Insomnia & Depression

Insomnia & Depression

Atkin Diet was introduced about 60 years back. People often use low carb diets to reduce weight. There has been no systematic study on the side effects of atkin diet.

One of the serious side effects is Insomnia and depression. All over the world table sugar is decried over as being the worst for health, obesity and what not. This is very far away from truth.

The most important thing for Mental Health is sugar intake. And Most Important aspect of Sugar intake is Right Amount of Sugar intake.

Some Sugar Facts –

  • Sugar has 15 calories in a teaspoon.
  • Sugar effects the same portion of the brain that is effected by Drugs of Abuse.
  • In depression and other serious Mental Conditions the drugs that are given effect the same portion of the brain.
  • Sugar intake of 4-6 tea spoons will help in digestion and weight control maintenance as well as weight reduction.
  • Sugar intake should be 1/4 to 1/2 spoon at a time in one hour. Same amount after each meal. This will help in digestion.
  • The withdrawal symptoms of tea are mainly due to withdrawal of sugar. Or the withdrawal symptoms of tea can be managed by replacing tea intake with sugar intake.
  • Sugar is essential for the body.

Case I – Sports, Female, Age 45

Sleeps not more than 1 day in a month on average. Insomnia since last 30 years. Depressed most of the time.

Suggestion – 1/2 spoon of sugar every hour after 6 PM

Results – Felt like she has been drugged. Slept heavily. Due to concerns of weight gain, discontinued after few days.

Case II – Sports, Male, Age 42

Difficulty in falling asleep recently. Instead of sustained 1/2 spoon sugar, ate 1/2 kg sweets. No result.

Later he started eating sugar in moderation and his Insomnia cured.

Case III – Male, Age 30

Was taking sleeping pills, lost job due to stress and depression.

From day one started sleeping for 10 hours a day. Stopped sleeping pills from day 2 and continues to sleep well. Has been advised to eat meal within 15 minutes after getting up. Should include 10 to 20 grams of sugar on daily basis.

Hypothyroidism and other thyroid related problems cause depression. Thyroid gland controls how energy is used in the body. Energy is nothing but sugar, calories etc.

Sleep deprivation causes depression. We also say the same that sleep deprivation (insomnia) is caused due to low levels of energy in the body.

You can see that our entire web site focuses on finding the main cause of ailments. We are not into finding the cures. If one is able to find the cause then all existing scientific findings will point towards our causes and cures.

23 year old Girl

Another girl started gym for loosing weight. 20 days after joining the gym she was not able to sleep for even 1 minute for 3 days. She was almost on the verge of nervous collapse. He was advised 1 small spoon of sugar every 1 hour. Within 3 hours she was back to normal and fell into deep sleep for 12 hours. Since then she is maintaining her minimum intake of plain table sugar and she is not loosing weight faster then before. And sleeping much healthier then before.

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  1. I found this article an ‘awakening’ for people like me, with insomnia and sleep disorders. I have life long depression, as a child I ate way too much white sugar, left n right , You would find me with it always. I wonder if my body knew (in large amounts no) but, it knew sugar was helping me for some reason?. Now, older and overweight, I try not so much to use sugar. I’ve been very depressed, sluggish, down, hard for me to motivate. I have been using sugar substitutes. Wow, who would have thought a little sugar goes a long way!. Currently Doctor prescribed Trazodone for me. I don’t agree with taking pills to fall asleep though, so I will try the little amount of sugar theory. Thanks! Cam

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