Cause of Heart Diseases

Cause of Heart Diseases

Cause of Heart Diseases


Those who are interested to understand the working of the heart may watch the above video. If you decide not to view the video it is ok. My post does not take too much from the above video.


Cause of Heart Diseases


So coming back to the main question?


The above video shows some of moving parts of the heart. It shows the movement of blood to the heart, lungs and back to every part of the body.


You might think that God helps your heart to function every day. But I am sorry I do not think this way. Heart needs lot of energy to function.


Where this energy is generated?


And this energy is needed for every vital organ and system of the body.


This energy is called – Resting Metabolic Rate (Or Basal Metabolic Rate – BMR).


This energy is generated in the cells of the body.  The rate at which cells generate energy may be called Cellular Metabolic Rate.


  • The cells need fuel (nutrients) to generate energy.
  • Once energy is generated, it must be stored or used.
  • As usual there are costs involved in storage of energy. Everybody is familiar with running of warehouses.
  • These storage spaces are limited in size and capacity to store.


There are 2 classes of people in this world.


  • One who has more to eat than his body needs.
  • Others who do not have enough to meet the needs of the body.


People who eat more than their body can use, will store the energy so generated.


After some time they will reach a stage when there is no storage present. Now either they should stop eating or start spending more energy.


You may say why we need to store energy or spend energy. The body will handle the spare energy by releasing in whatever way. Same may be thought of nuclear plants. And every one knows unless nuclear energy is handled with care there are disaster waiting to strike.


Enough on energy generation and spending. Let us change the context for some time. We will come back to this later.


Energy Expenditure


  • Energy is needed to run vital organs and systems.
  • Energy is needed for physical movements and other activities.


The things that should make you stand up and look for answers


Over weight People do all kinds of physical activities to lose weight. 95% and above people fail to lose weight.  Those who do lose weight gain back the lost weight after some time. Activities that people do for losing weight –

  • Weight Training (Gyming – most of the people gain 5 to 15 kg in about 1 years). There is net weight gain in 99% cases.
  • Jogging – Though very strenuous and tiring, only 1% of the people manage this. Even they fail to lose weight over long period of time.
  • Sports  like badminton, swimming, volleyball etc.


There are millions of web sites that tell you that to lose 1 kg weight you have to burn 8000 calories.


Most of the above mentioned activities burn calories at the rate of 8 to 10 calories per minute. Most of the people achieve the target of Burning 200 to 300 extra calories a day by the above activities.


But still they fail to lose weight.


What is the reason for failure to lose weight?


We completely ignore the calories burnt during rest periods.


We need to look at BMR or Resting Metabolic Rate post the exercise.


The total glucose in the blood at any point of time is 25 grams. Calories in each gram of sugar is 4 approx. So total calories that we can burn in a short period of time is only 100 calories.


But in the above situation, people were burning 200 to 300 calories extra. So the rest of the calories have to come by cutting down on BMR.


What does that mean?


Yes the calories available for your heart and other vital organs is cut down drastically after few minutes after the work out period.


And for rest of the 23 or more hours, the body will be burning lesser calories per minute. 23 x 60 = 1380 minutes. A drop of 0.2 in BMR will save 276 calories in a day. And that is very huge. In most of the cases the saved calories in 23 hours far exceed the calories burnt in workouts. Hence the weight gain.


And what????


And when vital organs are not working efficiently your body will be flooded with lot of waste and toxic.


Why is that?


Waste removal system is a vital system of the body. Toxic build up in the body causes high Blood Pressure, High Blood Pressure, heart diseases, stroke and all other metabolic syndromes.


So what you should be doing?


Walk just for 5 minutes per hour.

Calorie calculations of 5 minute walk will be –

5 minutes x 5 calories per minute = 25 calories. Body is still left with lots of energy – 75 calories. The body will not cut down on the calories meant for heart and other vital organs. It will push for increase in cellular metabolic rates.


In the remaining 55 minutes (post walking session) if the cellular metabolic rate is increased by 0.1 calories per minute, the extra calories burnt will be 1440 x 0.1 = 144 calories.


This will result into provision of 144 extra calories for heart and other vital organs.


Waste removal will be better.


The rate of inflammation will fall drastically.


And you will be staring at a whole new body in about 30 to 60 days. No joint pains, no back pain, energy levels will beat 16 year old boys.


You will save lacs on hospital bills.


You will earn crores by using those extra calories generated.


And that is almost 2 to 3 kg weight lose per month.


Why weight loss of only 2 kg. Waste removal will alone result in 2 kg weight loss. Another 2 kg weight lose will come from burning extra calories.


You may consider sending me few thousand if at all. LOL


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