Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05 – Why should you lose weight by following a particular regimen? I will try to stick to things which are easy and clear to a common man.

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05

1. There are 24 hours in a day.

2. 24 x 60 (minutes = 1440 minutes in a day.

3. Average calories burned in a minute = 2160 (Average Food intake)/1440 = 1.5 calories per minute.

4. If you focus burning calories during exercise and miss the calories that are burned for rest of the period you will not achieve the goal that you set out for.

5. If you are over weight and do high intensity or medium intensity exercises, you get tired within 5 to 10 minutes. That is no rocket science. After that you need very high amount of will power to go along your chosen regimen.

6. Once you get tired you do not consume calories in at normal weight. At that time the body gets into emergency mode and starts conserving calories. This is also no rocket science.  So quite likely after 5 minutes of high intensity exercise and after rest of 10 minutes you will start burning calories at the rate of 1.25 calories. And other way to make up for less calories would be high intake of calories. in next 23 hours you will save 0.25 x 1380 = 345 calories.

7. In 5 minute high intensity exercise you will not burn more than 40 calories. And you will lose business and work as well due to being tired all the time.

8. What if you do very low intensity exercise for few minutes only. 10 minutes normal walking. Not even brisk walking.

9. In 10 minutes you will burn 10 to 20 calories more than normal. After 10 minutes of walking, you will feel energetic and warm. You feel more alert, since you just made your body generate more calories by firing more amount of oxygen in the calorie burning engine. So you may keep burning 2 or more calories for next 60 minutes.

10. After 60 minutes again walk for 10 minutes.

11. This way you will be burning at the rate of 2 calories per minute for day time of 16 hours.

12. When you sleep you will have burned excess calories for the entire day without tiring yourself. So you will get very sound sleep. Sound sleep means deep breathing. Deep breathing means more calories. May be 2 calories or even at 1.5 calories you would have burned 0.5 x 60 x 16 hours = 480 extra calories.

13. This way in a week you will lose about 500 grams per week. If you want to burn faster than this you will need to walk more then 10 minutes per hour. May be every 30 minutes you will need to walk 10 minutes.

14. I am going to implement the above theory on myself. I will write my progress on daily basis here.

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05

Today is 05 April 2016

My height – 165 cms. or 5 inch 5 feet

My weight – 77 kg today morning.

My goal of food intake – 1800 to 2200 calories a day.

Sugar intake – 4 to 6 spoons a day.

My goal – walking rest for most of the day.

Calorie intake was about 1800 today.


2 Roti and sabji. 1 Tea = 450 calories.


3 rotis and sabji. 1 Tea, 5-6 Biscuits. I had mild head ache during middle of the day. Not a very pleasant and happy day.

Dinner was another 500 calories. May be another 200 calories in sugar and snacks.

To keep track of my calories etc I use Google Fit.

To keep track of time for my walking I am using Smart Alarm Free. This has very good features for snoozing. Once you set proper alarms, nobody can stop your weight loss.

Google Fit data for 5th April was – 5409 steps, 2.1 kms, and 1660 calories. Which was almost same as calories consumed.

New Developments for today – Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-05

I noted that if I drink 300 ml water my weight will go up by 300 grams. And my following the above routine, I will lose that extra 300 gram weight in less then 1 hour. That indicated that water has been completely used up alongwith some food.

I decided to drink water only after making sure that I am losing 5o t0 100 grams more than water or food intake.



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