Step by Step Weight Loss

Step by Step Weight Loss

For first week –

  • Exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute every hour.
  • 30 second exercise will not tire you down.
  • At least 10 such exercises in 24 hours.
  • Eat almost 50% extra then you eat on normal days.
  • Eat more often. Your body will demand more. More is better.
  • You will feel more alert. Alertness means your vitals are working better than normal.
  • You can do mild skipping with or without rope.
  • You can do any limb movement exercise. Mild – it has to be.

For Second week –

  • Stop all exercises.
  • Stop eating extra. Eat what you used to eat on a normal day.
  • If you feel like eating more, start the first week routine immediately.

Keep repeating the above and you will keep losing weight.

You will notice a marked increase in your stamina and strength.



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