What happens if diabetic stops medicines

What happens if diabetic stops medicines

What happens if diabetic stops medicines

A lady aged 60 years discussed hydration dehydration cycles. She decided to take the chance with hydration dehydration cycles and stopped her BP and Diabetes medicines from day 1.

She was diabetic for more than 5 years. Her age Blood sugar with medicines used to be 200/300 (fasting and random).

First 5 days, after she stopped her medicines for diabetes and BP the blood sugar, readings were as under –




missed taking a reading


During this period she drank water with meals only. 3 glasses a day. But she continued drinking tea.

Another friend of mine aged 55 years also agreed to try hydration dehydration cycles and walk and rest routines. He was diabetic and BP patient for more than 20 years. He did not stop the medicines immediately.

Initially he reported being very lazy. After about 15-20 he stopped taking medicines for diabetes. Still his blood sugar levels remained at normal levels. After about 30 days he reduced his BP medicines to half. Still his blood pressure remained normal.

This was the case with 3 more patients.

Most shocking is the case of a 28 year old male. He was told by doctors in multi speciality hospital that his pancreas is 98% damaged and he will have to get pancreas transplant done or continue with insulin and medicines for life. For last 2 months he is without any medicines and insulin. Still his blood pressure readings are way better then these used to be with medicines and insulin. He started taking 5-6 spoons of sugar as well. Even then his blood sugar level used to be normal.

Same is the case of a 20 year old boy. He also reported excellent result within 5 days of starting hydration dehydration. He reduced his diabetes medicines to half and reduced his insulin by 4 points in first 4 days.

With these results I wonder whether this happens without hydration dehydration cycles as well, in case the person stops taking medicines, will his blood sugar level falls initially.

Please give feedback and comments. And also explain why and how this happens.

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  1. Hello, Can you please explain about these hydration dehydration cycles in details.
    How does this result in lesser requirement of insulin by body or what i impact on beta cells.
    I am Type 1 diabetic from last 19 years and on insulin.

    1. Pancreas is in the beginning of small intestines. Pancreas releases insulin in blood through small intestines. This blood passes through liver and kidneys before reaching heart to be pumped to cells. Pre-diabetics usually have higher insulin levels in blood. This may be necessitated when there is too much of fluids in cells and not enough glucose. So there will be 2 options. One is to deliver the glucose to cells directly. There is no way this can be done. Glucose can not be delivered directly to the cells or blood. The other option is to deliver insulin directly to cells. This is what is being done.

      Diabetics are given insulin in tissues to reach cells.

      But the real problem is of excess of fluids in cells. If one can manage this condition (excess fluid in cells) it will become easier to cure diabetes. Drinking water with meals and restricting water and other fluids except with meals can help in increasing the cellular glucose and thereby reducing the blood glucose.

      Blood glucose increases in response to dangerously low glucose in cells. Once cellular glucose concentration increases (by reducing the cellular fluids) the blood sugar will automatically go down. In case you need any clarification please give me a call at +91-7011156397. I will need to understand your specifics of fluid intake.

      First of all remember that I am not a doctor.

      Second you need to consult your doctor before you implement any of my suggestions. Else you will be doing so at your own risk.

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