Why you should stop funding research in health

Why you should stop funding research in health

Why you should stop funding research in health


This is funniest news item.

Who is responsible for the deteriorating health of the people in this world?

People who fund the research.

Trillions of dollars have gone into research into last several decades and you are time and again bombarded with this type of news.

It is time to question – have we not done more than enough already to fund the research.

Why the diseases are on rise?

Are the researchers squeezing you?

Yes they are squeezing.

I am an advocate. Same thing happens in almost every field.

Let us say a person faces the prospects of going to jail on false complaint or even if it is true complaint.

A good advocate will first try to convince that if a person decides to pay less, his prospects of going to jail will increase.

He will squeeze as much as possible.

Then he will get his bail applications rejected. Show sympathy with him. Promise him moon again.

The person will pay more money and stay with the same advocate because he has already paid him lot of money.

To save the already wasted money you spend more.

Same here.

You are being asked to pay more for research, because the money you have paid in last 100 years is not enough to yield any results. You are moving towards extinction of human race faster then ever before.

You are facing the prospects of being hanged until death.

Keep paying.

Or better read the pure health science at www.healthyindianow.in and question these researchers who are asking for more money every passing day.

It is time to find out the relationship between funding the researches and the increase in health costs. The relationship is clear. With every increase in funding of the research the health is deteriorating.

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