Eczema Eczema

Eczema is bound to worsen as you grow older. Older people drink more water and other fluids and they move less, so they suffer from constipation and eczema. None of the listed causes cause eczema. It is caused due to mineral and fluid imbalance in the body. For permanent cure of eczema – keep reading.

In last 12 months I cured 7 persons suffering from eczema in 10 days or less. The success rate is 100%.

This is the most frustating experience that I have. I have spoken to my friends in medicine and senior surgeons in hospitals that if my cure of eczema is not to be adopted at least we should take some steps in collecting information about eczema patients relating to the fluids that they drink and how it might effect their eczema. but they flatly refuse to accept that hydration / dehydration cycles can cure eczema.

I am blocked often on Quora. I am willing to do anything to benefit the common people. But there seems to be no way. I do not want to rush my cure. I want it to be subjected to the hardest scrutiny that is possible on the earth.

But there is no starting point. This whole world seems to be controlled by moneyed people.

Break the vicious circles.

You can cure eczema in 10 days or less. And that will take care of eczema marks as well.

Check my blog for more info –

**** How to detoxify the Blood

***** Example

Take a glass of water. Add a spoon of salt to the water. Taste the water.

If salt is more, one will add more water to dilute the salt.

If salt is less, one will take less water next time.

****** Blood in Human Body

Blood in Human body is 6 to 7% of the body weight. A person weighing 70 kg will have 4.2 to 4.9 litres of blood in his body.

****** Natural Defence system of the Human body

Our body has every antibody (antibiotics) needed to fight every possible infection or bacteria. Even if people are not given any medicine for curing a disease a majority of them will recover from the disease.

Every Steroid that is given to diseased persons is also naturally found in the body. But may be those steroids are lower than the amount that may be needed. Or may be due to some conditions the body is not in a position to use them.

****** The defense system of the human body can be explained as under –

If a person is consuming large amounts of sodium, the kidneys will filter out the excess. However while the excess salt stays in the blood, it interacts with other minerals and / or some other minerals may be used up to manage the side effects of excess salt in the blood.

Kidneys filters out the excess of all minerals and other chemicals in the blood. Kidneys preserve the minerals which are in short supply.

***** Example

Let us say there are 2 minerals in the blood. X and Y. Let us say kidneys can filter X mineral if it is in the range of 100 units to 200 units. And let us say that kidneys can filter mineral Y if it is in the range 500 to 600 units.

Let us assume that mineral X interacts with Mineral Y and uses up mineral Y in proportion of the consumption of mineral X.

Now due to excess consumption of mineral X, mineral Y gets reduced below 500 units (say 400 units) over a period of time. Due to shortage of mineral Y the kidneys will not be able to filter X efficiently. So over a period of time mineral X will increase to say 300 units.

The blood in our body is 5000 ml. The normal range for X was 2% to 4%. The normal range of Y was 10% to 12%.

Now our body has 6% of mineral X. So the efficiency of kidneys will suffer further and there will be build up of mineral X in our body causing depletion of many other minerals.

Now there will be manifestation of these imbalances in the form of diseases.

Now we need to correct these imbalances to restore good health to the person.

***** Natural Cure or solution to above situation

Drink 2500 ml of water. 200 ml every hour from 7 am to 6 pm.

Let us assume there is no urine output. This is to make the things simple to understand.

By the end of 12 hours the total fluid in the body shall be 7500 ml approx.

Now mineral X shall be 4% of total body fluids and kidneys will be removing the excess more efficiently. So in another 12 hours the kidneys will bring down the mineral X from 300 units to 200 unit which is exactly 4% of the total fluid. But the body tends to remain in the same condition over a small period of time. Over consumption of X will soon cause build up of X in the body.

Now the person gives up all fluids on day 2. The person will experience dehydration. But the dehydration will be slow and gradual. And kidneys will sense the urgency of the situation and will keep on removing the excess on day 2 as well. 24 hours dehydration may cause the total body fluids to reach 4000 ml by the end of the day.

And assuming that kidneys will be able to keep the mineral X in 4% range, by the end of the day mineral X shall be 160 units.

Now mineral Y will be 10% of total fluids and hence it will work more vigorously to keep mineral X in 4% range. While mineral Y was less then 10% (at 8% of total fluids) it was not working to contain mineral X.

That means that we have completely recovered from the diseased condition in 48 hours.

If we assume the minerals, vitamins, proteins, FATs, carbohydrates and other chemicals in blood are in excess of 128, it is impossible to find out what is in excess in our body.

***** Reason for this is that – possible permulations of 128 elements is 3.85 x 10 raised to the power 215. 10 raised to the power 12 is one lac crore. There is no super computer which can handle a number as large as 10 raised to the power 215.

I took a very low hypothetical number of 128. In real life the number of elements in the blood could be well above 10000.

A super computer will not be able to decode a 128 bit encryption even in billions of years. So simply forget about decoding 10000 bit encryption of the human body.

The above is too much mathematics

The above is difficult to understand for most of people. The above point can be made easy with the following example –

About 40 years back I was taught in school that if I consume more calcium, my bones will become stronger.

After fighting a losing battle of poor bone health, the same scientists started saying that I need to supplement calcium with Vitamin D3 intake. Another 20 years went by.

The bone health further deteriorated. Now a-days children of 10 years of age have back pain and poor bones.

***** Take another example

There is a blood test which calculates serum calcium. The normal serum calcium is 8.2 to 10.2. Now if a person has 8.2 serum calcium he is further suggested to go for dexa scan to confirm that his bones are weak.

***** Why?

When serum calcium is low, why it cannot be corrected by supplementing with increased calcium intake and correct the situation.

Bone health and calcium are not directly related. There are all other 127 (assumed minerals etc in blood) elements which interact to deliver the results.

Age Reversal & Repetition of hydration / Dehydration Cycles

***** Is it possible to reverse the aging process?

Blood is only 6 to 7% of total body weight. Rest of the fluid is there is other compartments of the body. Total fluid in our body is more than 70%.

So we may need to do the above process of hydration / dehydration cycles regularly. May be every 7 days.

There is need to work on this hydration / dehydration process to uncover the mysteries of human body.

Why Repeat Hydration / Dehydration Process

****** What about Terminally ill patients

I tried the above hydration / dehydration cycle with my father in June 2014. At that time he was 80 year old. He suffered from Sepsis, Multiple organ failure, Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5, High Blood Pressure, Severe Constipation, Prostate issues, Epilepsy and Gangrene. The doctors had opined that it is impossible that he can survive even if taken to the best of hospitals in the world.

Then I decided to give the above a try. Just like others I was too scared of trying the above in such situation. And it worked in 48 hours. He started to recover.

Since than my father is free of all medicines for every known disease.

My mother suffered from High Blood Pressure, Uncontrolled Blood Sugar, Heart Disease, Kidney issues etc. She also started using the same system and is now free of insulin (after more than 30 years of insulin dependence), high bp medicines and cholesterol lowering medicines.

The best diagnostic system is built in our body. And it is Kidneys.

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

International Yoga DayInternational Yoga Day


Yoga is violence to Body and Mind


Anybody who preaches health should set out Goals that will be expected to be achieved by following a particular system.


If the Goals are not achieved, then the reasons should be found out.


If the goodness of the health system is to be publicized then any shortcoming should also be publicized. More than 80% of the people who practice yoga do not get long term benefits. Those who preach Yoga do not enjoy perfect health. If you withhold such information – will you not call it fraud?


Few years back I met two Yoga teachers aged 65 and 38. Both of them were preaching Yoga for tens of years. After some discussion they agreed that they have stomach issues on long term basis. They cannot eat anything spicy or anything from Market.


Breathing Exercises are integral part of Yoga. Through breathing we inhale and exhale large amounts of air. This causes unusual movements of respiratory organs. That results in dehydration of the organs as well as supply of more fluids to the organs involved.


But why do we need to do all this is the basic question that must be answered before we proceed. Involvement of Mr. Modi or anyone from big offices need to look deeper into the issues before getting involved.


The blood of our body must maintain pH level of 7.35 to 7.45 to enjoy good health. The first system to ensure that is breathing. Carbon Dioxide is slightly acidic. Whenever pH level of the blood falls below 7.35 the breathing becomes deeper. Secondly urine also helps in maintaining the pH level of the blood. There are several other organs which influence the pH level of the blood.


What causes changes in the blood pH level should be the first question that must be answered by an Honest person. Yoga never speaks about this question?


Our food and liquid intake influences the pH level of the blood. Exercises, physical movements and any other kind of energy expenditure influences pH level of the blood. Sugar (Carbohydrates) act as buffer and saves the blood from rapid changes in the pH level.


Water is the safest thing that can bring fast changes in the blood pH level without causing any serious side effects.


But why should we choose water over yoga or other things in the world to control pH level of blood.


If you want to understand the reasons for choosing water over other systems of health which have been created by mindless pursuits of greedy people do the following.


Drink 200 ml water every hour from 7 am to 7 pm on day 1. Have normal average 3 meals during the day. No other liquids to be ingested. No water or liquids during night.


Drink no water or other liquids on day 2. No water or liquids during night on day 2 as well.

Watch the changes in your breathing.


Whatever you are trying to achieve through breathing exercises and Yoga will all be there and much more.


You spend almost no time in drinking 10 glasses of water of 200 ml each on day 1. But for Yoga you need to spend more than 1 hour every day.


Yoga or any other activity effects the organs involved in the exercise.


Hydration and dehydration effects each and every organ of the body.


The effect is long term and not short term as provided by Yoga. Why the Yoga impact would be short term.


Remember carbon dioxide is slightly acidic. By controlling breathing you are saving the body from the harmful effects of acidic blood. But what about blood becoming too alkaline. Yogi dies of alkaline bodies. They over do the thing.


Yoga is a violence to the body and mind. Yoga is developed by sick people who experience some benefits at some stage in their life. But they failed to look beyond and far.


Personal Experiences


Case No. 1


Few years back my mother in law weighed in 110 kg. She started Anulom Vilom and Kapal Bhaati every day for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


In about 6 months she weighed 70 kg. Every relative was shocked. She was fit and very happy as we could see.


Another 6 months passed by. She continued Yoga breathing exercise. And she started putting on weight. In next 6 months she weighed in 130 kg. She had to undergo surgery to cut some loose skin which covered her eyes and she could not see because of that.


I kept warning her that this all is happening due to yoga breathing exercises. She did not listen to me. She started spending 3-4 months in a year in hospitals for various health conditions.


And she died of massive heart attack. Cardiogenic Shock.


Case 2 


A friend of mine is a disciple of Swami Dhirender Brahmchari. Few years back he lost his eye vision. There is no injury. He lost his eye vision at the age of say 40 years or earlier then than. He still practices yoga. He has other health conditions as well. He is not able to hold water for long after drinking even glass of water even in summers.


He has done 10s of courses in Ayurved, homeopathy etc to understand the disease and to cure himself. But there are no results.


But he is also hesitant to discontinue Yoga.


Case 3


In 2015 I met another yoga instructor. Age 62-63. He was teaching yoga to people and was very active.


He also suffered from Acidity. I asked him to stop yoga for 10-15 days. Dehydrate himself for 36 hours and see the impact. He met me after 10 days and said that he got complete relief from acidity.


I could have taken this information with a pinch of salt since he did not keep in touch after that. But he called again in 2016 asking for help to cure his diabetes. That implies that he has long term relief from acidity and so his belief that I can be of help to him.


Case 4


The information about acidity was taken from 2 yoga instructors who suffered from acidity even after being very active yoga instructors. I kept thinking about the reasons and it seems that I am very close to actual reasons.


But then people who do not suffer from acidity may argue in favour of Yoga. Yoga causes acidity due to their bodies becoming more alkaline. They can become acidic again by doing cardio exercises. That is by running and walking and hence dehydrating.


That means first you have to do Yoga and then to get rid of the harmful effects of yoga you will need to spend more time in reversing the conditions caused by Yoga. Walk for another one hour or run / jog for 30 minutes every day.


This whole universe is created to supplement and ensure the cycles of hydration and dehydration. Day and night. Changes in seasons (temperature). Earth revolves around sun only to help too greedy people to maintain right hydration levels.


To understand the real science of the body – visit –

International Yoga Day


Eczema Asthma Cure Without Medicines

Eczema Asthma Cure Without Medicines

Eczema Asthma Cure Without MedicinesEczema Asthma Cure Without Medicines
A lady was cured of Eczema, Asthma and Allergies in a matter of 10 days without any medicine sitting at home through whatsapp instructions.


Eczema Asthma and Allergies Cure in 10 Days without any Medicine

This is 7th Eczema Case resolved in a matter of 10-15 days by limiting the water intake/
Hydration / Dehydration (One Cure for Every Disease) is perfect cure for Eczema.

Hydration / Dehydration Cycles 

Day 1 – Drink 100 to 200 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm or 8 am to 7 pm. Children from 5 to 15 may drink 100 ml per hour. Adults between 15 to 50 may drink 200 ml water every hour.

Day 2 – Drink only 100 ml water one hour before each meal. Restrict all other fluids to the extent possible. I prefer to stay without water for 36 hours. Not even a drop of water. But I feel that it may not be safe for a first timer.

Day 3, 4,5 – If you are not able to restrict the water intake or find it very uncomfortable, you may drink water as per Day 2 schedule.

The reasons and logic why the above cure will work on every disease is given at –

One Cure for Every Disease

If you get relief from any health condition do pass on the information to some more people.
And to support the efforts of spreading this information to the entire world, do come back on this web site and make your online purchases from the links given on the page.

You may also like to communicate with Samantha (USA) – +19514229436



Eczema Whatsapp Details

Whatsapp No. +19514229436

[5/27, 8:24 PM] Samantha From USA:

Hi Rajinder, I have just finished my 3rd 2 day option (although the first two were not 100% hydration before the 36 hours of dehydration) but this last time was. I have been getting a flair up of eczema, how long should I wait before starting the next 2 day regime?

[5/27, 8:33 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Have u cut out all milk products

[5/27, 8:34 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

And do u mean to say that after u finished dehydration this time eczema flaired up

[5/27, 8:34 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Flared up

[5/27, 8:35 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

How much water do u drink after finishing dehydration of 36 hours

[5/27, 8:36 PM] Samantha From USA:

The eczema has been getting bad over the last couple weeks. I have cut out milk and minimized cheese to a couple times a week and only a few ounces each time.

[5/27, 9:39 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

You just finished dehydration. Wait for 1 week. Limit your water intake to 1 litre a day or even 500-750 ml if possible.

[5/27, 9:39 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

It will start working

[5/27, 9:40 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

The dehydration that u did may take time to show results.

[5/27, 9:40 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Just wait and watch. Be patient. It will work

[5/27, 9:43 PM] Samantha From USA:

I am happy to wait and see. I am very excited about it all. Will keep you updated on my progress.

[5/27, 9:44 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Thank you much

[5/31, 1:19 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

How r u

[5/31, 1:34 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Any change that u can observe

[5/31, 7:33 PM] Samantha From USA:

The eczema is going away slowly, but my asthma is pretty bad. I have been using my inhaler 2 or even 3 times a day. I am trying to cut out all cheese too, for 2 weeks.

[5/31, 8:52 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Just be patient. Drink 200 ml water every 3-4 hours.

Over next few days you will find lot of relief in asthma as well.

If you do not have high BP lick 1 spoon of sàlt every day.

[5/31, 8:58 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Lick salt thru out the day slowly. Do not take too much salt at one time.

You will be relieved of asthma in 24 hours.

[5/31, 8:59 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

One small spoon in 24 hours.

[5/31, 9:01 PM] Samantha From USA:

Ok I will

[6/1, 9:07 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

How is your asthma now

[6/1, 9:21 PM] Samantha From USA:

Still a little strained, but better than yesterday.

[6/1, 9:22 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Are you taking salt as suggested

[6/1, 9:25 PM] Samantha From USA:

Yes I increased my salt intake by a teaspoon yesterday.

[6/1, 9:25 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

That is great

[6/1, 9:26 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Keep the salt as suggested for 4-5 days till u get complete relief from asthma and all allergies

[6/1, 9:30 PM] Samantha From USA:

Ok – I am getting close to my period and am already feeling the pain from my endometriosis. Should I do anything for that?

[6/1, 9:31 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

what is that. I have no idea

[6/1, 9:31 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

I will google and tell u

[6/1, 9:33 PM] Samantha From USA:


[6/1, 9:33 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

I thiñk you do not need to do anything

Just take care not to dehydrate yourself

[6/1, 9:33 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Target about 1200-1500 ml water

[6/1, 9:34 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

After your periods you can dehydrate again after 2-3 days.

May be that will be next time

[6/1, 9:36 PM] Samantha From USA:


[6/1, 9:41 PM] Samantha From USA:

So should I continue the 200ml every 3/4 hrs and salt?

[6/1, 9:43 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:


[6/2, 1:58 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

How r u and your asthma

[6/2, 7:43 PM] Samantha From USA:

About the same. I woke in the night and had to take my inhaler. I was careful to drink enough and take salt yesterday.

[6/2, 7:47 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Reduce water intake to 600 ml a day

200 ml one hour before each meal.

Stop salt after 2 days

[6/3, 9:19 PM] Samantha From USA:

I feel much better today. I wonder if I was actually under the weather but just didn’t get really sick.

[6/3, 9:28 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

That is great

[6/3, 9:31 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

And what you did to feel great. Lol

[6/3, 9:35 PM] Samantha From USA:
Thanks to you 😃

[6/3, 9:35 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:


[6/3, 9:36 PM] Samantha From USA:

I was planning to do a 2 day this weekend. Should I?

[6/3, 9:36 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

It will be too early.

[6/3, 9:36 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

If you are feeling good enjoy it

[6/3, 9:37 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Plan it next week

[6/3, 9:37 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Or until such time you feel troubled

[6/3, 9:37 PM] Samantha From USA:

Ok thank you again Rajinder

[6/5, 9:51 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:


[6/5, 9:52 PM] Rajinder Bhalla: How is asthma and eczema

[6/5, 9:52 PM] Samantha From USA:

Almost gone.

[6/5, 9:52 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:


[6/5, 9:53 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Can I refer the other people to talk to

[6/5, 9:53 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

For eczema and asthma and allergies

[6/5, 9:55 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Are u on facebook

[6/5, 9:55 PM] Samantha From USA:

Normally for me, I rarely use my inhaler – so to need it 2 or 3 times a day means it is super bad. But now I am back to needing it almost not at all. Yes of course you can refer people.

[6/5, 9:55 PM] Samantha From USA:

I have a Facebook account but never go on it.

[6/5, 9:56 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

I can give ur whatsapp no.

[6/5, 9:56 PM] Samantha From USA:


[6/5, 9:56 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Can I

[6/5, 9:56 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Thank u very much

[6/5, 9:58 PM] Samantha From USA: 😊

[6/6, 8:06 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

How is every thing.

Is eczema there or

is it completely gone.

What % relief you will give to eczema if not 100% relieved.

[6/6, 8:44 PM] Samantha From USA:

Eczema is 100% relief, and gone completely (just fading slight discoloration of skin from where it had been) but no irritation at all.

[6/6, 8:46 PM] Rajinder Bhalla:

Thank you

Acidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

Acidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

Acidity Sinus Constipation CeliacAcidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

The connection between acidity (GERD) and Sinus –,,20529772,00.html


I treated my father of sepsis caused due to lung failure by hydration / dehydration cycles meant to correct fluid imbalance in the body.


That was based on my own treatment of sinus and common cold and cough with hydration / dehydration cycles meant to correct fluid imbalance in the body.


To relieve cold and cough doctors do advise people to drink lot of fluids. So they must have seen some people getting relief from drinking water to relieve cold and cough.


Yes that is true fluid imbalance causes every disease in the body. If a person from chronic dehydration, that can become cause of cold and cough and acidity.


Connection between mouth ulcers and Acidity


Have doctors ever advised you to increase your water intake to get rid of mouth ulcers. I was advised by doctors to increase my water intake. Everybody that I walk to says that they never heard that mouth ulcers can be cured by restricting water intake. And everybody could cure mouth ulcers by restricting water intake for 12 to 18 hours. For permanent relief they had to reduce their daily water and other fluids intake.


Connection between Constipation and Acidity

Treated my father and lot of other people suffering from chronic constipation by hydration / dehydration cycles. These hydration / dehydration cycles correct the fluid imbalance which is the main trouble maker.


Connection between Bed Wetting and Acidity


There are no links that I could find. But I could cure bed wetting of my children by increasing their water intake. Another child was cured of bed wetting by adding a pinch of salt in water and helping the child reduce the water intake. So it was all about fluid imbalance, hydration / dehydration cycles helped restore the fluid imbalance of the body.


And there are theories that acidic food and citric food causes increase in bed wetting. That is an indication that acidity however mild may be the cause of bed wetting.


Connection between IBS and Acidity


Connection between Celiac and Acidity


I treated both IBS patients and celiac patients with hydration / dehydration cycles to restore the fluid balance in the body and results were shockingly fast.


When Water can Kill you

When Water can Kill you

When Water can Kill youWhen Water can Kill you
Your body has only 6 to 7% of the body weight as blood. So a 70 kg person has 4.2 to 4.9 litres of blood in the body at any point. Rest of the water is in cells or between the cells. It takes hours before the blood can adjust the excess with with the cells and other processes of the body like Kidney. And meanwhile a person can be dead.
Flooding the body with 6 litres of water at a time will dilute every mineral in your body by 140% and that is too much.
See the experts on the subject.
How much water can kill you
Just think of a new born weighing only 5 kg. 6% of 5 kg is 300 ml water. It is not just water intoxication. It can be mother’s feed also which can kill a child.
If a mother is drinking too much water, it can poison the child.
The symptoms of water poisoning are – vomiting, loose motions, diarrhea, head aches etc.
More chronic symptoms are bed wetting, frequent cold and cough, sinus, chest congestion, poor eye sight, graying of hair, weak bones etc.
Kidney failure of new patients put on dialysis can be reversed in 48 hours if you have read the home page and understood. Immediately after dialysis the person should attempt fluid balance.
Kidney failure is nothing except fluid imbalance and resultant mineral imbalance.
So learn how to correct any fluid imbalance while you are this web site.
Do not miss to read the home page.