Migraine Cause and Cure and Resting Metabolic Rate

Migraine Cause and Cure and Resting Metabolic Rate

Migraine Cause and Cure and Resting Metabolic Rate

Exercise provokes migraine attack. But mild exercise may help relieve migraine pains. You may like to verify the following links.







Exercise or no exercise has no link with migraine. None of the above web sites offer any help or insight into the cause of Migraines.

I have cured migraine completely. In fact it is much more than migraine cure.

After spending 1000s of hours on studying migraine, its triggers and after curing migraine completely, I have listed the following cause and cure for migraine.

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Point No. 2 and its exaplanation.

Exercise lowers Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Check reality show findings that exercise caused all the participants to have very low RMR post the reality show.

Mild exercise can help relieve migraine pain. But the real question is very complex.

So what causes migraine pain.

  • If a person runs beyond his comfort level he will have pain. Say a person runs 5 kms when he is not used to run even 1 km. Why?
  • When the person stops running, he may not feel the pain. But as the time passes his limbs will become stiff and produce intense pain.

Possible Answer –

The entire energy meant for the limbs involved in running is used up. During the act of running the body channelized the energy meant for other vital organs and systems to the limbs and tissues involved in the running.

After a person gets in rest mode the vital organs must start normal functioning. So the energy supply to the limbs involved in running is cut off.

This energy supply is cut off by the inflammation process.

Same is true of the Migraine Pain.

When the energy supply to the brain starts falling down the pain triggers get activated.

It causes cell death in the brain. That cell death blocks / impairs some movements of the body by restricting the supply of energy to those organs. That will keep the brain healthy for some more time.

As the time progresses and aging further effects the RMR rate more tissues are denied the minimum energy supply to them.

This is more or less irreversible damage happening in the body.

Improving the RMR can help slow down the degradation of the body and aging process.

To improve the RMR walk for 1 to 5 minutes at easy pace within your house in the morning and then go back to the bed for 5 to 10 minutes. There is need to fine tune, what is the minimum walking time and resting time, which will increase the RMR faster.

My experience tells me as under :

During on the onset of migraine pain (when the pain is very mild), I do not feel like walking even for 1 minute. But I pushed myself for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then took rest for 2 to 5 minutes. Again I managed to get up and walked for 1 minute. Again came back to bed to rest.

Within 10 minutes or less the Migraine pain was gone.

Small doses of sugar (1/2 small spoon) also helps relieving migraine pains much better.

There was a recent study that 1 spoon of sugar is better then any energy drink in the market. Sugar is best anti inflammatory food if the body can Metabolise / digest it. Otherwise sugar can cause intense inflammation within few minutes. Keeping the dose of sugar very small will help avoid inflammatory response of the body.

I am sure the above 2 steps will help get relief from migraine permanently in 7 days.


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