how to stop overeating

how to stop overeating

how to stop overeating

how to stop overeating









You do not need drugs to control over eating.

But so called scientists, doctors, pharma companies and News agencies have some other plans. Check it out for yourself –

Body needs minerals and vitamins to be healthy.

But the New Research indicate that scientific temperament and common sense do not go together.

Why do people eat more?

Take a glass of water. Add a pinch of salt. Taste the water. If you feel that salt is less or negligible, you will need to take 1/2 glass of water next time or even less.

Only a scientist or a doctor can advise people to add more salt to the water to make it palatable to a person who is over ready suffering from over eating.

Then the so called doctors (sales man of pharma companies) will prescribe a diuretic to reduce the water content and then give another drug to manage excess salt.

But it seems that scientist are losing their sleep to make drugs to stop over eating. Because drugs make people sick and that lets them thrive on sickness of the world.

This world seems to have lost all the common sense.

If your doctor tells you that you are short of some minerals, just reduce your fluid intake.

Read more about fluid management at

Please use your common sense. Do not rely on so called scientists.

After you follow Step 1 of the healthy you, you will not be able to eat for 2-3 days. Once your fluid is back to normal, your body will start demanding more and producing more energy to deal with day to day work.

There have been so many people who complain that they do not feel hungry at all after they reduce their water intake.

Do not wait for the drugs to get lean, use step 2 of to get lean and fit without any drugs.


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