Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis is caused due to low sugar consumption. Same is with cancer. If you do not believe this you may fill the small form below. It will take less then 15 seconds.


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By the way do you believe that Mayo or for that matter any clinic is interested in helping you stay healthy, think hard.

I am no God. I have nothing to do with science or biology or health care.

You may have your reasons to believe that you are sick because Mayo is telling all truth and nothing else.

My personal reasons to think otherwise are –

My height is 165 cm. I am 52 now. I weighed 74-75 kg. I wanted to lose about 10-15 kg weight. Since 2005 I tried my best to lose weight. Restricting diet, sports, exercising, increased fibre intake. Believe me I did not lose even 1 gram of weight. I was always apprehensive of cutting down on sugar and carbs. But finally 2 years back I decided to take the plunge. I cut down on my sugar intake. I continued for about 18 months on low sugar.

Results – I gained 5 kg weight. I was depressed. I had cervical after about 6 months of restricting sugar. I had constipation, Insomnia and generally life did not feel that good. I had nerve pains as well.

Again I increased my sugar intake. Now it took time to build up my sugar capacity. Now I did not like sugar that much. I kept pushing myself. My neck is perfect, confidence has come. Insomnia is gone, My mind working has improved.

I would recommend every one here to read wiki article on Dr. Atkin who recommended low carb diets to lose weight. He gained 17 kg weight after writing his books on low carb diet. He weighed 117 kg when he died of history of heart attacks.


Please let me know what do not feel about this piece of information.

One Cure for Every Disease

The main 3 systems of medicine are – Allopathy, Ayurved and Homeopathy.

Allopathy and Ayurved systems assume a person gets disease when there is imbalance (shortage or excess) of some life elements (Minerals, vitamins, hormones etc.) in the body.

    1. So there are blood tests performed in allopathy to know the shortages and excesses.
    2. In Ayurved doctors rely on previous knowledge and judge the shortages and excess in our body.
  •  The Diagnostic systems have not made much progress so far. Usually there is difference of opinion among various doctors belonging to the same medicine system.
  • The current diagnostic systems, have not been able to establish the cause and effect relationships of any disease in clear terms. The cause of any disease is still unknown eg. Cold, Cough, Flu, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Stroke Etc.


  1. One of the main reasons for failure to establish the cause and effect relationship is that Diagnostic Systems still can not identify most of the life elements. There are still huge unknown life elements.


  • The other reason for failure to establish the cause and effect relationship between various life elements is that the body has great adaptability capabilities. By the time some progress is made in establishing the cause and effect relationship, the body would have changed. That will throw the entire previous efforts to a big zero.


  1. There has been an attempt to attribute the failures of medicine systems to stress, neurological things, the lesser known things in our body. And then the medicine system practitioners seem to rest and turn to Religion and God.


  1. In Allopathy, Ayurved and Homeopathy attempt is made to change the constituents of our fluid (Blood) to cure any medical condition. Medicines are delivered orally or through injections. The aim is to reach the fluid and thereby bring a change.



  1. There is 5-6 litres of fluid (Blood) in our body. All the above referred life elements live in blood. The cure is possible only if the changes in fluid (blood) take place.


  1. Let us pause here for 1 minute. Let us take a simple example.
  • Take a glass of water. Add 1 spoon of salt to the water. Taste the water. If the water is very salty, one will add some more water to match the taste. If salt is less, One will reduce the amount of water.
  1. Now take a glass of water with some salt and sugar in it. The problem is caused when salt and sugar are not in correct ratio. Assume that Salt is more and sugar is less.
  2. As per medicine systems a person will be diseased if either salt or sugar is less or more. Now we need to balance these two things in fluid.
  3. Kidneys remove the waste (read excesses) from our blood.
  4. Kidneys will preserve the things which are in shortage.
  5. Now add water to the mixture. Allow the extra water to remain in the mixture for 1 day. Kidneys will remove the excess sugar by the end of the day.
  6. By the start of next day sugar will be in right ratio but salt is less.
  7. Now heat the mixture. Some water will be lost by vaporization.
    • Or say that the kidneys will try to eliminate some more water so that things which are in shortage are brought to right concentration/ ratio.
    • The moment both the excess and shortages of the body are removed all the organs of the body that were not working due to shortages and excesses will start functioning perfectly.
  8. Now the disease will disappear.
  9. In this there was no need of any diagnostic procedures.
  10. Now take blood. Filter the blood so as to take out one clean glass of water. There are also some other things which have been taken out of the blood. These other things are representative of salt and sugar in above example.
  11. Add more water to the blood. Allow the blood to remain in our body and be filtered by kidneys. After 24 hours the kidneys would have removed most of the excesses.
  12. Next day do not drink any water. The concentration of things in shortage will increase. This will improve the working of the systems of the body which depend on the items in short supply.

Day 1 – Drink 2 to 3 litres of water in 200 ml to 300 ml doses every hour. Keep the doses correct. Keep the timing correct. Those suffering from terminal diseases should drink 100 ml per hour.

On day 2 – Drink no water or other liquids for 24 hours. It will be 36 hours without water technically. At about 10 PM on day one water will be stopped. There is no water intake during night (12 hours). Next day no water intake (12 hours). Next night no water intake (12 hours).

Some people may find it difficult in the beginning to stay without water for 36 hours. They can take 7 to 10 days to get used to the routine.

Normal healthy people can do the above Day 1 and Day 2 once in 15 days to stay healthy without getting seasonal ailments and allergies.

My father (80 years) survived in June 2014 when all the doctors said that there is no hope for him. He had sepsis, multiple organ failure, CKD stage 5, Brain Damage, on medication for seizure for last 20 years. He was back on recovery path in less than 48 hours. Next were 2 boys with celiac and Irritable bowel syndrome with Blood pressure and pulse problems. Everything was under control in 6 days. Next was dust allergy. After 3 days the wounds caused due to dust allergy completely healed.

Diabetes Cure in 4 days

Symptoms of Diabetes are –

  • more thirsty
  • frequent urination

These two can be easily cured in 48 to 96 hours. Yes I have been doing that for more than 5 years now. You may see my first experiments with bed wetting. More water intake helped children get rid of bed wetting in just 24 hours.  Children who are already drinking too much water can be helped by adding salt to water. For more details check the bed wetting section of this web site.

So frequent urination can be taken care of easily with 24 to 48 hours.

That leaves us with feeling more thirsty. Control over urination will help in thirst as well. It is quite natural.

So where are we? Two most prominent symptoms of Diabetes gone – are there any chances of Diabetes’ survival.

That is super simple. But so is bed wetting cure. But what the doctors all over the world have done to all that.


Dieabetes Studies that needs to be done on a large scale

The following studies will go a long way in finding a cure for Diabetes:

  • If a person has very high blood sugar while going to bed, what is the absolute drop in blood sugar in the morning. The charting of the same person along the following lines will be immense use:-
    • Night – Morning (Immediately after getting up) – After 1 hours after getting up (without eating or drinking any thing

100                   xxx                                                                   xxxx

150                  xxxx                                                                  xxxx

200                 xxxx                                                                 xxxxx

250               xxxx                                                                     xxxx

300               xxxx                                                                      xxxx

350               xxxx                                                                    xxxx

400               xxx                                                                      xxxx

So far I had success with my limited experiments with Diabetics. Second and third colum mentioned above showed increase in sugar of about 20 to 40 points in blood sugar.

This confirms my theory that high Blood sugar is the result of low sugar during sleep.

As the sugar at night goes up the drop in sugar till first thing in the morning will be bigger. Showing that if there is more blood sugar available at night, the body will do detoxification better and strongly.

As per the theory the chances of increase in the blood sugar first thing in the morning and after 1 or 2 hours without eating anything will be zero. Same can be tried for people with normal blood sugar.

I will start the above testing on myself from tomorrow and report the result after 10 days again.

Volunteers for the above studies are most welcome.

Diabetes Symptoms and Cure

Diabetes symptoms are –

  • Frequent Urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Dry Mouth

All the symptoms can be easily managed by regulating water intake.

Drink 200 ml water every hour on Day 1.

Drink no water or other liquid on day 2

Within 10 days, you will have complete control on frequent urination as well as thirst.

Check the definition of Allopathy on Google. Allopathy manages symptoms and nothing else. The above suggested method of symptoms management is best and fastest.