hypertension and doctors

hypertension and doctors

hypertension and doctors

This should come as a shock that more than 50% of the doctors suffer from some form of hypertension.


That should also come as a reflection of the efficacy of current medicine systems and theory in general.

There is not a single statement of medicine professionals which can be taken without any doubt.

Salt is blamed to be top most reason for high BP.

About 10 years back I started consuming 2 full spoons of table salt by adding that to water that I used to drink during the day. So my liking for salt also increased and the salt intake in the form of snack and meals also increased. The same routine was followed by my wife and my children. During this time the average water consumption was 3 to 4 liters of water per day spread out evenly during the day.

I am 54 years old now. So 10 years back I was around 44.

I continued the salt intake by adding salt to water for about 18 months. At the end of 18 months I noticed some water retention in my feet. My BP was 150/100.

I stopped adding salt to water. Did not try to reduce snacks and salt in meals. After about 1 month my BP dropped to 110/70.

My wife is about 50 year old. Her BP is also around 110/70.

BP of my children is about 95/60. But health wise they have no symptoms and have very high stamina and like sports. But not playing sports now for last 4 years.

To best of my mind there is no direct association of salt and BP. The main culprit is water along with salt. Salt increases thirst. That causes increase in water intake.

Currently I do not take more than 700 ml water a day. Once in 15 days I take about 2500 ml water and once in 15 days I take about 200 ml or no water at all.


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