Diabetes Cause Symptoms and Cure

Diabetes Cause Symptoms and Cure

Diabetes Cause Symptoms and Cure
Diabetes Cause Symptoms and Cure

Diabetes Symptoms are –

  • Frequent urination and
  • Frequent Thirst

Both relate to body fluids.

Allopathy definition on internet is –

A system of medicines in which drugs are given to produce symptoms opposite to the symptoms of the disease.



So Allopaths needs to deliver drugs to the body which will cause reduction in urination and thirst.


But anybody will know for sure how to control urination and thirst. Why you need scientists and doctors to tell you such simple things.


Simply restrict your fluid intake and drugs that influence your body fluids.


Tea, coffee, cold drinks are the common things that influence body fluids. So you know what to do with that.


I have been dealing with people who have uncontrolled blood sugar levels inspite of insulin intake and other drugs. With the administration of insulin and drugs their fasting blood sugar levels remain above 250 and fluctuate often beyond 350.


But by restricting the fluid intake the blood sugar drops below 120 levels in 15-20 days.


With the reduction in blood sugar and water intake urination and thirst also come under control.


What aim the pharma companies are attempting to achieve for last 100 years.


Diabetics do not consume sugars.

But still they report high blood sugar levels.


First question they are supposed to find out is – where from this excess blood sugar is coming.


Is it better metabolism (Basal metabolic rate) that is enjoyed by diabetics.


May be, may be not.


If the diabetics enjoy better metabolism they should not feel hungry very often. But they do.


If diabetics eat very often, then may be they store lot of sugars and energy and hence the must be having strong body structure and muscles. But that is not the case. Diabetics feel tired very easily.


The main structure of the diabetics gets destroyed. Largest organ of the body – skin gets effected first. Then cervical pains, then back pains, then joints gets affected, stroke chances increase, kidneys get affected, heart attack chances increase, liver gets damaged. What remains.


This is damage of every single cell and tissue.


That should be enough to conclude that the excess blood sugar is the result of cell damage and tissue damage. This is the defence system of the body. Higher blood sugar is a defence system of the body to protect the body from shortage in blood sugar required to run the vital organs.


That means that damage to the vital organs is secondary to the damage that can be caused by higher blood sugar.


So second line of cure for Diabetics is supplementing the sugar in very small doses.

Diabetes Cure which showed huge results

Day 1 – Drink 100-150 ml of water (1/2 glass) every 15 minutes for first 3 hours after getting up or last 3 hours before going to bed. The better course would be – Drink 100-150 ml water at 7 pm followed by same amount of water at 7.15, 7.30, 7.45, 8.00, 8.15, 8.30, 8.45, 9.00, 9.15, 9.30, 9.45, 10 pm

Day 2 – After the above 3 hours give up water and all fluids for 36 to 48 hours.

Day 3, 4, 5 – Drink 100 ml water 1 hour before each meal. Restrict the water to 300 ml in 24 hours.

The above helps to lower blood sugar level by 30 to 40 points.

Repeat the above water routine for 2-3 weeks until you get normal blood sugar levels.


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