.

The question is when should a person be really concerned.

When the stores of oils of a person are full and cells stops picking the oils for use in future.

There is simple test for the above purpose which is much more accurate and reliable.

Pinch the skin of the back of your hand with firmness for about 5-10 seconds.

Release the skin of back of your hand.

The skin must regain the old shape within one second or less. If the skin regains the old shape in less then 1 second every thing is all right and if it takes longer then 1 second than one needs to read home page of this web site and few more pages. LOL

Heart & Cholesterol, How to Lower Cholesterol without Medicines

Heart & Cholesterol

How to get rid of Excess Oils from Your body and Arteries Without Medicines

Oil Floats in water –

Every one recommends that sports and Exercise and Yoga are good for keeping heart healthy. But every one seems to forget to look beyond the obvious.

While Exercising the obvious things are heating up of the body, sweating and dehydration. The most obvious is Dehydration by way of sweating.

When one gives up water and fluids, what happens is Dehydration. So can we conclude that by dehydration (through restricting fluids) we can get the same results as one can get by exercising.

Let us see

If there is oil in stool it will float on water.

When a person consume excessive oils on a particular day, his stool will float on the water next day. That makes it clear that our bodies have a perfect system of handling any amount of oils.

When we do heavy exercise. Next day / time we can see that stool floats on water and it is hard to flush the same. It can take more than 1 flushing attempt.

Now restrict the fluid intake (Do not take any fluids/ water/ tea/ juice etc) for 24 hours. Next few days you will see that the stool floats in toilet.

Then the question arises why is it that every one is crying hoarse that one must keep checking the oils in the arteries.

Is there some thing serious over there that can not be undone by a person without burning hole in his pocket.

Dehydration does the trick.

Stop drinking any fluid for 24 hours. Check your stool for next few days. Does it float on water.

If it does float on water, then there should not be any need for popping the pills.

By the way, I found that people are extremely constipated after they start cholesterol lowering drugs. They develop piles and hearing problems.

I checked on brochure found in cholesterol lowering medicine. I stated that the side effect of medicine is – constipation, stomach pain and one more stomach related problem (technical name which I do not remember).

No one warns the people when they are put on these medicines. What if the medicines cause constipation, piles and Hearing Loss. These days people are put on drugs if the cholesterol readings are any where above 200.

You should be aware that cholesterol reading is highly influenced by your intake in last 24 hours.

Take a small survey. It will take just 15 seconds of your time.

Some other Scientific Studies on Heart & Cholesterol

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are no good for Heart

Sciatica Pain relief to 65 year old lady

This lady worked from Nov 2014 in our house. One day I heard her asking for a chair as she had unbearable pain in her legs.

I discussed the pain in detail. She said that it is more than 6 year old pain. She was on medication for 6 long year.

I asked her to do the exercise suggested on this blog for 3-4 days and then share her experience.

After about 7 days she reported that there is no pain. And she has not taken any medicine since Dec 2014.

She still works with us and this information is updated every now and then.


Yoga is violence to Body and Mind

Yoga is violence to Body and Mind

Yoga is violence to Body and MindYoga is violence to Body and Mind

Anybody who preaches health should set out Goals that will be expected to be achieved by following a particular system.


If the Goals are not achieved, then the reasons should be found out.


If the goodness of the health system is to be publicized then any shortcoming should also be publicized. More than 80% of the people who practice yoga do not get long term benefits. Those who preach Yoga do not enjoy perfect health. If you withhold such information – will you not call it fraud?


Few years back I met two Yoga teachers aged 65 and 38. Both of them were preaching Yoga for tens of years. After some discussion they agreed that they have stomach issues on long term basis. They cannot eat anything spicy or anything from Market.


Breathing Exercises are integral part of Yoga. Through breathing we inhale and exhale large amounts of air. This causes unusual movements of respiratory organs. That results in dehydration of the organs as well as supply of more fluids to the organs involved.


But why do we need to do all this is the basis question that must be answered before we proceed. Involvement of Modi or anyone from big offices needs to look deeper into the issues before getting involved.


The blood of our body must maintain pH level of 7.2 to 7.4 to enjoy good health. The first system to ensure that is breathing. Carbon Dioxide is slightly acidic. Whenever pH level of the blood falls below 7.2 the breathing becomes deeper. Secondly urine also helps in maintaining the pH level of the blood. There are several other organs which influence the pH level of the blood.


What causes changes in the blood pH level should be the first question that needs must be answered by an Honest person. Yoga never speaks about this question?


Our food and liquid intake influences the pH level of the blood. Exercises, physical movements and any other kind of energy expenditure influences pH level of the blood. Sugar (Carbohydrates) act as buffers and saves the blood from rapid changes in the pH level. Blood is separated by intestines and other complex systems to avoid any rapid changes in the blood pH.


Water is the safest thing that can bring fast changes in the blood pH level without causing any serious side effects.


But why should we choose water over yoga or other things in the world to control pH level of blood.


If you want to understand the reasons for choosing water over other systems of health which have been created by mindless pursuits of greedy people do the following.


Drink 200 ml water every hour from 7 am to 7 pm on day 1. Have normal average 3 meals during the day. No other liquids to be ingested. No water or liquids during night.


Drink no water or other liquids on day 2. No water or liquids during night on day 2 as well.

Watch the changes in your breathing.


Whatever you are trying to achieve through breathing exercises and Yoga will all be there and much more.


You spend almost no time in drinking 10 glasses of water of 200 ml each on day 1. But for Yoga you need to spend more than 1 hour every day.


Yoga or any other activity effects the organs involved in the exercise.


Hydration and dehydration effects each and every organ of the body.


The effect is long term and not short term as provided by Yoga. Why the Yoga impact would be short term.


Remember carbon dioxide is slightly acidic. By controlling breathing you are saving the body from the harmful effects acidic blood. But what about blood becoming too alkaline. Yogi dies of alkaline bodies. They over do the thing.


Yoga is a violence to the body and mind. Yoga is developed by sick people who experience some benefits at some stage in their life. But they failed to look beyond and far.


This whole universe is created to supplement and ensure the cycles of hydration and dehydration. Day and night. Changes in seasons (temperature). Earth revolves around sun only to help too greedy people to maintain right hydration levels.


Diabetes Cure and Plain white sugar

Blood Sugar (Diabetes) – Reasons and Cure


During night our body carries out repair. The repair process essentially involves removing the undigested foods from the body. Technically this process is called inflammation process.


During night our body uses blood sugar only. It does not use even stored sugar.


During night our heart, kidney, brain, blood circulation etc work. These need energy. This is taken from the blood sugar.


The end result of the working of the body during night is excretion. The first thing in the morning we go to empty our stomach (stool) and bladders (Urine).


Just imagine what will happen if the blood sugar falls short of the requirements during night. The morning excretion will not be 100%. If some unprocessed things are left in the body due to lack of sugar, this will be called toxic build up in the body.


These toxics are burden on our cellular system. Cell is the smallest part of our body. The metabolism is mainly carried out in these cells. These toxins can be removed from the body only if the availability of blood sugar is increased. So the cells start giving up sugars (that reached the cells for cellular metabolism).


So cells start dying (or we can say the cells start producing much less energy per unit of food eaten by us.


Diabetics feel tired and feel exhausted easily. The sugar which is released from cells can not go back to the cells. So this must be removed from the body immediately after it is used. So increased urine is the result. Increased urine causes more thirst.


Now the cure –


We have to remember that people who are diabetic have severely compromised sugar metabolism. They cannot digest huge amounts of sugar at one point of time.


So ½ spoon of sugar in one hour is very reasonable for any person of any health.


People have heart stories that plain sugar is bad for health and they close their eyes and try very funny things.


One of my friend – drank 1 glass of cane juice – after hearing my arguments for diabetes. And he had uneasy feeling. Inspite of telling that he cannot handle large amounts of sugar and hence he should not do it.


He did that and blamed me for the results.


Any one who wants to try the logic should do it my way only. And if you do not feel that I am right, please do not waste my time.


If diabetics and doctors had any intelligence of their own, they should have done some thing on their own rather than finding faults with others.

Bad Breath Reasons

The following web site says that in order to beat bad breath one should use mint, water, vitamin C foods, cloves and funnel seeds, cardamom etc.

The above list contains flavours. Mint blunts the taste buds. To my mind taste buds help in the digestion process by given signals to brain about the food ingested. Flavours are bad for digestion and health in general.

Second any thing in excess is bad for health. Water in excess causes water retention and indigestion in long run. Same is true with vitamin C and other things. Vitamin C helps in digestion process by providing better absorption rates. But that is not good. People have not become healthier by consuming more of viatmin C foods and supplements.

The process of metabolism is –

eating – assimilation – passing thru liver and getting into blood – delivery of nutrients to cells – use of nutrients in cellular metabolism (conversion of nutrients into energy) – channeling of energy for vital processes of body – storage of energy – removal of waste from cells – excretion.

Any item consumed in excess will not be delivered to the cells. At any point of time cells have a limited capacity to absorb the nutrients. Anything in excess stays in blood for long periods of time , damaging the arteries and causing diseases.

Any item consumed in excess causes inflammation. Body does not excrete unused food without causing damage.

The following link will help you get to the root of the problem –

The first thing the above link says is that mint simply masks the odour.

Second it says that the food that sits in your mouth and decays is the problem. So poor digestion is the problem.

So none of the foods that are listed in the first link will do any good to bad breath.

The above link says low carbs diet can also promote bad breath. God what is the truth. Help yourself.

Now do you think there should be a check on articles that are published on health.