Dehydration and Blood Sugar

Dehydration and Blood Sugar

I was doing experiments with Dehydration and Blood Sugar during the month of March 2016.

TaDehydration and Blood Sugarrget was to drink 2.5 litres of water every 10 days. Rest of the days I planned to drink 300 to 500 ml water.

I drank 300 to 500 ml water on the following days –

  • 2.03.2016 to 9.03.2016
  • 11.03.2016 to 18.03.2016
  • 22.03.2016 to 27.03.2016

On other days I drank 2 to 2.5 litres of water.

On 27.03.2016 I test my blood sugar in the evening. It was 175. During the day I had taken sugar around 10 spoons.

On 28.03.2016 I drank 2.5 litres of water and my blood sugar was 105. During the day sugar and sweet fruits must have contributed sugar in excess of 10 spoons. Blood test was done in the evening.

On 29.03.2016 I drank 2.5 litres of water and my blood sugar was 93. During the day sugar and sweet fruits must have contributed sugar in excess of 10 spoons. Blood test was done in the evening.

I am not taking any medicines for any health issue.

I was feeling that blood clotting is less. I had a small cut while shaving. I had to press at the cut for 2 minutes for bleeding to stop. Same was true of prick for blood sugar test.

These days I run out of breath on running about 100 meters at full speed, sprinting. But I do not get body pain which is usual when I am not regular. This time I am running after 18 months or so. Last 18 months I have been very inactive. Not even walking 1-2 kms daily.

The above may be interpreted to mean that if a person dehydrates in a planned manner, he will lose some sugar in urine and hence he may report low sugar when he resume normal water intake.

This requires planned dehydration as mentioned in the home page of this web site.

Improve Eyesight working on computer

Improve Eyesight working on computer
Improve Eyesight working on computer

People who work on computers for long hours report poor eyesight after few years. There is a simple solution to improve eyesight working on computer.

Corona of human eye has 65% to 75% of total optical power. Corona has fixed focal length. It does not allow us to see a wide range of distance clearly.

The remaining optical power (25% to 35%) is in the lens inside the eye. This is flexible lens which changes shape based on the distance of the object to be seen. The shape of the lens is decided by the light entering the eye through iris. This lens if held by light sensitive cells.

The foremost reason of poor eye sight is reading or working in situations which does not allow change of the light in the work area like tailor, student, driver, those working in front of computers etc.

Most of the people (who do not wear eye glasses) can see the objects clearly though undergoing some eye strain. This proves that the lens of the eye can be strengthened by exposing the eye to varying light conditions. Exposing eye to varying light conditions will make the light sensitive cells of the eye lens more active and capable of wide range of shapes.

This can be easily done in software companies.

The software companies can change the lighting conditions every 5 to 15 minutes in the work area and see the impact of those changes on the eye sight and strain on eyes after 1 month or so. The range of change of light conditions should be 50% light, 75% light and 100% light.

Tips while getting your specs made

While getting your first specs do not follow your eye doctors prescriptions. Get your specs without cylinder and axis numbers. Get plain Spherical number specs and it these do not cause any blurring of the objects. Getting specs with cylinders and axis numbers will cause frequent changes to your eye specs and worsen the eyesight.

eye specs prescription meaning

eye specs prescription meaning

Things you should take into account while your gets your eyes tests for lenses.

Eye spec prescription has following numbers :-

  • Spherical
  • Cylindrical
  • Axis

When you are not able to see an object clearly you eyes will initially try to see clearly by changing the shape of corona to some extent. How if you are getting your specs made for the first time and you are prescribed sphere, clinder and axis numbers then your corona is never going to return to normal shape. In most of the cases there is possibility of your corona coming to original shape after start wearing the specs. Moreover you can never get the correct cylinder and axis numbers without you trying to wear sphere glasses for few minutes in both eyes and then adjusting the eys with cylinder and axis.



Eye coordination is the ability of both eyes to work together as a team. Each of your eyes sees a slightly different image. Your brain, through a process called fusion, blends these two images into one three-dimensional picture.

Then why your optometrist  puts more than 1 glass in each of the eye. He does it because he wants you to be visiting him every few years.

Unless both eyes co-ordinate you cannot find the AXIS and  cylinder numbers of the eye. You need to allow few minutes to few hours or few days to get the correct axis and cylinder numbers.

Cylinder number and axis number belongs to corona and not the eye lens which sits behind the iris.

But wearing a cylinder and axis numbers initially would mean that your eyes will remain strained for rest of life and will create problems with the lens behind the iris in next few years.

I am not an eye care professional. But then this seems to be common sense.

Let the debate on the above subject by joined by professionals as well. There is hardly any information regarding the above subject in the public domain.

Top Acidity Blogs

Top Acidity Blogs

Acidity Review of leading web sites and blogs on Acidity


Acidity refers to a set of symptoms caused by an imbalance between the acid secreting mechanism of the stomach and proximal intestine and the protective mechanisms that ensure their safety. The stomach normally secretes acid that is essential in the digestive process. The above definition is not helpful. In the same para, the above link says acidity could be due to more acids released by stomach or it can be even when acids are normal or even low.   With this kind of definition, I cannot think of any reaching a solution of acidity.   The only think that makes some sense to my mind is imbalance in the mechanism. That is admission of not knowing anything. And that is thing that can help find a cure. Admission of truth is important. I admitted to this truth and found perfect cure of acidity.   Then comes the funniest part – Investigation and Diagnosis. Investigate the unknown and Diagnose the unknown. They will investigate your family, smoking, past medicine use (but they will never say that cause of disease is medicines), stress (stress is second God figure for them, unknown can be dealt with another unknown), alcohol (everyone knows that everyone who consumes alcohol does not get acidity), spicy food (those who eat spicy food almost never get acidity – – debunks this theory of spices being the culprit for acidity. And webmd is much more credible then this web site). The fact remains – and – Loud and Clear – That there is no long term relief by any of these medicines. They stop the immediate symptoms and create more serious problems in future.   Look for someone Honest. And seriously I may be that person.


An excess or imbalance. This web site is not sure. And the suggested remedies are dangerous –

  • Drink a glass of water before going to bed. This will cause problem in getting sleep.
  • Basil leaves, cinnamon, buttermilk etc are other equally dangerous. Some of these deal with excess acids and some with less acids. And the underlying problem is something else. And on top this is billed as home remedy.

And trust me, nobody has cured his acidity by using all these in their life time.   I suffered from acute acidity myself and tried every thing available in the market or home remedies.


This web site is slightly honest in that it does not mislead by giving a lecture on causes. It straight away gives you cures. And cures that give you relief in a jiffy. My God people in this world are so illiterate they could never understand the benefits of these cures inspite of lacs of ayurved doctors in the country. Let us look at the cures.

  1. Banana – Are they really making a fun of you. Banana has potassium nothing new in that. Every one knows. Than comes the full toss – banana helps by keeping a check on acid production. The fact is that potassium in Bananas cause more acid production and that gives relief in case of acidity caused due to low stomach acids. It also tries to given temporary relief in some cases. But in long run it is useless. Main problem of acidity or any other disease is imbalance of acids in your body. And we must look at creating a balance. Banana pH level is 5. Which makes it very acidic. It causes increase in body acid. And in most of the cases cause of acidity is low acid production by stomach.
  2. Tulsi leaves (Basil leaves) – Too much is bad. Why is it bad. pH level of basil is 5.5. That makes it an acid. The ulcers can be killed using mild acids. It will help in cleaning up the ulcers. But the cause still survives – the imbalance of acids in the body. Side effects of Tulsi leaves – Holy basil might slow bloodclotting, so there is a concern that it could increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery. Stop using holy basil at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery. This also has vitamin C and potassium – both promote more acid production in the body. But in long run it kills the body. Basil leaves have Eugenol oil. Eugenol Side Effects – Eugenol overdose can occur if too much is ingested. The recommended dose is two to five drops, three times a day. Symptoms of overdose include shallow breathing, blood in the urine or sputum, mouth and throat burns, nausea, racing heartbeat, seizures, dizziness and coma. You should contact a doctor or poison control center immediately if any of these symptoms occur. These should give you enough proof that it is used as a liquid knife to cut open the ulcers. It causes swelling because it kills more cells and causes them to release the fluids.
  3. Cold Milk – The suggestion is to mix it with a spoon of ghee. On the other hand fried things are blamed for acidity. The other web site says in short term it is ok and it may give relief from acidity but in long run it causes acidity.
  4. Saunf or aniseed – It help in acidity as per web site. But there are claims on other web sites which mention that aniseed may cause allergic reactions of the skin, respiratory tract, and GI tract.

Keep looking for updates here

Night Light increases Cancer Risk

Night Light increases Cancer Risk

Night Light increases Cancer Risk

It is quite interesting to read how dangerous is lighting at night.

Some of the studies point out that use of night bulbs increase the risk of cancer in men and women by more than 100%.

People who are blind and who do not sense any light has 50% less cancer incidences.

Read the full article –

Hope you will make the necessary changes to your routines.

Reasons of Poor Eyesight

Reasons of Poor Eyesight

The first reason for poor eyesight is reading for long hours. This looks strange. But it has a reason.

Let us look at the working of eye to understand the reasons of poor eyesight.

Cornea is the top layer of eye. It is white. It has 65 to 75% of total focusing power (optical power) of the eye. But with fixed focus we can see thing clear only within a very short distance. But in our day to day life we need to look at near as well as distant objects every other minute.

To take care of this, the eye has one more lens behind iris and cornea. This is flexible lens which changes shape easily. This lens is held by light sensitive cells. There is a range of light that can be handled by these light sensitive cells.

When we look at the distant object, the amount of light that can be reflected back to the eye is very less as compared to the amount of light that is reflected back from near object.

Iris controls the amount of light that enters in the eye. For distant objects when light reflected is less the iris dilates and allows more light to enter the eye. Iris stays open for more time to allow more light to enter the eye.

Based on the amount of light that enters the eye through iris, the shape of the lens behind iris is changed.

During long hours of reading, the eyes remain focused on near object for long hours. The light sensitive cells do not move the internal lens. When we spend long hours in reading the light sensitive cells start losing some of the light sensitivity. The lose the capability of reshaping the lens shape based on the distance of the object.


  • We should have variable lighting in the reading room. There should be more than 4-5 light sources which should keep switching on and off. At some times only one source of light should be switched on, at others 2 or 3 or 4. That will change the amount of light that enters the eye. That will keep the light sensitive cells in perfect shape and we will never have to wear the specs.
  • Another option is to close eyes after every few minutes and look at a distant object for 10 to 15 second. Again close your eye and start reading.

What is not useful

Each eye is held by 6 muscles that control eye movement. And one muscle which control the movement of eyelid. The poor vision is never caused due to weakness of these muscles. So exercising these muscles will not be of any help.

Rather those eye muscles can cause damage to the eye. Excessive exercises cause swelling. Swelling means more fluids in the surrounding muscles. More fluids in surrounding muscles means less light sensivity.


Top Constipation Blogs

Top Constipation BlogsTop Constipation Blogs

Today I googled “Constipation blogs”. And found –

Top Blogs on Constipation


My review of the above blogs is as under:


There is really nothing. Constipation Cause is Life Style. What about Life Style. There is nothing scientific about this blog.


There is really nothing.


There is nothing new. Diet and exercise.


The author has not recovered fully. You can wait for her to recover fully.


Again nothing new. Exercise, avoid over using lexatives, fiber, water, too much calcium, iron, too much meat. You can avoid this blog as well.


Nothing new. Pick and chose from the entire world from exercise to yoga, water to lexatives, stress, vitamin C. Nothing new here as well. It one place it recommends carbohydrates and after 2-3 points it says avoid sugar.


It talks about walk, acupressure, liquid diet for a day after heavy eating, probiotics, peppermint tea, laxative. Same path. Different flavor.


This talks about water, fiber and lexatives and failures to cure constipation. To my mind this is of no use to anybody who really wants to understand why and how.


This talks about probiotics. It is inconclusive. It says that probiotics are useful in diarrhea but in constipation they may not be as effective. Again biased medical evidence which have never lived upto its claims for more than 10 years.


But is contradicts the claims that laxative and stool softeners are any useful.



Dare to think different.

There is abdominal cavity. We drink water from top of the abdominal cavity. The water settles to lower part of abdominal cavity. So whatever water we drink helps to generate the wave like sensations when we move. At the same time, water in lower abdominal cavity helps in slowing down the movement of food down the small and large intestines. When we dehydrate the pressure on the digestion track reduces and the food starts moving faster through the small and large intestines.

So hydration as well as dehydration both have got a role to play in constipation.

Some facts

90% of the people on this planet go to toilet after 10 to 12 hours of dehydration (during sleep).

Old persons tend to move less and hence do not dehydrate properly and hence suffer from constipation.

Pregnant Women do not move enough and drink more juices and other nutrients and hence suffer from constipation due to over hydration.

Most of the people who suffer from constipation dehydrate by drinking tea, or lemon water etc.


Read my other posts on constipation under the heading constipation and do not forget to read my home page.

Constipation and Dehydration

Constipation and Dehydration

Constipation and Dehydration

Constipation is single cause that could be contributing to all ailments in the world. And there is no cure or conclusive study of constipation.


I am a perfectionist.


I suffered from severe constipation for a long time. I suffered from other stomach related issues as well for a long time.


I tried various water drinking solution. I got 80 to 90 relief from various water drinking routines.


But I am not satisfied. My pursuit of cure of constipation is still not over.


Currently I have decided to try the following routine to eliminate constipation completely and to reverse all the damage that it can do or has done in my body.


Day 1 – I am drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water with one hour gap. This will clear the blood of imbalances of minerals, vitamins and other chemicals.

Day 2 to 15 – I am drinking 300 ml water with occasional drinking of 200 ml tea on 4-5 days. I am trying to restrict my liquid intake to 500 ml in 24 hours on all days. Even if the temperature runs at 40 degree C. Once the body has been cleaned of all the imbalances of minerals and chemicals, it does not mean lots of fluids. After managing the blood the next job is to clean up the stored imbalances of the body. The stores of excesses lying in the tissues, liver and elsewhere needs to be cleaned. That will happen only if you drink less water. That will draw the reserves or stored things to the blood for getting removed from the body on day 16. Drinking more water on Day 2 to 15 can do irreversible damage to the body.


Immediately on waking up in the morning – I would walk for 2-3 minutes. Followed with a sitting rest for 5 minutes. Any walk which is brisk or for longer duration will tighten the muscles causing stoppage of the gastric movements. When muscles get tired or experience pain they tighten up. So resting and relaxation is the key to complete gastric emptying.

Walk for another 5 minutes and then rest in bed for 15 to 30 minutes.

Repeat the above walk and rest routine till I get a strong motion movement.


I take my weight before and after motion. There should be difference of 300 or more after motion.One needs to the maximum difference in weight before and after bowel movement. When the difference in weight before and after start falling, that will be the time for increasing the water intake (8 to 12 glasses of water a day).


One should expect weight loss of 5 t 10 kg in a month with the above.


The purpose and theory behind the above routine –


  • When I started my water routine about 12 years back, At this time I used to drink 250 ml water every hour during the day averaging about 10 to 12 glasses of water per day. I found that I got immediate and complete relief from constipation, head aches and gas in 2-3 days.
  • When I continued with drinking the above amount of water, I suffered from constipation after few days.
  • I concluded that constipation is caused due to extreme acidity. When I started I was suffering from severe acidity.
  • But later I suffered from constipation again while drinking enough water. I tried using the loss of minerals theory and supplemented minerals by taking 10 to 20 grams of salt every day in water. But that also did not work on long term basis.
  • I observed that I do not lose more than 100 gram weight after motion.
  • The motions are soft and semi solid. And I used to get head aches once in 10-15 days.
  • I found that dehydration has lots of health benefits.
  • I observed that tea is dehydrating but most of the people around world uses tea to relief themselves of constipation.
  • I realised that during sleep most of the people do not drink any liquids and still they get motion in the morning. That means dehydration is pre-requisite for healthy motion.
  • That people use honey, lemon, warm water etc to relief of constipation. All off these are dehydrating.
  • Yoga, breathing exercises, sports, walking running etc all are dehydrating and help in getting relief from constipation.


The targets of the above water routine are –

  • Weight Loss
  • Easy and full motion
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Better kidney health
  • Improvement in stamina
  • Saving of time that people spend on walking away from house
  • To get plenty sleep and rest.
  • To reverse the aging process.


Watch this space regularly to get the results of tests I am doing on myself.


And please you do not start this on yourself.


I have practiced dehydration over last 10 years or so. But any one new should not attempt this. If some one out there wants to try, do not dehydrate yourself for more than 2 days in the beginning.


Cancer and Proteins

Cancer and Protenscancer and proteins

What was the basis of claim that cancer cells thrive on sugar. People were advised to avoid taking sugar for last 20 years to cure cancer. More than 50% of cancer patients would have died of this mistake only.


Now what is the guarantee that the above discovery is of any value.


In my opinion this latest discovery will kill the more than 50% of the cancer patients.


Look at the same research houses. 40 years back calcium supplementation advise came. It claimed stronger bones. When nothing happened they claims that calcium supplementation with Vitamin D3 supplementation will do the trick for stronger bones. When even that did not work out, they fell silent on that.


Sugar is the single most important thing for everything related to brain. Making it culprit for cancer or any other disease was meant to get hoards of patients with mental issues.


May be 50% of the terror in the world is due to such research. May be lack of sugar is making people violent.


Now lack of proteins would be killing people.


Every human has some tastes and preferences. There is no way you can change the taste and preference of the people over a long term.


The best thing is digestion. Control every aspect of nutrition with digestion process. Let the people of this world be free to eat what they feel like. And take the challenge to make them healthy. That should be the challenge to the health professionals.


Health professionals or unprofessional throw back the challenge at the patients, God or Stress.


There is another view that due to pollutants the human body has become very acidic and hence the increase in cancer. This is another such big lie.


I am currently taking a test. I would be drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water once in 15 days with hourly rests. On rest of the 14 days I would be drinking 3oo to 500 ml fluids including water, tea or any other thing liquid.


The aim is to prove that acids are more important to human body then a alkaline environment. This regular shift from acidic body to alkaline body will ensure that even if the humans have habits (which they find difficult to give up) this change in acid levels of the body will help them digest only the best during this period of 15 days.


Keep watching this space with more information on the results.


Constipation Causes

Constipation Causes


The following link lists the following possible constipation Causes –,,20452199,00.html

constipation causes

  • Low fiber diet
  • Repeatedly ignoring the urge to go
  • Not drinking enough water
  • A lack of exercise
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Painkillers
  • Chocolates
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Laxatives overuse
  • Too much dairy products
  • Antidepressants
  • Depression
  • Antacids
  • Blood Pressure and Allergy Medicines
  • Inflammatory bowel Disease
  • Childbirth
  • Diabetics and neurological conditions.


The web site offers no explanation why the above things cause constipation. There has been lot of time lost when Allopathy started claiming that it is the only branch of medicine which is scientific. Lot of money has been wasted on research in Allopathy. The end result is – Big huge lies.


Let me try to offer some explanation.

  • Low fiber diet – Those who increase their fibre intake also suffer from constipation. In last 50 years enough trials have been done with increasing Fibre intake. Increasing the fibre intake beyond a point causes repairable damage to the intestines and gut. Read more about Too much fibre at – So why fibre is included here as a cause when it is supposed to cause constipation and could cause such serious damages. Writing health blogs is a business just like any other business. Wow. What a great business.
  • Repeatedly ignoring the urge to go – Anything (nutrient or fibre or just about anything) that is not absorbed by cells causes inflammation. And this must be removed from the body at the earliest. Suppressing the urge to go, may cause chronic inflammation.
  • Not drinking enough water – Drinking too much water also causes constipation. I can vouch for that. I know 100s of people who drink lot of water and suffer from constipation. Too much water causes loss of minerals and vitamins from the body. It also causes loss of lot of sugar and sodium from the body causing constipation.,, Too much water can kill you. If that is not enough keep googling. Have a look at this one also –
  • A lack of exercise – – Too much exercise is too bad for anybody. In fact anything more than walking few kilometers a day is harmful in the long run.
  • Hypothyroidism – Lack of enough energy in the organs of the body. But too much energy like excess consumption of sugar and alcohol causes constipation.
  • Painkillers – Pain killers interfere with histamine hormones and water management of the body.
  • Chocolates – too much confusion here. The link says that some study says that it relieves constipation.
  • Vitamins and supplements – Lot of B vitamins are supposed to be the best thing to get rid of constipation. Again too much confusion.
  • Laxatives overuse – But you have heard that laxatives relieve of constipation. This is a case of excess.
  • Too much dairy products – Mahatma Gandhi was advised to drink milk against his wishes to relieve himself of excessive constipation. It is reported that he was seriously ill and was told that only dairy can help him. Confusion.
  • Antidepressants – It concerns neurological condition. It has been dealth at the end.
  • Depression – Depression is neurological condition. It has been dealth at the end.
  • Antacids – Antacids are not body friendly. So these cause chronic inflammation. These merely provide temporary protection to stomach lining when the lining has been damaged due to over use of pain killers.
  • Blood Pressure and Allergy Medicines – There is nothing like allergy. This is created by allopathy and other medicine systems. Everything in excess causes inflammation and allergy. Allergy is nothing but inflammation out of control. My web site – says so.
  • Inflammatory bowel Disease
  • Childbirth m- May be it is caused due to eating too much. Too much vitamins, fruits and juices. Everything in excess causes inflammation. My web site – says so.
  • Diabetics and neurological conditions – Lack of sugar and excess of sugar causes constipation. Diabetics and neurological conditions are caused due to sugar problems. My web site – says so.


Why there is too much confusion about each of these causes of constipation. Actually too much knowledge is dangerous (your doctors will tell you so, if you give them a print out of these. People won’t let you live a normal life. These doctors will always find something to blame you for your conditions. So you much pick up your blaming machine guns and start blaming the doctors.

So what is to be done. My God. Why are you asking me such silly things. Just read the home page of my web site