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Constipation cause is lack of energy for digestive system. Our digestive system consumes 20 to 30% of the total energy produced in the body. An average human consumes about 2000 calories in a day. That means that our digestive system takes 400 to 600 calories in a day.

Our body makes this energy in the cells of the body. For making energy in the cells our blood send the nutrients to the cells. There is an elaborate system by which body ensures that everything that reaches our cells is of good quality and in right proportions.

Aging is the process when the nutrients start getting into cells in wrong proportions.

One can reverse the aging process by making sure that nutrients reach in cells in right proportions.

Constipation can not be cured by increasing fluids intake or fiber intake. Constipation can be cured permanently by increasing the energy available for digestive system. That requires that cells produce more energy. That requires that we send the nutrients in right proportions to cells. Hydration dehydration cycles makes sure that nutrients are in right proportions.

Walk and rest provide priority to digestive system and other vital organs in allocation of available energy for the time being. It takes time to make changes at cell level. Till than walk and rest diverts the energy from limbs to vital organs.

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