Schizophrenia Cure Testimony

Schizophrenia Cure Testimony Age 45 Female Suffer from Schizophrenia for last 30 years or so. She was advised to eat plain table sugar 6-7 times in a day 1/2 tea spoon at a time From a very violent condition (which was considered for hospitalisation), she became normal in a matter of 5-6 hours. She still stays normal after 15 days.

Schizophrenia Cure

Schizophrenia Cure A lady had relapse of Schizophrenia on 28.02.2014. Her medication was started on that day itself. Every passing day her condition worsened. Yesterday she drank almost 15 litres of water in 24 hours. The only option that was being considered by her family members was - admitting her in hospital. At this time they chose to try one last option - Her water intake was cut off...