What causes bad breath even after brushing

What causes bad breath even after brushing

What causes bad breath even after brushing

Bad Breath is caused due to lack of saliva. Food particles get stuck in saliva. These food particles ferment and cause bad breath.

Lack of saliva is caused due to drinking excess fluids. The invent of water bottles and so much gyan on internet about benefits of drinking lots of water has made the world very sick.

Thirst is no signal of hydration needs of the body. Watch my video to understand the thirst system of our body.

Brushing removes the left over food particles. Natural way of removing the food particles is gulping action. If we have sufficient saliva in our mouth, we keep gulping the excess saliva all day. With each gulping action the left over food particles go to our stomach.

Tooth paste has –

  • Mint. It blunts our taste buds for some time. Without taste messages to the brain, proper digestive juices will not be made available for digestion.
  • Sugar – No good for digestion, gums and teeth.
  • Abrasives – That damages the tooth enamel.

Tooth paste does not have a thing which is good for health. So tooth paste companies keep adding neem, salt and what not to the tooth paste.

Brushing immediately after a meal is worst thing that a person should do. We eat food for the taste of the food. Tooth paste blunts all tastes in the mouth.

Hydration dehydration cycles are best bet to achieve right hydration. No doctor no scientist will ever be able to come out with a formula for optimum hydration even in next trillion years.

For details about hydration dehydration cycles click here

Besides increase in saliva the main thing is increased blood circulation. To increase blood circulation and energy levels one should also do walk and rest routines. Click here for details of the same.

Some other health conditions that cause bad breath are –

  • Sinus – Will be cured by hydration dehydration cycles.
  • Diabetes (Ketoacidosis) – Those who do hydration dehydration cycles will never become diabetic. Hydration dehydration cycles with walk and rest routines will cure diabetes as well.
  • GERD (It should be called indigestion) – I have 1000s of testimonials from people all around the world on my youtube channel. People say that hydration dehydration cycles cure GERD in 36 hours in most cases. But that is a wrong feedback by people. People get 50-60% relief in first 7 days. After that it takes at least months to get complete relief from GERD by hydration dehydration cycles and walk and rest routines.
  • Intestinal Obstruction – That is caused due to GERD (Indigestion). That gets cured in days as above.
  • Liver failure – Is caused due to increased consumption of fruits and raw vegetables. Fatty liver and ascites patients recovered in 30 days. Testimonials are there on my youtube channel.