Insulin causes increase in blood sugar in long run

My Diabetic mother –

  • Age 80 years
  • On insulin for last 30 years
  • Blood Sugar medicines for last 40 years
  • Open heart surgery in 1991
  • Cholesterol lowering drugs for last 40 years
  • Constipation medicines for last 40 years
  • No direct sugar intake.
  • Had severe heart issues for last 2 years. Every second month hospital admission


Last 2 years insulin 55 units per day.


Results –

  • Uncontrolled blood sugar
  • Random Blood sugar 300-400
  • Blood sugar used to dip to 50-60 points every 10-15 days.
  • Insulin stopped working
  • Developed gangrene


Last 4 months

  • Started drinking 2 litres of water spread evenly during the day on day 1.
  • Day 2 less than 500 ml water intake.
  • Started consuming ½ spoon sugar every 2 hours.
  • Gradually increased sugar intake to ½ spoon every hours.
  • After about 15 days the need for insulin started going down. Started skipping insulin.
  • After about 2 months stopped sugar medicines.
  • After 3 months stopped insulin. Stopped all medicines including cholesterol and bp.
  • The blood sugar fasting and random stablised between 130 to 160.
  • Ha1c score was 6.8 recently
  • Gangrene disappeared


3 days back admitted in hospital for getting some tests done as advised by a friend who was diabetes specialist. Every test came normal.

  • But in hospital they refused to give sugar.
  • In hospital they administered insulin.
  • The day after administering insulin my mother’s blood sugar started going beyond 400.



  • Insulin and medicines are bad for blood sugar.
  • Blood sugar is caused due to excess of sugar consumption or no consumption or very low consumption of sugar.
  • In both the cases the sugar does not reach cells.
  • In case of excess consumption of sugar, the inflammation process causes the sugar to be excreted from the body. Due to inflammation process the sugar consumed does not reach the cells.
  • In long run insulin causes increase in blood sugar.
  • Insulin causes the cells to lose sugar. It causes tissues to become weaker.
  • Insulin causes low inflammation rates.
  • That results in high life expectancy – may be – further tests need to be done on this.

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