Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

It will not be out of place to mention about Resting Metabolic Rate and Work Done concept in physics.

Resting Metabolic Rate is Rate of calorie burning while one is not doing any physical activity. These calories or energy is required to keep the vital organs of the body in working condition e.g Heart, Brain, Liver, Kidneys etc.

Work Done – If we move a solid item of 5 kg. from its position to a distance 2 metre away, the work done will be weight multiplied by distance. This is not exact formula but it is good enough for understanding the concept over here for a common man.

For 1000s of years now we have been focussing on the Work Done to improve out health. But that has not improved anything. This approach did not deliver any concrete results.

The condition of Health of a person is decided by the Condition of the Vital Organs. Condition of Vital Organ can be seen by the way it works in Resting condition. A person remains in resting condition 95% or more time in current society.

The calorie consumption in resting condition of a healthy person is more than that of a sick person. A sick person is overweight or underweight, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, kidney problem etc.

All these conditions are cumulatively called Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome is due to the energy supply and demands mismatch.

To get out of the Metabolic Syndrome, one should focus on improving the Resting Metabolic Rate. Since 95% of the time we are resting. A small change in Resting Metabolic Rate will result into huge gain for the body.

The average Resting Metabolic Rate is 1 to 2 calories per minute. In 24 hours there are 1440 minutes. So if one can improve Resting Metabolic Rate by 0.5 calories that will mean 720 calories burnt extra in 24 hours. That is much higher than what we can burn by high intensity exercises in 24 hours.

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