Weight Loss

 Weight Loss

What Causes Weight increase –

  • Exercises initially help in weight loss.
  • Later the lost weight comes back even while continuing the exercises.
  • After stopping the exercises one puts on some extra weight. Why?
  • Is there any answer to this why?

If one can find the answer one can easily lose weight. I want to try to answer this question. Let me try  –

  • Body burns calories while doing external movements (exercises) or
  • For running the vital organs (basal/resting metabolic rate) (calories burnt while resting).
  • Exercises causes burning of extra calories.
  • After exercise one feels tired.
  • At this stage there are not enough calories in the body to run the vital organs efficiently.
  • Or one can say that resting metabolic rate comes down.
  • Or one can say that the calorie burning by vital organs comes down.

This is what most experts say “body starts storing energy for emergency conditions”. I could never understanding the meaning.

That would mean that the extra calories burnt by exercises is saved back by running vital organs at slower rate.

The worst thing is that – if one does this for a longer period of time, the basal metabolic rates comes down permanently. In that situation one will have to do exercises regularly to keep the weight in check. Basically you become slave of your body. This is a vicious circle.

So what is the solution for Weight Loss?

Obviously just the reverse of what you did above.

But the question is – What did you do above?

You exercised. You got tired —————————————————(1)

As a result of the above two – the resting metabolic rate came down.

What is the reverse of these steps? Consider the following –

You exercise just a little bit. Do not get tired ——————————–(2)

Your resting metabolic rate will go up.

Logically (1) is opposite of (2). So you were able to do the reverse.

You will need to eat more to meet the extra metabolic needs of the body. Extra food intake would be burnt out immediately.

Then after few days you stop exercising. What will happen?

You do not get tired. You won’t feel like eating extra. Your resting metabolic rate will remain high. The resting metabolic rates take much longer to change. At this stage the body will start using some of stored FAT.

This is a perfect situation for weight loss.

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