Eczema Cure

Eczema Cure

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65 year Old
Was not comfortable with the idea of giving up water and other fluids.

She drank 100 ml glass of water every 15 minutes for 3 hours in the morning and thereafter gave up all fluids for rest of the day until 7 pm in the evening.

The pics show the change in condition of hands in 5 days.

The explanation part of the Cure

Why giving up water cures eczema?

What ever we eat or drink is meant for the cells. Eczema Cure

The nutrients that are required for cellular metabolic process gets in the blood. After these nutrients get into the blood these must be used up by cells.

When some nutrients cannot be used by the cells within a particular period that must be thrown out of the body by excretory system.

Inflammation is the defense system of the body. The things  which cannot be used in the cells cause inflammation. When the inflammation increases the body gets in the defensive mode and throws the thinks out of the body. Inflammation is both constructive and destructive activity.

When we drink too much of water, the body excretes the water through urine. But when the urinary system is not able to flush all excess water some is removed from the body thru skin and breathing system by way of increased vapours.

The increase in the breathing vapours results into cold and cough.

The increased outflow from skin results in eczema. Excess of water in the layers of the skin interferes with the process of provision of oxygen for the outer most layer of the skin. It also results in loss of other minerals and lubricants required for a healthy skin.

When the body balances the fluid needs of the body, the eczema is cured restoring the minerals and oxygen to the skin layers.

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