BedWetting Medical Negligence

BedWetting Medical Negligence

BedWetting Medical Negligence – side effects include swelling of face. That swelling in the face is indicative of excessive fluid build up in the body. That does an irreversible damage to the heart, brain and other vital organs of the body.BedWetting Medical Negligence

That is no rocket science.

Does that make it a case of medical negligence by pharma companies? They kept ignoring very clear symptoms.

The medical councils all over the world. Do you smell a rat there?

But that is a bit complicated. Why look that far.

The first line of treatment for bed wetting is to reduce fluid intake in the evening.

Did anyone in the world check – whether reduction in fluid intake in the evening helped.

It went on and on for more than 100 years now.

The real reason is fluid imbalance. In most of the cases the increased intake of fluids in the evening helps.

Who is responsible?

Does anyone smell a rat there?

Is there any thing wrong there?

Why there is no feedback system for any medicine. Why no feed back is taken from the patients? Who is incharge of the system?

Skin Cancer – Black Skin

Skin Cancer – Black Skin

The research says that black skin is in response to skin cancer that can be caused due to exposure to UV rays.

This is the way research people work. Black skin is caused due to use of artificial oils, soaps and detergents. Black skin is still around and skin cancer is also around. Skin cancer is increasing. if millions of years back the people developed a protection system from skin cancer there would have been no skin cancer today.

People use oils and aromas to get relief from sun. But it worked the other way.

This week one more man reported relief from skin tanning after stopping use of soaps. he also stopped drinking tea. His response was that every one known to him is surprised to see his face now. Every one has commented on his skin tone.

Initially his response was of complete disbelief. Today he is excited like hell.

Dehydration Symptoms – Increase in Urine frequency

Dehydration Symptoms – Increase in Urine frequency

For last 20 days my water intake (which is usually my total fluid intake) was 1-2 glasses in 24 hours. After this my lost control on my bladder. My urine frequency increased significantly. And I could not hold to it once there was even a thought of urine pressure. I had to literally run to ease off. My urine output was substantially more than my fluid intake.

So I increased my water intake to about 12 glasses of water a day for 2 days. The urine frequency increased with the increase in water. But urine output did not increase in proportion to increase in water intake.

After 2 days I started getting control on my bladder.

This happens only in the initial phase of dehydration. Even if a person gives up water for 24 hours, there is substantial increase in urine output after about 15 hours. In this phase the dehydration should be controlled. Otherwise there could be irreversible damage to the vital organs.

The reason

In case of dehydration, the cell starts giving up fluid to maintain the blood acid levels. That is why urine output is more than fluid intake. Beyond a point the dehydration causes serious damage to the tissues and cells.

This is also the reason for prostate cancer and other late age urination problems.

High Blood is due to poor breakfast habits

High Blood is due to poor breakfast habits

Researchers in Sweden reported a link between incidence of metabolic syndrome in adults and the breakfasts those adults ate as children.

There is a lot of evidence that breakfast really is “the most important meal of the day. Eating a large breakfast could boost fertility for women, and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure.

Skipping breakfast increases the desire of high-calorie foods during the day.

What is metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome means problems associated with heart disease, diabetes, stroke and lot of other ailments which have no known cause.

Metabolic Syndrome if a person any 3 of following:

  •  Over weight
  • Higher Triglycerides (Fat in Blood)
  • Low HDL cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • High fasting blood sugar

Effects of childhood breakfast habits on health in adulthood

In this study – schoolchildren were asked questions about what they ate for breakfast. 27 years later when, as adults, they were checked for signs of any metabolic problems.

The people who did not eat breakfast (or who ate less breakfast) as children were 68% more likely to have Metabolic Syndrome (High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar etc).

Desmopressin Deaths

Desmopressin Deaths

In 2007  FDA warned that the drug desmopressin could be the reason for seizures and death.

There were 61 cases of seizures — including two deaths — in people on desmopressin.

The seizures were caused due to hyponatremia – Imbalance of sodium in the body

Bed wetting is caused due to imbalance of fluids in the body. There could be excess or shortage of fluids in the body. So the first line of investigation should have focused  on investigating the impact of fluid changes in bed wetting.But nobody seems to have done that.

Internet is full of suggestions that fluid intake should be restricted in the evening to stop Bed Wetting. But no one seems to have evaluated the impact of fluid restrictions on the fluid intake.

That is a big question. The medicines were produced to control production of urine. But the main source of urine was fluid. No systematic study was even done to see the impact of changes in fluid intake on bed wetting.

Same line of treatment should have been there for Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, heart and kidney diseases.

Healthier White Butter

Healthier White Butter

  • Butter is very tasty
  • But in last few decades butter is blamed for everything
  • Butter is said to be bad for heart
  • Butter is believed to cause weight gain

But Consider the Facts

  • There was only Butter and Ghee before 1900.
  • People were slim and strong
  • People had almost no sign of any heart attacks
  • People had much healthier life

The above facts are causing lot of people to turn back to butter as a better choice for healthy life.

Reasons why Butter is good for you –

  • Butter is Rich in Fat-Soluble Vitamins – A, E and K2.
  • Vitamin K2, is rare in the modern diet.
  • Vitamin K2 is involved in calcium metabolism.
  • Deficiency of K2 is linkedwith many diseases like heart diseases, cancer and osteoporosis.
  • Butter has healthy Saturated Fats
  • There is no proof that Saturated Fats is harmful to heart
  • Saturated fats increases HDL. But keep it in moderation. Every thing in excess is harmful. But HDL increased substanitally when I cut down all other oils and was consuming only butter oil. 20-30 grams a day is good.
  • Butter contains short and medium chain fats.
  • Butter increases satiety and increased fat burning.
  • Butter Lowers Heart Attack Risk 
  • A study revealed that high-fat dairy consumption reduced the risk of heart disease by 69%, due to increased Vitamin K2 intake.
  • Butter is a good source of 4-carbon fatty acid butyrate. This helps in digestion.
  • Butter protects against inflammation.
  • Butter has Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid has powerful effects on metabolism
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid is actually sold commercially as a weight loss supplement.
  • A new study came out in 2012. They discovered that high-fat dairy did not increase risk of obesity
  • Butter is yummy

Step by Step Weight Loss

Step by Step Weight Loss

For first week –

  • Exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute every hour.
  • 30 second exercise will not tire you down.
  • At least 10 such exercises in 24 hours.
  • Eat almost 50% extra then you eat on normal days.
  • Eat more often. Your body will demand more. More is better.
  • You will feel more alert. Alertness means your vitals are working better than normal.
  • You can do mild skipping with or without rope.
  • You can do any limb movement exercise. Mild – it has to be.

For Second week –

  • Stop all exercises.
  • Stop eating extra. Eat what you used to eat on a normal day.
  • If you feel like eating more, start the first week routine immediately.

Keep repeating the above and you will keep losing weight.

You will notice a marked increase in your stamina and strength.



Weight Loss

 Weight Loss

What Causes Weight increase –

  • Exercises initially help in weight loss.
  • Later the lost weight comes back even while continuing the exercises.
  • After stopping the exercises one puts on some extra weight. Why?
  • Is there any answer to this why?

If one can find the answer one can easily lose weight. I want to try to answer this question. Let me try  –

  • Body burns calories while doing external movements (exercises) or
  • For running the vital organs (basal/resting metabolic rate) (calories burnt while resting).
  • Exercises causes burning of extra calories.
  • After exercise one feels tired.
  • At this stage there are not enough calories in the body to run the vital organs efficiently.
  • Or one can say that resting metabolic rate comes down.
  • Or one can say that the calorie burning by vital organs comes down.

This is what most experts say “body starts storing energy for emergency conditions”. I could never understanding the meaning.

That would mean that the extra calories burnt by exercises is saved back by running vital organs at slower rate.

The worst thing is that – if one does this for a longer period of time, the basal metabolic rates comes down permanently. In that situation one will have to do exercises regularly to keep the weight in check. Basically you become slave of your body. This is a vicious circle.

So what is the solution for Weight Loss?

Obviously just the reverse of what you did above.

But the question is – What did you do above?

You exercised. You got tired —————————————————(1)

As a result of the above two – the resting metabolic rate came down.

What is the reverse of these steps? Consider the following –

You exercise just a little bit. Do not get tired ——————————–(2)

Your resting metabolic rate will go up.

Logically (1) is opposite of (2). So you were able to do the reverse.

You will need to eat more to meet the extra metabolic needs of the body. Extra food intake would be burnt out immediately.

Then after few days you stop exercising. What will happen?

You do not get tired. You won’t feel like eating extra. Your resting metabolic rate will remain high. The resting metabolic rates take much longer to change. At this stage the body will start using some of stored FAT.

This is a perfect situation for weight loss.