Side effects of Blood thinners and ICMR

Beware of the sleeping ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research)
What has ICMR been doing all these years. The sleep of so called research organisation kill millions of people around the world every year.
About 2 years back USA banned blood thinner medicines for high risk group people for heart diseases. ICMR has not woken up so far on this issue. Blood thinners cause internal bleeding.
And it is no rocket science low cholesterol counts due to cholesterol lowering medicines and blood thinners will cause low blood pressure.
Now read on –
2-3 years back my mother reported very low blood pressure. Lower reading of blood pressure. She developed puss in her legs. Her cholesterol counts were also very low. And she was still being prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs and blood thinners.
I asked the doctors why??
I was told that if cholesterol counts are low that is too good. But against all the prescription my mother stopped all those medicines. Within few days the puss and infections in her legs disappeared.
But again there were prescriptions of doctors and she again started those medicines. Few days back she was admitted in hospital for 4 days with low blood pressure and low pulse rate.
After 4 days of hospital stay the BP and pulse rate further deteriorated. While getting my mother discharged from hospital I noticed that they have been giving blood thinners and cholesterol lowering drugs. And prescribed the same further.
I asked my mother to stop all these medicines. In 24 hours her BP and pulse rate returned to normal.
Now I want to know – is it rocket science that thin blood will cause low blood pressure. Even a rickshaw wala knows that thin things move easily thru a bottle or pipe,
Even we the so called educated people know that it takes some shakes to move thick ketchup from a bottle. Whereas thin ketchup moves easily by slightest downward movement.
Do we need to look for miracles or highly educated doctors to take such simple decisions in life.
Education robs people of common sense. This is biggest example.

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