Bed Wetting

Bed Wetting

  •  During Summers – Give your child 6-10 servings (30 to 100 ml water as per age) of water spread evenly through out the day till going to bed.
  • During Winters – Give your child 5-7 servings of water.
  • The increased water is to be given for 3 to 7 days.
  • If the above does not cure bed wetting (This may happen due to excessive use of chocolates, cold drinks and lot of other products) or if your child is already drinking excessive water, give a pinch of salt in 4-5 serving of water per day. This will reduce the water intake on its own.
  • This should cure the Bed Wetting of child in 2-3 days.
  • Continue this for another 3-4 days to get rid of Bed Wetting permanently.
  • When your child gets rid of bed Wetting, he may continue with normal water drinking.
  • Please do not restrict the fluid intake in evening. It is important that water is given in the evening hours as well leading upto going to bed.
  • Restrict milk intake in the evening.
  • Bed Wetting will be cured in just 2 days in most of cases.
  • Bed Wetting medicines have very serious side effects. Moreover it is effective only during the period medicine is given. As soon medicine is stopped the Bed wetting starts again. See more details at –
  • People in India can leave their mobile number and email id for a call back to discuss in person.
  • People outside India write email asking for specific issues.

Stop Bed Wetting

Stop Bed Wetting

Stop Bed wetting – Bed wetting is sign of acute fluid imbalance in the body in various compartments. The known compartments having fluid are – blood, cells and fluid between cells. People who suffer from bed wetting in their childhood are likely to have following problems later in life.

Stop Bed wetting
Stop Bed wetting
  • Hair fall
  • sinus and frequent cold and cough
  • poor eye vision
  • dry eye syndrome later in life
  • kidney stones
  • high cholesterol
  • stroke

This imbalance can be restored by hydration for people who drink less then 500 ml to 1500 ml water in 24 hours and urinate for more than 8 times in a day. They should increase the fluid intake to – every hour one serving of plain water.

People who drink too much water in a day can restore the imbalance by dehydration or by adding 1 pinch of salt in water 3-4 times in a day for 3 to 7 days.



Poor Eye Vision and Bed Wetting

Poor Eye Vision and Bed Wetting

Poor Eye Vision and Bed Wetting – Poor eye vision is caused due to fluid imbalance in the body. Doctors tell people to eat carrots. Drink carrot juice etc. That does not restore the fluid imbalance in the body.Poor Eye Vision and Bed Wetting

According to me poor eye sight is caused due to fluid imbalance in the body. Some of the signs of fluid imbalance in the body are frequent cold and cough, sinus. These have been shown to be more pronounced in the people who wet the bed.

You may like to take the survey on bed wetting and other signs of fluid imbalance. The survey will take less than 1 minute. There is no need to give personal information in the survey.

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BedWetting Medical Negligence

BedWetting Medical Negligence

BedWetting Medical Negligence – side effects include swelling of face. That swelling in the face is indicative of excessive fluid build up in the body. That does an irreversible damage to the heart, brain and other vital organs of the body.BedWetting Medical Negligence

That is no rocket science.

Does that make it a case of medical negligence by pharma companies? They kept ignoring very clear symptoms.

The medical councils all over the world. Do you smell a rat there?

But that is a bit complicated. Why look that far.

The first line of treatment for bed wetting is to reduce fluid intake in the evening.

Did anyone in the world check – whether reduction in fluid intake in the evening helped.

It went on and on for more than 100 years now.

The real reason is fluid imbalance. In most of the cases the increased intake of fluids in the evening helps.

Who is responsible?

Does anyone smell a rat there?

Is there any thing wrong there?

Why there is no feedback system for any medicine. Why no feed back is taken from the patients? Who is incharge of the system?

Bed Wetting Survey

Bed Wetting Survey

Bed Wetting Survey – Links bed wetting to other diseases / conditions –

  • Cold and Cough – This is fluid imbalance. Warm and saline water irrigation is suggested to patients. Salt is also indicated in fluid imbalance.Bed Wetting Survey
  • Sinus – The above note applies here as well.
  • Poor Eye Sight – Dry eye syndrome. Eczema has been shown to have similar problems as eye muscles. The water routines help in curing eczema in 48 hours. So it can be concluded that poor eye sight can also be improved to a large extent by bring perfect fluid balance.
  • graying of Hair – Nothing to say at this point of time.
  • High / Low Blood Pressure – Concerns fluid.
  • High / Low Blood Sugar – Concerns thirst and frequent urination (Fluids)
  • Heart diseases – Caused due to high blood pressure and blood sugar. Fluids again.
  • Stroke – Heart diseases and high blood pressure causes stroke. Fluid again.

Bed wetting could be reducing the life span by at least 20 years.

Please pass on this message to as many people as possible and encourage them to take part in the survey.

To take part in the survey click here

Bed Wetting in 17 year old

Bed Wetting in 17 year old

Bed Wetting in 17 year old – Yesterday I spoke to a person whose daughter of 17 years used to heavily wet the bed till 15 years of age. He gave various medicines for several years. But none of the medicines were of any help. I asked the gentleman whether his daughter has the following conditions –Bed Wetting in 17 year old

  • Poor eye sight
  • Respiratory problems – frequent cold and cough, sinus etc.
  • hair graying problems.
  • Kidney stones or other issues

He reported that his daughter has severe sinus and hair growing problems.

I myself was bed wetter in my younger days. I had kidney stones at 40 years for 3 years in a row. My hair were gray by thte time I was 20 year old.

I used to have severe cold and cough problem with light sinus problems when I was young.

Bed Wetting is a signal of poor hydration system of the body. The cells stay dehydrated for long periods of time. For perfect hydration the body must experience frequent dehydration coupled with frequent hydration. Either of them by themselves is bad.

Bed Wetting Cause Simple Logic

Bed Wetting Cause Simple Logic

Bed Wetting Cause Simple LogicBed Wetting Cause Simple Logic

  • Human body does all the repairing jobs during sleep.
  • Whatever is damaged is repaired during sleep.
  • Sleep is supposed to be very important.
  • All recent researches in sleep – point to new benefits of sleeping.
  • Urination is a excretion process of the body.
  • Urination helps in getting rid of unwanted things.

If a child wets the bed during night, that means there were some unwanted thins in the body which could not removed from the body duringg day time. But which are very harmful for the body. So during night the rids itself of those unwanted things.

So help the body get rid of those unwanted things, a child should drink more water during the day time, until going to bed. It is a misconception that bed wetting is not a serious condition. It is the most serious condition. Topmost attention should be paid to bed wetting.

The metabolic activities are the top priorities in human body upto the age of 12-15. Bed wetting is a condition which shows that metabolic activities are not being attended to properly. Bed wetting will lead to all neurological conditions, blood sugar, blood pressure, dandruff etc. In fact anything which cna be said to be related to metabolic syndrome.

Bed Wetting Adult 45 year old

Bed Wetting Adult 45 year old – Severe Medical Condition

This is the most shocking medical testimony of the last 500 years.Bed Wetting Adult 45 year old

Bed Wetting Adult 45 year old

  • 45 year old, had brain tumor about 3 years back, surgery and radiation done. Has serious medical conditions.
  • For last 2 months had been suffering from severe bed wetting during night. 2-4 bed wetting episodes per night.
  • On 19.01.2014, the same was discussed.
  • He was advised 1/2 glass of plain water every hours.
  • He was given water till 10.30 pm.
  • For last 2 months the doctors were of the opinion that the bed wetting is happening due to side effects of radiation that was carried out 3 years back.
  • There was nothing that doctors could do to stop the bed wetting.
  • All it took was 4 hours to stop bed wetting.


  • Urine frequency dropped after 2 intakes of water at 7 pm.
  • No bed wetting during night.
  • Reduced swelling in legs in the morning.
  • Better balance in the morning.

Next Suggestion

Reduce the water intake again after 2 days.


  • The drip which is given in hospitals, contains various minerals. No drip is given of plain water. There is a basic short coming in the medical understanding all over the world.
  • In next 5 years you can see the major changes in the line of treatment for most of the ailments.
  • All over the world the doctors suggest that the patient of bed wetting should not drink any fluids in the evening.
  • What I am doing is just the reverse of that.
  • People who have medical background, will understanding its importance for treating blood pressure, blood sugar, cancer, neurological disorders etc.
  • This is the biggest break through of last 500 years.

Desmopressin Deaths

Desmopressin Deaths

In 2007  FDA warned that the drug desmopressin could be the reason for seizures and death.

There were 61 cases of seizures — including two deaths — in people on desmopressin.

The seizures were caused due to hyponatremia – Imbalance of sodium in the body

Bed wetting is caused due to imbalance of fluids in the body. There could be excess or shortage of fluids in the body. So the first line of investigation should have focused  on investigating the impact of fluid changes in bed wetting.But nobody seems to have done that.

Internet is full of suggestions that fluid intake should be restricted in the evening to stop Bed Wetting. But no one seems to have evaluated the impact of fluid restrictions on the fluid intake.

That is a big question. The medicines were produced to control production of urine. But the main source of urine was fluid. No systematic study was even done to see the impact of changes in fluid intake on bed wetting.

Same line of treatment should have been there for Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, heart and kidney diseases.

Constipation Causes Bed-wetting

Constipation Causes Bed-wetting

  • There was a study in 2012 that concluded that constipation may be the reason for Bed Wetting.
  • There are endless forums and authorities that says that the first line of action for constipation is increasing the water intake.
  • What caused the FDA not to withdraw the drugs which resulted in deaths of children in 1993. That too after FDA said that it is aware of the deaths and is actively monitoring the situation.
  • What is more disturbing is the fact that author of the study did not pursue the matter further – why they did not pursue the study further?
  • In case of children who drink more then adequate amount of water and other fluids and are suffering from constipation, there is easy cure. Add a pinch of salt for 2-3 days and restore the perfect health to all the children.
  • Even salt medicines could be made to regulate the amount of salt that can be given to children to cure them of constipation.
  • Why there are medicines in the market to cure constipation?? When it is well known that medicines have serious side effects.
  • The above questions are serious enough to cause distrust among government agencies and public.