H Pylori Bacteria Cause and Cure

H Pylori Bacteria Cause and Cure

H Pylori Bacteria Cause and Cure

What would you conclude from the following statements –

  • – Two third of the world’s population has H. Pylori bacteria – Related link –¬†https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/h-pylori-helicobacter-pylori#1
  • Why not even 1% of the people with H Lylori bacteria have any symptoms?
  • H. Pylori bacteria makes the stomach alkaline – I saw this statement in a youtube video today.
  • Optimal Stomach acids are essential for killing harmful bacteria
  • ¬†Acidity medicines do not help in killing H.Pylori bacteria

There are serious health side effects of medicines for acidity and antibiotics for treating H. Pylori bacteria. Stomach ulcers, mouth ulcers, heart burn, stomach cancer and other cancers etc are common for people suffering from H.Pylori.

The treatments leave people seriously ill.

Hydration dehydration cycles and walk and rest routines helps in stomach ulcers, acidity, burping, heart burn, indigestion etc.

Too much water and other fluids will make our stomach alkaline resulting into excessive growth of H Pylori bacteria.

The question that should be asked in this connection –

  • What happens to the acid balance of the body if a person drinks less water and other fluids?
  • Why do people say that eating raw fruits and vegetables make our body alkaline?
  • What happens to the body acid levels if a person does too much of exercise?
  • What happens to the body acid levels if a person leads sedentary life? No exercise at all.
  • There are billions of people out there who do no exercise and still do not have indigestion and acidity. Why these scientists ignore such facts?
  • Why all the people with H Pylori bacteria do not have any symptoms?
  • What happens to immune system if a person drinks too much water and other fluids?
  • Why nobel prize was given to a scientist for discovering H Pylori bacteria when 2/3rd of the population of the world has this bacteria.
  • When nobel prize will be given to a scientist for discovering that most of the people on this earth have 2 eyes?

I have a youtube channel “One Cure for All Diseases”. This channel has audio recordings of 1000s 0f patients. The patients have given feedback that they get relief from acidity and indigestion within 48 hours after changing their water drinking habits. It will be a good idea to listen to some of the videos on my youtube channel. In some of the videos there is detailed discussion with logic as well.

Most of the articles that you will find on H Pylori cause and cure will talk about lifestyle issues. But what is this bloody life style which does not cause H Pylori no body knows. Why scientists talk of the unknown issues.

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