One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All Diseases

Age Reversal System

One Cure for All Diseases

It has been a long journey. It took me 15 years. And still I need to prove to the world.


More then anything it is a thinking process. I do not want to delete anything that I had written in past. Be it wrong or right. But what is important is – how I reached there.

I want to let the others judge how I reached at the place where I am today.


Those who are not interested in long article and want to read –

What should be done to get rid of the Diseases, may read this part only?


Day 1 to 5 – Drink 200 to 300 ml water with each meal. 3 meals in 24 hours. So one should drink 600 ml to 900 ml water on these days.

Day 6 and 7 – Drink 200 to 300 ml every 90 minutes to 2 hours from 7 am to 6 pm. So that will be 1200 ml to 2700 ml on these days. This will include drinking 200 to 300 ml water with each as well. On these 2 days also one should drink water with each meal.


The above would cure all presently incurable diseases. And the period of recovery should not be more than 30 days. In most of the cases the person is supposed to recover in 7 days. I must mention here specifically Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Cancer and stroke.

There is no need of any medicines. The person who starts the above program can stop medicines on 3rd day. But that decision should be taken in consultation with his doctors.

I expect the above to rule this earth in next 5 years.


Some discussion on the above line of thinking.


Diabetes symptoms are

  • increased thirst
  • frequent urination

 Thirst is caused when the blood volume is reduced. So the first target for management of diabetes should be to increase blood volume.

Once thirst is managed frequent urination will automatically stop. Urination will reduce because in the absence of thirst a person may drink much less water.

 Drinking water with meals can improves health in following ways.

This question had troubled me for more than 15 years. I changed various formats of drinking water. I drank water on empty stomach for a good 10 years or more. I used to avoid drinking water with meals.

Results – Whitish layer on tongue. Increased sensation of thirst with passage of time. Thick saliva. Almost non existing. The taste of food was impaired. I did not like the taste of most of the food that once I used to like.

So 2 months back I decided to drink 200 ml water with each meal.

Result shocked me – I stopped feeling thirsty. Saliva volume increased 10 fold. Food started tasting better. There seemed to be significant improvement in the sharpness of brain. Not drinking water for 36 hours was very easy.

Let us first understand about what is there in our body:

65 to 75% of body weight is fluid.

15% of body weight is bones.

5% could be waste sitting in large and small intestines waiting to be excreted.

Rest is FATs, muscles and other molecules.

So going by weight / volume fluid should be most important. Otherwise also bones, FAT and muscles are fed the nutrients by fluids. They all are stationary. It is the fluid which moves from one place to another. So we need to control and understand the working of fluids.

This fluid is there in 3 major compartments. Of the total fluid 10% is blood. Rest of 90% fluid is there in cells and in space between cells.

Blood (10% of total fluid) feeds the nutrients to rest of 90% fluids.

Think – what will happen if the 90% of the fluids falls short of minerals and carbs.

Now understand that almost 70% of the minerals and carbs are manufactured in the body itself with the help of other minerals and enzymes.

Think again – If there is shortage of blood glucose in 90% of the fluids the body will raise glucose in the blood by assigning top priority to convert everything into glucose.

Glucose is the single most important nutrient needed in our body. No diabetic dies due to excess of blood glucose. They die when body fails to meet the requirement of glucose. Heart and other vital organs do not get enough energy to operate optimally.

The explanation of drinking water with meals is as under:

When we eat food our stomach produces acids and other enzymes to convert the food and other liquids into a paste. This paste is passed on to small intestines. Small intestine is connected to blood veins. The minerals, carbohydrates, Fats, proteins, water, enzymes and other nutrients are absorbed in small intestines and moved to liver for further processing. After processing in liver the mineralized blood is sent to kidney for balancing of the minerals. Any minerals found to be out of correct proportions are filtered out.

First benefit of this will be that blood volume will increase as more fluids will be absorbed with minerals because of more water content in the food.

When we drink water on empty stomach or after more than 1o minutes after a meal there may not be any fluid absorption in the absence of acids in small intestine or when water is taken on empty stomach.

So drinking water with meals should help cure varicose veins problem. It should also help improve the skin. It should remove the dark eye spots and improve eye sight. It can improve cataract as well. It can prevent prostate cancer as well. There are 1000s of possibilities.

But I remember very clearly that when I increased my water intake and started drinking on empty stomach all the health problems were cured in less than 10 days. Same result I saw with lot of other people also.

That is an indication that drinking water on empty stomach is meant to remove metabolic toxins. So we do need to drink water on empty stomach as well after every few days.

Weight Loss

When we drink water or any other liquid after more than 10 minutes after a meal, the water and other liquids are not absorbed in small intestines (in the absence of stomach acids. Stomach acids are produced only in response to food and not in response to water and other liquids). The liquids and water are passed on to large intestines. In large intestines also the excess water and vitamins are absorbed. However the large intestine does not absorb any minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This water is passed on to intra-cellular fluids. No processing is done by liver and kidneys. This is kind of direct reach to the body fluids which are passed on to cells. Over a period of time, the intra-cellular fluids around the large intestines become devoid of most of the minerals. These fluids are also striped off the essential glucose. In the absence of glucose the metabolic rate falls which causes increase in blood sugar to compensate for the lack of glucose in intra-cellular fluids.

Absence (or lack) of glucose in interstitial fluids will cause flight of fluids from blood making a person feel thirst all the time. That gets converted into diabetes in due course of time.

Not drinking any fluids except with meals will dehydrate the large intestine and surrounding areas of excess fluids. This will result in increase in metabolic rate.

It will also help reduce intracellular water. Average total intra-cellular fluid makes up about 30 to 50 liters of fluid. That means a loss of 5 liters of intra-cellular fluid can be brought in about 30 days. That is the fastest and safest weight loss that is possible.

The excess water reaching in large intestine is the cause for prostate problems.



Another important factor for longevity is Resting Metabolic Rate

To increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) do the following

Walk for 5 minutes at easy pace within your home in the morning.

After walking rest for 5–10 minutes in bed.

Repeat the above 3 times in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night before sleeping. So that makes for 12 walk and rest routines or 5×12 = 60 minutes of walk for the entire period. One can do it selectively during week days and on working days only in the morning and at night.

The idea about walking is that it mobilises energy and before the entire mobilised energy is spent we rest. In such a case a part of the mobilised energy becomes available for vital organs. Doing walking and rest routines takes care of aging related diseases as well.

The big question that one may be interested to know will be – Why should than a person drink water on empty stomach or at any time other other then meal.

Initial results indicate that water reaching large intestines help removing the metabolic waste. So that is also equally important.

Sugar, food etc has no bearing on diabetes and blood sugar management.

1-2 persons have reported reversal of diabetes in less than 10 days.

Feedback will help lot of people out there.


Old theory – 

How to reverse the aging process?

For You tube videos in Hindi click here

Step 1

Hydration / Dehydration Cycles –

  • Day 1 – Drink 150 ml water (2/3 glass of water) every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. Avoid all other liquids/ fluids like tea, juice, milk, soda etc.
  • Day 2,3,4 – Drink 150 ml water (2/3 glass) 1 hour before each meal. So total fluid intake on day 2 will be 450 ml. Eat 1/2 small spoon of sugar every hour. Total sugar not to exceed 5 small spoons in a day. No other substitute of sugar to be tried. No sweets, No ice cream and No soft drinks or juices.
  • Repeat the above after every 10 days for first 3 months. Thereafter repeat Day 1 and Day 2 once in 1 month.
  • Reduce the meal size by 20% of the existing meal size. Do not miss any meal. Just reduce the size of the meal.
  • Restrict the fluid intake to 1000 ml rest of the days. Cut out all fruit juices, tea, soda and other fluids from your daily routine. But all these can be taken in moderation once or twice in 1 week.
  • Children below 10 years of age should drink 25 to 50 ml water every hour instead of 150 ml.
  • People having high blood pressure and taking medicines for a long time will have to be careful. Start hydration dehydration gradually. Take 1-2 months in increasing the gap between water on Day 1 and Days 2,3,4. Take blood pressure readings 3-4 times every day. Eventually the Diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol will be cured.
  • There will be relief from all types of pains in 7 days.

This is how the nature wanted it.

  • Day and Night is hydration / dehydration cycle plan of nature.
  • Summer and Winter is nature’s attempt to take care of people who are adamant and go against nature.

What happens during hydration / dehydration

  • Hydration is the process of supplying the nutrient rich blood to the cells.
  • Dehydration is the process of removal of metabolic waste from the cells.
  • Morning Bowel movement is enough indication of the nature’s plan.
  • Morning Bowel movement takes place after 10 to 12 hours of dehydration phase.
  • Cured people suffering from chronic constipation by dehydrating them for 24 to 48 hours. 

Step 2

Walk – 2 to 5 minutes

  • Walk for 2-5 minutes after getting up in the morning. At the end of walking you should be full of energy. So depending upon your age and health, you may walk only for 2 minutes.
  • After walking get in the bed again for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and be in complete rest position. The excess energy produced by walking will be used by your vital organs resulting in very very quick recovery. So complete rest is necessary after walking.
  • Do this walking and getting in bed for 1 hour. If you are short of time, rest only for 5 minutes.
  • Do this routine for 1 hour before bed time.
  • Walking during work hours will not count.
  • Walking more than 5 minutes is bad for health.
  • House wives and retired people should do this routine during afternoon as well.
Target should be to walk 12 times a day.

Walking and rest will cure heart diseases and brain related ailments in 30 days.

Step 3 

  • I have updated Step 1. So if you are following step 1 there is no need for consuming sugar as per this step. But I am retaining this step, because of the explanation part. I have discussed the rationale of eating sugar below. I do not want to move the explanation part of sugar consumption. So for the time being I am leaving this step here as it is.
  • Eat 1/2 small spoon of sugar every 2 hours.
  • Sugar intake targets – Men 6 to 9 small spoons a day and women 4 to 6 spoons a day.
  • Do not count sugar in tea. Stop tea as soon as possible. It is bad for health if consumed on regular basis.
  • After every 6 days give a break to sugar.
  • If there is shortage of blood sugar, the body will start destroying cells to produce enough blood sugar. This is the time when a person becomes Diabetic.
  • Remember if you stop sugar, your blood sugar may go up.
  • This may also raise your blood pressure for some time. So adjust your blood pressure medicine for some time.

Step 4

Check your blood sugar, blood pressure and pulse rate after 30 days. Based on the readings – if blood sugar reading is less then 200 random, blood pressure is 140/90, pulse is 90 bpm or less, plan to tapper off the medicines over 2–3 months.

One should expect to cure high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high/ low pulse rate in 3 to 6 months completely.

Step 5

Read about inflammation on this blog and be your own master. You will never need to talk to your doctor again for any health condition.



  • The leading Digestive Diseases organisation ( in USA retweeted my tweet on the subject. One Cure for All Diseases


  •  One cure for all diseases







Leading surgeon shared link of my web site

  • The nobel prize given in medicine field in 2016 is on the subject autophagy which is based on the One Cure for All Diseases.

Why the above 2 Steps will help you get rid of every disease –

Explanation of Step 1


Take a glass of water. Add a spoon of salt to the water. Taste the water.







If salt is more, one will add more water to dilute the salt.

If salt is less, one will take less water next time.







If you added 10 grams of salt to 100 grams of water in the first case. The concentration of salt was 10% in water. By adding another 100 gram of water the concentration of salt will be 5%.

In case 2 – when you decided to take 1/2 glass of water, the concentration of salt increased to 20%.

So one can increase or reduce the concentration of salt  in the water and salt mixture by changing the amount of water in the glass.

Blood in Human Body

About 65 to 75% of the body weight is total water or fluid in the body.

  • About 39% to 45% of the body weight is represented by fluid in the cells of the body.
  • About 20% to 23% of the body weight is represented by the fluid between the cells.
  • About 6% to 7% of the body weight is represented by the blood.

So in case of a person weighing 70 kg, the blood will be 4.2 liters to 4.9 liters.

Blood is 10% of the total fluid. Rest of the fluid is there in cells or gap between the cells. Blood interacts with rest of the fluid all the time. In 10 days all the fluid in cells and between cells would have shed all the excess minerals that it carried to the blood and hence the blood needed to be recharged again after 10 days.

Since blood is 4 to 5 litres in an adult one should not bring more than 5% change in the blood acid levels, so 200 ml water. Children and sick and elders carry much lower blood volume and hence they have been suggested lower water volume.

Larger volume of water at a time will act as Trauma and will be very harmful in long run.

What happens to the medicines that you take –

If the medicine is taken in the form of tablet or liquid it goes in the food pipe, stomach and small intestines and then absorbed in the blood. This whole process takes 2 to 3 hours minimum.

In a hospital setting, you are given an injection in the blood so that the reaction is faster and the patient can get relief faster.

The mineral added blood is then filtered by liver and after that the blood is filtered by Kidneys. Kidneys remove all excess minerals and preserve the minerals which are in shortage in the blood.

Then this filtered blood goes to the heart to be pumped to the cells of the body.

So that would mean that till the time our liver and kidneys are working optimally we can not get sick or suffer from any health condition. Our cells will get only those minerals that are needed by them.

So every disease is an indication of malfunctioning of the liver or kidneys or both.

What is there in the medicines

When you take the prescription to the chemists, he must have told you a number of times that prescribed medicine is not available but medicine of some other brand with the same salts is available. That should be enough indication to you that medicine systems are trying to deliver some salts in a particular combination to cure a disease.

So you can say that medicines are given to restore balance between various minerals of the blood.

Or in other words – medicines are given to change the concentration of the various salts in the blood.

What is wrong in Allopathy and other Medicine Systems 

Looking at the above example of water and salt, allopathy is far away from common sense.

We can take the help of above example of water and salt to better understand the meaning of allopathy.
In the above example the allopaths may add some sugar to make the excess salt palatable. Allopaths can add many substances to the water and salt to make it palatable. Remember that allopathy provides symptomatic relief. ie they will focus only on making it palatable.

Here I would like to mention the basic underlying principle of Allopathy – Dis-similar Cures Dis-similar. I would like to expand the meaning of the underlying principle by the following example –

In class there are 20 students. 5 students are always creating problem, fighting with others, shouting and indulging in unruly behavior. After these students created a bad situation, teacher comes to class and thrashes 2 of the remaining 15 students. That will have the impact of calming those 5 students as well who created the ruckus in the class (to some extent). In politics, administration and judicial system also same principle is often used. But some how I can not digest this principle as the only solution. You may take your call.

But remember that it will not cure the diseases. There will always be addition of some more students out of 15 who will join the group of 5 students.

Every option of allopathy will cause irreparable damage to the body by delivering excess materials that are not needed in the body.

Ayurved, Unani and other medicine systems will also do similar things in different forms and with different terms.
Homeopathy relies on a different principle which could have caused cancer and AIDS. Read the AIDS section on this Blog to understand the principles of Homeopathy.

These medicine systems seem to give an impression that they have a diagnostic system which can accurately figure out which minerals are in excess or shortage and what is the cause of such excesses and shortages of such minerals.

This is far from being true.

There is no way any medicine system can figure out the relation among various minerals and other health elements in the body. What is the right quantity of a mineral in the blood will depend on the quantity of other minerals in the blood at a particular point of time. Until the relationship of every minerals with the rest of the minerals can be found out, there is no way allopathy can be effective.

Just consider a case from last 50 years – 50 years back the doctors, scientists, school teacher everybody started telling that calcium supplementation is good for bones. People started taking calcium supplements and in next 20 years the bones became worse.

They changed the course – they started saying that calcium supplementation should be accompanied with Vitamin D3 supplementation. 20 years later the bones deteriorated further.

Then came Omega 3 and Omega 6. It took about 10 of further bone deterioration to conclude these are also useless.

Not only that bones became worse, there was irreparable damage to heart, increase in stroke cases, liver and kidney damage.

There is no way, you can expect a cure in the form of a medicine in the next trillion years. That is simple mathematics which will be covered later here.

I have been threatened a number of times that I should not be giving a false hope of a cure to the patients who have been declared by other medicine systems to be incurable. They claim that it is illegal and a crime in countries like USA. How many of you have seen claims under allopathy, ayurved and homeopathy that they will find the cure of a certain type of cancer in next 10 years. I still remember that when I was in school I used to see every year some claims that there has been a new discovery/ study and now it is expected that there will be cancer cure in next 20 year. That was about 40 years earlier. But still there is no cure.

And if you like, join and see the answers of cancer specialists on cancer questions and you will be shocked that they are certain that there will be never a cure of cancer.

In fact truth is that most of the cancer specialists have members of the family who have cancer or who have died of cancer. The reason according to me is wrong approaches practices by cancer specialists on their family members.

May be it is ok for big companies to get away with all sorts of crimes. Laws are made to give a monopoly to the rich and influential people.

Natural Defense system of the Human body

Our body has every antibody (antibiotics) needed to fight every possible infection or bacteria. Even if people are not given any medicine for curing a disease a majority of them will recover from the disease.
Every Steroid that is given to diseased persons are also naturally found in the body. But may be those steroids are lower than the amount that may be needed. Or may be due to some conditions the body is not in a position to use them.

The defense system of the human body can be explained as under –

If a person is consuming large amounts of sodium, the kidneys will filter out the excess. However while the excess salt stays in the blood, it interacts with other minerals and / or some other minerals may be used up to manage the side effects of excess salt in the blood.

Kidneys filters out the excess of all minerals and other chemicals in the blood. Kidneys preserve the minerals which are in short supply.


Let us say there are 2 minerals in the blood. X and Y. Let us say kidneys can filter X mineral if it is in the range of 100 units to 200 units (2% to 4% of total blood volume). And let us say that kidneys can filter mineral Y if it is in the range 500 to 600 units (10% to 12%).

Let us assume that mineral X interacts with Mineral Y and uses up mineral Y while trying to save the body from adverse effects of excess of mineral X. This can also be explained as – Every mineral has 2 functions in the body. One – primary function. Second – Defence function (In this function the mineral is used up when another mineral goes in excess).

Now due to excess consumption of mineral X, mineral Y gets reduced below 500 units (say 400 units) over a period of time. Due to shortage of mineral Y and excess of mineral X the kidneys will not be able to filter X efficiently and save the body from the adverse effects of excess of mineral X in the blood. So over a period of time mineral X will increase to say 300 units.

Let us assume that blood in the body is 5000 ml. The normal range for X was 2% to 4%. The normal range of Y was 10% to 12%.

Now our body has 6% of mineral X. So the efficiency of kidneys will suffer further and there will be build up of mineral X in our body causing depletion of many other minerals along with mineral Y which is below 10% in diseased state.

Now there will be manifestation of these imbalances in the form of diseases.

Now we need to correct these imbalances to restore good health to the person.

Natural Cure or solution to above situation

Drink 2500 ml of water. 200 ml every hour from 7 am to  6 pm.

Let us assume there is no urine output. This is to make the things simple to understand. Without this assumption also the effect will be same albeit somewhat less.

By the end of 12 hours the total fluid in the body shall be 7500 ml approx.

Now mineral X shall be 4% of total body fluids and kidneys will be removing the excess more efficiently. So in another 12 hours the kidneys will bring down the mineral X from 300 units to 200 unit which is exactly 4% of the total fluid. But the body tends to remain in the same condition over a small period of time. Over consumption of X will soon cause build up of X in the body.

Now the person gives up all fluids on day 2. The person will experience dehydration. But the dehydration will be slow and gradual. And kidneys will sense the urgency of the situation and will keep on removing the excess on day 2 as well. Otherwise also last 24 hours experience of dealing with the excess of mineral x will make the body give top priority for removal of mineral X. 24 hours dehydration may cause the total body fluids to reach 4000 ml by the end of the day.

And assuming that kidneys will be able to keep the mineral X in 4% range, by the end of the day mineral X shall be 160 units.

Now mineral Y will be 10% of total fluids and hence it will work more vigorously to keep mineral X in 4% range. While mineral Y was less then 10% (at 8% of total fluids) it was not working to contain mineral X. Or we can say that the primary function of Y and defence function of Y both will be restored after 48 hours.

That means that we have completely recovered from the diseased condition in 48 hours.

Now let us indulge in some mud-slinging. Let us try to find faults in allopathy.


If we assume the minerals, vitamins, proteins, FATs, carbohydrates and other chemicals in blood are in excess of 128, it is impossible to find out what is in excess in our body. This can be found out only if we are able to understand the 128 variable equations. Each minor change in a mineral results in changes in the requirement of every other mineral of the body.

Reason for this is that – possible permulations of 128 elements is 3.85 x 10 raised to the power 215. 10 raised to the power 12 is one lac crore. There is no super computer which can handle a number as large as 10 raised to the power 215.

I took a very low hypothetical number of 128. In real life the number of elements in the blood could be well above 1 billion.

A super computer will not be able to decode a 128 bit encryption even in billions of years. So simply forget about decoding 10000 bit encryption of the human body. Though the super computer handles millions or billions of possible permutation in each second compared to 20 years for handling one possible permutation in the case of medicine.

The above is too much mathematics

The above is difficult to understand for most of people. The above point can be made easy with the following example –

About 40 years back I was taught in school that if I consume more calcium, my bones will become stronger.

After fighting a losing battle of poor bone health, the same scientists started saying that I need to supplement calcium with Vitamin D3 intake. Another 20 years went by.
The bone health further deteriorated.  Now a-days children of 10 years of age have back pain and poor bones.

I am looking for last 4-5 years, where are those scientists. How they would like to correct themselves now. I am sure they will invent another lie soon and come back with some new products to make more profits.

Take another example

There is a blood test which calculates serum calcium. The normal serum calcium is 8.2 to 10.2. Now if a person has 8.2 serum calcium he is further suggested to go for dexa scan to confirm that his bones are weak.


When serum calcium is low, why it cannot be corrected by supplementing with increased calcium intake and correct the situation.

Bone health and calcium are not directly related. There are all other 127 (assumed minerals etc in blood) elements which interact to deliver the results.

Age Reversal & Repetition of hydration / Dehydration Cycles

Is it possible to reverse the aging process?

Blood is only 6 to 7% of total body weight. Rest of the fluid is there is other compartments of the body. Total fluid in our body is more than 70%.

So we may need to do the above process of hydration / dehydration cycles regularly. May be every 10 days. Blood is only 10% of the total body fluids.

There is need to work on this hydration / dehydration process to uncover the mysteries of human body.
Why Repeat Hydration / Dehydration Process

The most shocking thing about One Cure for All Diseases

Every medicine has side effects. You can find the same by googling any medicine. But whenever I tried curing a disease using one cure for all diseases, people reported improvement in other conditions as well. The funniest part is that people did not consider the other conditions as disease.

People think that it is part of the genes which give them those disease conditions. Genes are only mode of storing recent past history of the body (you can treat it as a sub-routine to save extensive calculation to be done by brain every time a health condition is to be managed. So there is no hereditary condition that can not be altered by carefully managing the fluid intake.

What about Terminally ill patients

I tried the above hydration / dehydration cycle with my father in June 2014. At that time he was 80 year old. He suffered from Sepsis, Multiple organ failure, Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5, High Blood Pressure, Severe Constipation, Prostate issues, Epilepsy and Gangrene. The doctors had opined that it is impossible that he can survive even if taken to the best of hospitals in the world.

Then I decided to give the above a try. Just like others I was too scared of trying the above in such situation. And it worked in 48 hours. He started to recover.

Since than my father is free of all medicines for every known disease.

My mother suffered from High Blood Pressure, Uncontrolled Blood Sugar, Heart Disease, Kidney issues etc. She also started using the same system and is now free of insulin (after more than 30 years of insulin dependence).

The best diagnostic system is built in our body. And it is Kidneys.

I was told about the functions of Kidneys also. But I decided to be more complacent. I waited for doctors to make my life easier by telling me lot of other medicines and vitamins that can make me healthy.
Now million dollar question is – Why people are not realizing the truth. Have these medicines gone too deep into the brain of the people?

Explanation of Step 2

Every disease is caused due to inflammation. Inflammation is control mechanism of our body.

Excess of exercise also causes inflammation. So walking for 5 minutes will push the nutrients into cells. But before the inflammation process starts, we get in rest mode causing the stoppage of inflammation much before it starts. Rather this is 100 times more powerful process resulting in anti-inflammatory response in the body.

Let us understand how our body works.

    • We eat foot. Food goes to stomach, then small intestines. From small intestines minerals are absorbed into blood.
    • This blood plus minerals is filtered by Liver.
    • Then this filtered blood is again filtered by the kidneys. Kidneys ensures the right proportions of all the minerals. Kidneys are responsible for maintaining the pH level of the blood. For maintaining the pH level of blood there has to be right mix of various minerals and other substances.
    • Then this double filtered blood goes to the heart to be supplied to all the cells of the body. That is where most of the fluid of the body is present.
    • With the help of the mineral and blood the cells carry out the metabolic process which generate the energy (calories).
    • Then this energy is supplied back by the cells to the muscles and internal organs for sustaining life and doing other external physical activities.

Now at a particular stage of health, our body produces a particular amount of energy. With the changes in food intake the metabolic process of the body does not increase at all.

Let us say person A eats 2 Roti 3 times in a day. That will be 6 Rotis in 24 hours. Let us assume further that the body of person A produces 2000 calories out of the food that he eats.

Now if person A starts eating 4 Rotis 3 times in a day, his body will not produce 4000 calories. Rather he will become sick as his body will try to get rid of excess food that he has eaten. In this process the body will spend some extra calories. So the net calories will be 1800 or even less.

In the same way if we exercise 1 hour extra on a day, we do not burn more calories because we are limited by the amount of calories that our body produces. And irrespective of what we eat, our body produces only 2000 calories.

Now let us see what happens when we exercise

The average Resting metabolic rate is 1 calorie per minute. During resting conditions our heart, brain, liver, kidney and other life sustaining processes consume energy. This is called Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).

While walking we burn 5 calories per minute. So there is an increase of 4 calories per minute.

Walking causes changes in our heart rate and other life sustaining processes. These changes cause higher energy consumption by our vital organs.

So one can say that while walking the calorie consumption is as under –

1 (RMR) + 1 (Changes in vital organs caused increased energy consumption) + 3 (Energy spent as per physics formula – weight, distance, gravity etc)

When we start exercising some chemical changes take place which causes release of energy from energy stores of the body. Once energy is released from the energy stores it cannot be stored back in those stores if it remains un-used due to some reason.

During the time of activity the cellular metabolic activity remain at the same level. There is no way that the body will focus on supplying more blood to the cells for fresh metabolic activities. The body will be fully engaged in providing energy to the limbs involved.

Next question is how the additional demand of energy for physical activities is met. 

Total calorie production is almost fixed in the short run. So the additional demand for the physical activities is met by reducing the energy allocation for the vital organs. Otherwise we would be losing the weight every time we spend energy in any physical activity. The only weight reduction that happens in the start of a new activity is by way of reduction in the stores of FAT or energy that may be required by the body.

Over a period of time the body adjusts to higher levels of physical activities and it starts keeping higher reserves of the energy for the vital organs. That is why after a while the weight is gained.

The other cause of the weight gain is lower energy allocation for the vital organs. This is evidenced by fatigue experienced after an intensive exercise.

I have so many friends who went through this process.

My personal experience – I started playing badminton for 1 hour every day. In next 3-4 months I lost weight from 75 kg to 69 kg. I increased my playing time to 2 and more hours after 4-5 months and I weight 74 to 75 kg after 6 months.

My friend weighed 94 kg. He was playing badminton on week days for 2-3 hours. He started playing badminton on every day for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening along with 1 hour swimming. In next 3 months his weighed 89 kg. After 6 months he was weighing 95 kg.

Lot of other stories as well. The more one played the more weight he gained over a period of time.

Take the cases of Dancer in old age. Most of them gain weight as they age, even though they remain active through out their life. Geeta Madam, Saroj Khan to name a few.

With the slowing of the internal organs the toxin build up in the body starts. More oils (choesterol) reserves will be there to take care of the physical activities.

Lowering of Resting Metabolic Rate (and performance of the vital organs) is deadly. It is when the metabolic syndrome starts. It will take the form of thyroid disorder, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke etc.

The worst part is that more then 40% of the Resting Metabolic Rate is for the energy needs of the brain. So all brain related disorder will be due to excess physical activity.

With the lowered performance of the vital organs, the heart will push the blood to lesser area. Less number of cells. That means the energy generation will suffer further. It is a vicious circle.

To break this vicious circle one has to increase the energy allocation for the vital organs.

How can we increase the Resting Metabolic Rate

Walk for 3 to 5 minutes in the home at easy pace. It will cause slight increase in the heart rate and increase the supply of energy to all the vital organs.

Let us say that before we started walking, our resting metabolic rate was 1 calorie per month.
While walking our RMR increases to 5 calories. The break up of this 5 calorie will be 1 calorie for vital organs plus additional 1 calorie for higher heart rate and other organs working at a higher rate to take care of the higher energy needs of the body. Now before you get tired, stop walking after 3 to 5 minutes. You heart rate will not slow down immediately. After you practice it for few days, you will find that the heart rate is elevated for even 30 minutes after you stopped walking.

Increasing Allocation of energy for vital organs will result in clearing the toxins. Like cholesterol etc. Increased heart rate physiologically means that heart will be able to supply rich blood to more number of cells resulting in increased energy production as well. Remember now the heart is beating faster when you are resting. So here the heart is not beating faster to  supply energy and blood to the organs involved in physical activity but organs which are not involved in any activity. Fresh cells which were deprived of the blood supply earlier.

The hydration / dehydration cycle results in maintaining good health. But it does not reverse the aging process. The step no. 1 cures even critically ill person. Because there is no revival of weak or dead cells in the body. That will happen only when blood supply improves to those cells.

Walking for 5 minutes causes the channeling of the energy in general. And when person gets into resting mode, the channeled energy is tapped by the vital organs resulting in pushing the blood by heart to far off / extremities of limbs. Resulting in higher cellular metabolism of the entire body. This helps in age reversal.

More about calorie calculations at – Weight Loss

But stop here for a minute. I lost about 7 kg weight from April 2016 to September 2016. After that I got stuck. I am not losing weight for last 3 months or more. But the good part is that I am not gaining weight even if I stop walking.

I believe that as with hydration / dehydration this also has certain cycles programmed to take care of a situation where a person simply keeps on losing weight.

So after a person hits plateau (stops losing or gaining weight) one should start heavy duty exercises to begin losing weight again. My friend with whom I shared the above theory lost 10 kg after starting the above activities alternatively.

Explanation for Step 3

During hydration / dehydration process the pH level of the blood fluctuates wildly causing health parameters to freak out.

Sugar acts as a buffer and controls the pH fluctuations of the blood.

1/2 spoon of sugarevery 2 hours is very reasonable need of the body.

Without adequate blood sugar levels the chemical reactions resulting in increased flow of energy will not take place. This is the most important aspect to recover from any ailment.

These low amounts of sugar will help you recover from diabetes and 100s of other diseases. Do not make the mistake of believing the rumours spread by pharma cos that sugar is bad for health. Lack of sugar kills people. It causes all skin issues.

Sugar consumption and Diabetes

The statement that sugar causes diabtetes is a mis-conception. I have spent considerable time researching the other conditions that diabetics suffer. I have come to the conclusion that all the other conditions are aggravated because diabetics stops consuming sugar.


Consider the following

The above link discusses – how pancreas works to control our blood sugar.

Pancreas releases insulin to provide steady flow of glucose to the cells. Insulin is not meant to remove the excess sugar from the blood permanently. Insulin simply helps to stores the sugar temporarily when there is a surge of blood sugar.

Another chemical from pancreas, glucagon is released when the blood sugar falls below a particular level.

Insulin is not used in the blood to remove the excess blood sugar permanently.

The main job of insulin is to provide steady flow of sugar to the cells.

Our body has a control mechanism which is called inflammation. Whenever there is excess supply of a mineral or other substance the inflammation process causes swelling in related organs involved and cuts off further supply till excess supply is used up. The inflammation resolves on its own most of the time. When the excess supply continues with the blockage caused by swelling / inflammation, there is tissue break down resulting in resolution of the inflammation.

Now it is very important to understand why there is need to maintain the steady flow of glucose to cells. There are 900 trillion cells in human body. These cells burn glucose in the presence of oxygen to produce energy to carry out the life sustaining processes. By the sheer number of cells in human body, one can get a clear idea about the size of the cell. It is very tiny thing. If excess sugar reaches the cells it will burn out of cells. To remove the dead cells from the body inflammation process will start which will essentially involve movement of excess fluid in the area where cell death has taken place. When there is excessive cell death then excess fluid cannot remove the dead cells because adjoining cells will block the way. This will result in cancer tumors.

In the cell/ tissue break down unused glucose will be released which may be removed from the body or may get stuck in blood causing diabetes.


My father (age 80) had gangrene and black nails on foot. Both are caused due to stoppage of blood supply to the area. I started giving ½ spoon of sugar every hour to my father and in 6 months the gangrene and black nail resolved on its own. So it shows that right amount of sugar promotes blood circulation.

My mother (age 80) also had gangrene. She is diabetic and insulin dependent for last 40 years. But after seeing the health status of my father she agreed to start taking ½ spoon of sugar every 2 hours. In about 4 months she stopped using insulin. Her Echo test improved in next 2 and half years from 30% to 35%. No change in Kidney functioning. Or may be the kidney functioning improved but due to discontinuing sugar for more than 1 month it deteriorated again at the time of creatinine test and was back to the previous level. During the last 2 years or so the health status of my mother was perfect with much better quality of life.

By the time I reached the above conclusions, both the parents could not do step no. 2. I believe that all these 3 steps will help in reversing the aging process.

Potassium, Blood Sugar and Insulin

My mother used to get high potassium and required frequent hospitalisation about 3 years back. During one of these hospitalisation I realised that though at the time of hospitalisation blood sugar of my mother was well above 550 or so but still she was administered Dextrose in IV. There is 25 gram dextrose in a bottle of 500 ml. This is almost equal to 25 grams of sugar. Along with it the hospital used to give insulin.

This surprised me.

Why the hospital administers sugar when the patient already has a very high blood sugar level.

I read about potassium. 2% of total potassium is in blood. Rest of 98% potassium is there in the tissues. When the potassium in the tissues starts coming out the blood sugar increases. But the insulin can not send the potassium back in the tissues. Because high blood acid causes more potassium to come out of the tissues. In such a condition sugar send the potassium back to tissues. That means sugar is essential to repair the damaged tissues.

This can be interpreted to mean that sugar (white normal sugar) is essential for maintaining the tissues in the perfect health.

Second conclusion I drew was that in diabetics in the absence of adequate intake of sugar, tissue damage takes place resulting in organ damage causing heart disease and stroke.

Sugar intake and Insulin

My mother has been taking 3 to 4 spoons of sugar every day. It helped in maintaining her sugar levels without insulin injections. That was surprising.

The more shocking fact is that once she stopped taking sugar the blood sugar levels jumped.

I tried this with other patients as well and found the same result.

Within days of discontinuing the sugar intake the blood sugar jumps. It goes as high as 450 or 500 from a steady level of 150 to 200.

Step 4 is confirmatory and does not require any explanation.

190 Replies to “One Cure for All Diseases”

  1. A few questions:

    1) On the days where you are consuming 10-12 glasses of water, is the water in food, coffee, hot chocolate, tea counted towards that total amount of water?

    2) On the days where you are not consuming the 10-12 glasses of water, how do you account for the water in food? There is plenty of water in vegetables, fruits, even CHEESE!

    3) Salt/potassium plays a role in urine excretion/retention. Should we be paying attention to how much/little we salt? I have very low aldosterone and so I crave salt very much. I use it liberally. How do I use salt during this protocol?

    1. When consuming water on Day 1, minimise your intake of coffee, chocolate, tea etc. These should not be counted in 10-12 glasses. If possible eliminate all caf things

      water in foods to some extent is just fine.

      Liberal salt use is ok.

      If with liberal salt use the things do not work, try restricting salt to some extent. There is no need to eliminate the salt.

  2. I find a lot of logic in this school of thought. I have always believed in the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself. At the most it needs healthy support but certainly not harmful chemicals.

  3. My hubby had no such disease of the kidney…. we even passed the medical test to go back to Melbourne for the aged parent visa….he was kept in the Madras Medical mission … ICU for many days.. on the recommendation of the heart consultant.. who waited for the Heart surgeon to carry out 6 blocks the heart held…. he was not available… out of the country .. by the time the kidney function was low so they began treatment … God alone knows what !!! while waiting for the Nephrologist to return from his leave… he was away then… on his return…. PD was introduced…then heart was worked upon.. by pass done… with this the kidney creatinine was never normal…. so PD was the only hope …. then suddenly Infection was detected.. cleared … and we were told we could take the flight out to go and continue our PR visa process… suddenly that same day when we went to have a last check up and wish the doctors good by…. medical staff began to hold us back saying the previous test results showed some thing very serious was the matter… all this while they never informed us this… we cancelled the trip and stayed back for the Neckline that was carried out… while this took place,.. the toes showed signs of dry gangrene that was never detected y the Madras medical Mission team… they treated him for just simple inflammation of the toes… this got worse… and showed deep signs of confirmed gangrene .. went to three vascular surgeons…for their opinion… the one at Apollo confirmed this and treated for a while with hope that there would be no need for any removal of the toes.. but suddenly Dr Sekar declared the immediate removal of three toes only.. two on the left foot and one on the right foot… surgery was carried out…then MMM insisted on a fistula being done… soon after this.. the other toes showed signs of dry gangrene…meanwhile my hubby fell due to no proper balance and broke his right femur…got this fixed at the Soundarapandian Bone and joint Centre… back to the old state of having his twice a week at MMM… not satisfied with their treatment we went to Dr Kamakshi Medical Hospital…hubby developed heavy chest cold and cough.. assistant doctor was asked to check him up twice in that week for this matter, he ignore this request .. then a tablet asked to be given by the assistant doctor at Apollo … got my hubby into a semi comma on the second dose… this was informed to the Nephrologist at Dr KMH… this tablet was stopped at once.. but ever after that…water used to collect very often so I had to take hubby more often to the hospital for his Hemodialyses .. but now and then he would slip into a comma.. and come out of it when they gave him sugar or salt drips etc…. hardly a fortnight and he took serious… rushed him to the Dr KMH and they said its no use… he has but few hours to live.. so we put him on pressurised oxygen that was a total neglect… in 5 ,minutes of the attenders visit i noticed that the oxygen was never working… he was in a state of semi comma on the 4th day so I insisted on re,moving him and going to the MMM as his doctor Brother said he should be seen by the same heart surgeon who worked on the Bypass etc.. went there.. and nothing could be done… they asked me to stop keeping him on the ventilator and to let him go… it was not an easy decision to take so I waited for my sons to come and decide ….on the 12th of December with great difficulty we took him off the ventilator and let him speak to all of us… slowly and knowingly… he never went into any comma he knew all that was taking place… he did not wish to prolong his life with out the ventilator so he pulled out the plug on the left part of his groin (?) and after wishing all of us goodbye.. he just passed away due to the excess blood loss from his left side where they gave him that last Hemodialysis… 5 50 PM after they hurriedly tried to fix this up.. and change the bed linen etc, our future daughter in law who was his emergency doctor on duty most of the time and knew his case history was visiting us at the MMM ICU confirmed he had gone… Sad nut true.. who was going to be sued in this case for total medical neglect….I still wonder and hope if any one is there ready to take up this case and stand by me his widow… to find out what went wrong right from the beginning to a patient who never ever suffered from any form of kidney disease… Barbara Thyab Ali. In deep sorrow… and heavy financial losses…

    1. I am very sorry for your loss.

      But You cannot blame medical negligence on doctors because they followed the protocols. If the protocols are wrong you can not hold the doctors responsible for that. You described the conditions. But you did not mention what you think constituted medical negligence.
      If you look at my suggestions they are a way for healthy life. But there is so much of negative things around for decades around. Every one is so confused.

  4. What about the food intake ? Can one take normal diet during this experiment or cut down on the same ? Please advice .

    1. Normal food intake is ok provided that normal food intake is not too much keeping in view the profile of the person. Tea and coffee and all caffeine things are strictly no no. First one may increase the water intake for 6-7 days and try giving up tea, coffee. The withdrawal symptoms of tea etc lasts 3 to 7 days. So one will have to bear with that.

  5. The whole strategy of your treatments depends on the notion that every disease is the outcome of imbalance (shortage or excess) of chemicals in our body. We called such chemicals as metabolites, the end products of metabolisms occur in our body. These metabolites represent the outer landscape (Phenotype) of organism not the underlying causative reasons responsible for that landscape (Genotype and environmental effects).The balancing of such altered metabolite level may change the adverse effects for some extent because of existence of normal feedback mechanism exists in the body. Genetic disorders can consider as best contradicting example against your hypothesis. Even though the idea seems good but claiming as “one cure for every disease “ is an exaggeration.

    1. You have not dealt with the main questions / assumptions of my theory –

      Allopathy and Ayurved both take the same route. But gets lost in the maze of complications of the body. How have not compared my theory with Allopathy and Ayurved. That indicates to your bias.

      You think that genes define the outer landscape and I think the outer space defines.

      Genes are small subsystems which work in accordance with our outerspace. Change in the outer space brings the changes in the genes.

      Milk is not digested by Kids in Asian countries after the age of 5 years. The scientific reason of that has been explained to be a gene which is switched off for some reason after the age of 5.

      The growth of the child from 0 to 5 years is very fast. Thereafter it slows down. But due to bad effects of marketing the kids are fed milk till very late age. The calcium and other proteins will damage the bones if an excess calcium is built up. So it swtiches off.

      There are 100s of other conditions which will prove that outer space defines the inner space / organisms.

      1. The new trends in biology says that your gene-environment assumptions are right, gene-protein-function concept only a partial truth. Personally, I believe in more holistic systemic biology approach rather than conventional reductionist approach. I would like to prefer you to read the following writings for more information about this new biology going to emerge in coming years. At the same time, as a science student I am bound to oppose the use of irrational (without the support of evidence even if it is true as well) concepts like urine therapy or else.

        1. Thanks for the links. I have taken note of the same. It will take me some time to read them in detail. Meanwhile I am addressing the issues raised in your paragraph.

          The discussion will reach no end unless we restrict ourselves to a domain. The starting point is my theory. You are responding to the statements made by me on my web site. If you have looked at the web site and seen some other links as well, you will agree that the medical science failed to cure sepsis of my father. They gave up on him. But he survived inspite of all odds. There was complete recovery of every thing. He hand broke from close to shoulder. Doctors said in this age there will be no recovery. That recovered at the age of 80. My father had osteoporosis. He had two hip replacements done 6-7 years back. That recovered without any medicine. Today his osteoporosis recovered. He had prostate issues. About 4-5 years back that had started giving trouble. For last 4-5 years he used to wet his clothes. Not any more there is no prostate problem now.

          My father had CKD stage 5 problem. No such problems now. He was on tagritol 400 mg for last 20-25 years. No medicines now.

          I have no idea of what is gene protein concept. But I seem to feel that these concepts will not be clear to mankind ever.

          The issue is that as the medical science stands today (let us forget about future) – is there any better approach then mine. I am not using reductionist approach. I am using inclusive approach. I am using limitations of science to my advantage.

          Do you think that medical science as it stands today or as it will reach in next 50 years – will we be able to diagnose even 5% of the elements which determine out health. I will never agree on this point.

          If not – what are we trying to prove to people. What medical science does today – is not less then cheating and fraud.

          Can medical science survive today even for 1 month after admitting that the diagnosis available today are extremely limited and they mean nothing.

          There is hardly any difference between neem hakim and a well qualified doctor today. May be a neem hakim knows 0.0001%. The well qualified doctors will know about 1% of our body.

          That is not enough by any standards.

  6. It gives me immense pleasure to say a big thank you for taking a such a nice initiative as their are not many people who take such innovautive thoughts and process the same . The techniques mention by you are really new which will help the society people to save their money as we all are aware of the heavy treatment expenses of the hospital and their side effects too . By adopting the things mention in your article people can change their self . This will be really a remarkable turn in any body life that such simple things water , salt and sugar can change their life . I really want to thank you for your thoughts and sharing with me I am really amazed to know all these facts and will adapt to my life and will definitely advise to others also for the same

  7. The mention in this article of homoeopathy immediately tells me this person knows nothing about medicine and is a charlatan! I’m afraud Homeopathy has been thoroughly disproved. It is nothing but water or sugar pills and book your nothing. It has been shown to have no more than the placebo effect. There is no scientific basis for it. Anyone not drinking water for 36 hours but eating a lot of salt will become extremely uncomfortable and dehydrated. To delay treatment while following this nonsensical regime could even kill people if they do they have a serious condition.

    1. No where I said that water routine or other things are to be done in extreme cases of emergency. No where I said that one should not drink any water for 36 hours and consume lot of salt. No where I suggested to get extremely dehydrated. I suggest that people trying this should first get used to this over a period of time. Once they are comfortable they should attempt this.

      Since this whole thing is in intial stages, this is good for maintenance and recovery in a stable person. A person who has MS has to live with MS and is not very serious. He gets into stable condition after a while.

  8. i have a question to ask. my mother is patient of ESRD and is being dialysed twice a week. can the method suggested by you be of any help to her. will the kidney functions restore if the treatment is taken? kindly answer my queries.

    1. It should be restored. But i have no previous experience of this. Except loosely worded experiments but some of my friends. But my trust factor is very low. One of the persons confirmed lot of improvements. But I can not rely on that. If you can test vital every 2 hours u should try this.

    1. Taking water on Day 1 and not taking water on Day 2.

      Food and rest of things in slight moderation like avoid fruits, excessive vegs etc.

      Simple normal food.

      1. Please can you be more specific to the food. If I avoid all fruits and eat only a small quantity of vegetables, what are you classing as the normal rest? Rice, beans, bread? And what is slight moderation? One cup of food 3 times a day? Or a plate of food, 3 times a day? I want to follow your plan, but I love to eat (I would not want to mistake the quantity of food and damage the results of the plan).
        Thank you so much for all your help.

        1. 3 meals is normal food. Meal size can be upto 500 to 600 grams. inclusive of every thing.
          1/3 of the food should be carbs, 1/3 proteins and 1/3 FATs.
          Eating small quantity of vegs only – not recommended by me.

          If you have any health conditions please be specific. This is a general comment.

          1. Rajan – what diseases do you believe should be curable via the kidney cleansing strategy that you have put forward? What about insulin resistance – would that even be addressed in this way – or is there more that we can do to combat this disease. Also – can we follow this plan more than once – or as a matter of course regularly to restore our blood health?
            Elsdon Ward –

          2. I updated my home page. You can find the answers to the above in the end of home page also.

            I believe every disease on this earth can be cured by the system. There is need to do more research in this area.

            My terminally ill father at age 80 recovered completely by using this.

            My Diabetic mother is free of insulin after 30 years. Her dependence on medicines is coming down. She is healthier.

            Recently 6 Eczema patients recovered in 48 hours to 10 days depending on how seriously they followed the process.

            Should work in case of cancer patients also. But still waiting for first confirmation.

    1. Hydration / dehydration is best for dark circles and for brightening the complexion. It is shocking but it is the fastest. You will see the results in less then 7 days.

      You cannot get rid of dark circles faster by any other method.

      You cannot improve your complexion more then this or faster than this.

  9. Sir , my mobile was not working , I reset and lost your contact . Now plesse send your also .
    To day I got tested my blood.
    HB 12.8
    Createnie 1.5
    B .Urea 30
    Fast blood sugar 176
    Urine Normal
    HB A1 C. 7.0
    TLC 6800

    P -55
    L- 34
    E – 02

    Before 4 months
    Creatinine. 1.3
    Blood Urea. 20
    Chlosterol under range
    Please consider notes on Whatsup. I have lost your number .
    72 + M ,

  10. Very interesting article. My daughter suffers from acid reflux can this help her? What is connection between sugar levels in blood hidration pulse and to mutch/to little stomach acid?

    1. This will completely cure GERD within 7 days. Just do point 1, 2 and 3. If you do not feel like taking sugar, no problem.
      For acidity etc point 1 and 2 are enough.


    1. The best thing to begin with –

      walk for 5 minutes and rest in bed for 10 minutes. Repeat this for 2 hours in the morning, 1 hour afternoon and 1 hour before going to bed at night.

      In 3 days you should get considerable relief.

      You also need to do hydration / dehydration as mentioned on my blog. Point number 1. This can be delay by about 7 days while you start walking routines.

      In your condition, you may start with 1.5 litres on day 1 at hourly rests. 125 ml every hour for 12 hours from 7 am to 6 pm.
      On day 2 you should take 125 ml 1 hour before each meal time. Total on day 2 will be 125 x 3 = 375 ml.

      As your health progresses well, you may start 125 x 2 and then 125 x 1 and then 0 water intake on day 2.

      This routine has to be done only once in 15 days.


    S.K.ARYA , DATED 30.01.2017

    1. Do only point 2 and keep looking for updates. Get up early. Walk for 2 to 5 minutes at easy pace. At the end of the walk you should be feeling energetic and happy and with lot of energy.
      After walking, get in bed for 5 to 10 minutes.
      Repeat this for 8 times.
      After every 30 minutes drink 100 ml water when starting to walk.

      Stop walking in the evening.

      Instead walk at home as mentioned in first para. Walking and resting in bed.

      Give feedback after 3 days of doing this. And if you feel good, please share my blog on whatsapp and facebook to help others.


    1. I suggested you to walk for 2 to 5 minutes followed by rest of 5 to 10 minutes.

      Let us say you walked 5 minutes followed by 10 minutes rest. Total 15 minutes.

      After 2 such sessions of walking and rest, it would be 30 minutes.

      Now u can drink 100 ml water when u start 3rd session of 5 minute walk.

      In 2 hours of walking and rest you can drink water 4 times. That is all.




            S.K.ARYA ,( SULAKSHAN)


    1. Thanks for pointing out.

      I will make changes to step no 3.

      The explanation part is ok. Sugar should be taken on alternate days.

      How much water should be taken in summers, is still not clear to me.

      There has to be scientific reason for more water in summers.

      In summer we sweat heavily. If water was so necessary, why the body makes us sweat. So far nature seems to be best for health. Sweating is an indication that we may not need all that water.

      But I am not closing the discussion. This part I will address later some time.

  15. It is mentioned that , on other days take 1000 mi water.
    now where are other days.
    it is noted that alternate days of sugar and salt, it is mentioned that 150 mi water to be taken after each meals only.
    the question is on which days 1000 ml water to taken ?

  16. SIR,AS ABOVE , (A) STEP 1 , DAY 1, 100 ML WATER FROM 7A.M. TO 6 P.M. = 12 HOURS *100 ML = 1200 ML. FOR THE DAY.


    IN STEP 3


  17. 73 YEARS MALE , HEIGHT 157 cm ,77 gm ( reduced from 82 kgm. ) snoring and sleep apnea also , and other diseases as written in my early blogs. IN CONTINUE TO ABOVE , I HAVE INCONTINENCE OF URINE ALSO , PAIN IN LOWER light SIDE OF THE BLADDER (residual urine =120 mls. ) DUE TO RETENTION OF URINE AND PROSTATE GLAND ENLARGEMENT = 37 gm II grade . .,ALSO.
    I HAVE GOT DONE MY TESTING ,THE RESULTS ARE AS UNDER=Hb 12 , TLC 8900, DLC =P 67 M 06 ,L 26 , E 01 , FBS 94 , BLOOD UREA 31 , S. CREATININE 1.5 ,URIC ACID 6.0 , HbA1C 7.0
    in the mean time i am also taking alopathic and ayurveda medicines .
    PLEASE ADVISE URGENTLY . MOB. 7888448557 ( whats up)

  18. the very important thing i forgot to mention , i have oedema on my foots (+ ankles are puffed up , in the evening and it is almost O.K. in the morning ) # perron me soz , this is of long standing .

  19. Hi Sir,
    I am Suffering from esophagitis(inflamation of esophagus LES) because of acid reflux/Hyperacidity. The problem is that I Cant swallow food/Liquid without a glass of water.I have lost 12Kgs of weight from 70Kgs now I am only 58 Kgs. I am tired of taking medicines and looking alternative solution. Its more than a year now, Its very depressing and frustrating. Sir, Can you please guide/help/advice anything whatever you wish which can help me a litte bit??? What should I do now?

    1. Fluid retention is the only thing that I can see for acidity.
      And only cure that I can see is One Cure for All Diseases.
      I have helped people with acidity in a matter of 24 hours.
      Just be careful whether you have any other medical conditions or not. If you do not have any other health condition, you may try all the 3 steps to healthy you.

      1. Hi Sir, Thanks for reply. Sir my problem of inflammation of esophagus(LES) is because of Acid reflux only. I understood what you said. I just want you to answer one thing that during fluid retention process i can stay away from water but I have to gulp water whenever i eat something or have my lunch dinner and breakfast. So what should I do is it fine to take water in meals during fluid retention process??


  20. summer has arrived , is there any change and quantity of water for hydration/dehydration system?
    it is about two months over but there is no change in my status.
    It is true that i am not following in true sense sugar consumption.My sugar level is not under control.
    and for the walk of 5 mts and rest to follow for 5 mts. the problem is with me when i am in bed for 5 mts bed rest and i fall sleep for one hour or more , it happens always. because i am suffering from sleep apnea and snoring
    please advise..

    1. Sleeping one hour after walking for 5 minutes is ok.

      You can chose to drink more water during summers if you want. But reduce water intake substantially once in 10 days.

      I cannot offer better help on sugar consumption. It is very complex issue. You will need to discuss with your doctors if you are diabetic.

  21. Hello rajinder sir,
    kindly accept my pranam for doing such a great work to help the mankind ! you have shown the rays of hope to millions of people who are in the trape of pharma industry !!

    your theories have very profound, logical and scientific base…so that it cant be ignored by rational people.

    My problem is morbid obesity since 15 years : aged 43 yers male; height 173 cms; weight 93 your posts and blog on quora and found it imense helpful ..i hvae staeted alternate walking and resting method from today…i have also joind a gym since three months . plz gide me further for weight/fatloss …!!!

    sincerly yours :- SK SHARMA

    1. I has been 10 days. You tell me how you feel so far. Is there any weight loss and improvement in stamina.

    2. Sir,
      There is No change in weight although my stamina is increased slightly.. May be I’m not following the exact timing for walking or resting periods..sometime I walk for 3 or 5 or 10 minute and rest for 5, 10 or 30 minutes ! Does it matter a lot ?
      Also I do strength training and cardio exercises in the gym.. I get dehydrated there in the gym so I drink one litre of water pre, post and during work out !

      My blood sugar is between 99 to 110 Fasting and 130 to 160 pp ( my fasting sugar denotes as I’m pre diabetic! Isn’t it so ?
      I have fats accumulated mostly in my midsection.does it mean I’m insulin resistant ?

      Now I request you to plz guide me in details so that I could get rid of my ailments!

      Thankfully yours:

      SK sharma

  22. Thank you for this. I have been experimenting with different aspects of the cure and achieved some wonderful results. I will try to summarize concisely for your readers.
    I am a 50 year old peri-menopausal woman with chronic migraines and depression 20 years.
    1. Started with 4 day hydration/dehydration when you recommended alternating salt and sugar on different days. This had the effect of reducing my hot flashes significantly. Urine remained light for about two weeks afterwards.
    2. Following week I started the walking/rest cycles 3x morning and evening. Within 3 days my energy levels skyrocketed, and an unshakable happiness overtook me. After 1 week I was able to return to activities that normally would cause a migraine, and had no problems whatsoever.
    3. Tried the 36 hour dehydration you mention on another post about 10 days later. This was challenging to complete. I did have a few tiny sips of water during that day, but mainly abstained even though I was thirsty all day. Over the next week my digestion reset itself and cleared up intestinal pain I didn’t realize was a problem until it was gone. Skin texture is smoother. Inflammation in my joints gone. Gums sealed to my teeth better than a dental cleaning.
    It was difficult returning to normal levels of fluid intake following the 36 hour dehydration. If I try this approach again I will be adding salt to the water after dehydrating; I never seem to get enough salt.
    4. 5 days later I injured my back in the area of my sciatic nerve. This was a setback and has taken many days to recover. No regular walking/rest for several days. Energy levels dropped, mood became more erratic, close to migraine twice since then, but not a full-blown migraine. Walking/rest helped control it. Hot flashes increased. Looking forward to the next dehydration cycle to fully resolve the new inflammation this injury created.
    5. Resuming a disciplined walking/rest cycles 3x morning and evening about 3 days ago. Energy and mood are better, still recovering as of this writing.
    6. Today I started an experiment with the small amount of sugar each hour without dehydrating. I suspect this is effective for hormone balance so I’m testing it out on its own. Plan to repeat the 4 day hydration/dehydration after a few more days of trying the sugar doses alone. So far it seems to have reduced my excessive need for salt, but it’s too soon to tell for sure.
    I will report back with more results as I proceed with testing. Overall this is the most amazing approach to healthcare I have found and easier to implement than anything recommended anywhere else on the internet. I cannot thank you enough. I am trying to spread the word.

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback.

      I am making some changes in my home page. Please check the new home page.

  23. Hello Sir,
    I am Vinay, I am diagnosed 4mm kidney stones at both sides as well as in gladder. What treatment do you recommend for this?
    I am skinny too. Saw your weight gain technique but couldn’t understand properly. Just by reducing intake of water and having gulab jamuns can weight be increased? If so how long we should take it? But kidney stones require more water intake to flush out the same, these two are contradictory.
    Plz do suggest some treatment for the above cases


    1. This is misconception that kidney stone requires more water.
      Drink 200 ml of water on day 1.
      Drink no water on day 2 (36 hours) will help you flush out your kidney stone in 48 hours to 96 hours.
      I am doing hydration dehydration for last 10 years. My creatinine was 6.5 and 7.7 in May 2017.


  24. Hello,
    I have really bad oral thrush in my mouth/throat (maybe caused by candida), have had gerd, epstein bar virus, pelvic floor disorder, kidney stones, (had rheumatoid arthritis but cured it myself naturally), diabetes, and other immune issues.
    I am highly allergic to sugar…my joints get swollen and hurt me if I have any processed sugar or even organic sugar. I haven’t had any for years and have stuck to a super organic/strict diet for the most part. I’m okay sometimes with the sugars in fruits or natural occurring sugar, but not that white stuff. I feel that sugar will feed the candida and I won’t be able to cure my oral thrush or the candida in my organs if I follow your plan with the sugars. I have tried so many things to get rid of this candida in my mouth and throat but haven’t fixed it yet, have any ideas?
    -Thank you

    1. One cure for All Diseases is the only solution.

      Sugar does not cause swelling. Lack of sugar or excess of sugar causes swelling. I have tried this on kidney failure patients and on people who have been suggested pancreas transplant. It works.

  25. Sir i have a 3 years old daughter. She is suffering from ECZEMA for the past two years. We treated her with allopathy in the initial stages but no cure. Then a year ago we started giving homeopathy. She is recovering from the disease but not completely cured. She will scratch her hands and legs often and itching worsens at night time.
    Sir can you help my child? How to follow the hydration cycle for her? Eagerly awaiting your reply. Many thanks to you.

    1. Hi

      The provided information is not adequate to assess the hydration level of the baby.

      Hydration dehydration cycles are suggested to take care of any mistake that may be made in assessing the current hydration level of the child.

      25 ml water every hour should suffice for baby. In case of frequent urination one may reduce the amount of water or increase the the time gap to 1.5 hours.

      In case the baby is drinking excessive fluids already, one may add a few grains of salt to the water for 1 to 3 days.

      Withdraw any caffeine product that she may be consuming like chocolate etc. No cold drinks or packed juices for her.

      She may need to repeat hydration dehydration cycles for 1 to 3 weeks. Once every week.

  26. Thank you for your valuable information sir. Can you suggest some methods to smoothen the thick skin in her legs due to eczema?

  27. pls, could you be more explicit and precise?
    Day 1 – Drink 150 ml water (2/3 glass of water) every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. Avoid all other liquids/ fluids like tea, juice, milk, soda etc.
    Day 2,3,4 – Drink 150 ml water (2/3 glass) 1 hour before each meal. So total fluid intake on day 2 will be 450 ml. Eat 1/2 small spoon of sugar every hour. Total sugar not to exceed 5 small spoons in a day. No other substitute of sugar to be tried. No sweets, No ice cream and No soft drinks or juices.
    Repeat the above after every 10 days for first 3 months. Thereafter repeat Day 1 and Day 2 once in 1 month.

    Do you mean, that in 3 months, it should be 6 repetitions? First 4 days, then 10(what to do in this gap?) then repeat 4 days….?

    1. Day 1 to day 8 – Drink 150 to 200 ml water with each meal. No more water or other liquids. So total liquids during the day not to exceed 500 to 600 ml.

      Day 9 – Drink 150 to 200 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. No other liquids

      Day 10 – Drink no water or other liquids.

      In 30 days you should be perfectly alright including UTI. In fact UTI relief may be there in less than 7 days.

      Give feedback after 7 days.

      This plan is much better. This is universal and easy to implement.

      1. Thnks for replying.
        So you are stating that for 30 CONSECUTIVELY days it should be like this:
        ([1-8,9,10] = 10 days >> [1-8,9,10] = 10 days >> [1-8,9,10] = 10 days) = 30 CONSECUTIVELY days ?

  28. pls, could you be more explicit and precise for dark spots?
    Day 1 – Drink 150 ml water (2/3 glass of water) every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. Avoid all other liquids/ fluids like tea, juice, milk, soda etc.
    Day 2,3,4 – Drink 150 ml water (2/3 glass) 1 hour before each meal. So total fluid intake on day 2 will be 450 ml. Eat 1/2 small spoon of sugar every hour. Total sugar not to exceed 5 small spoons in a day. No other substitute of sugar to be tried. No sweets, No ice cream and No soft drinks or juices.
    Repeat the above after every 10 days for first 3 months. Thereafter repeat Day 1 and Day 2 once in 1 month.

    Do you mean, that in 3 months, it should be 6 repetitions? First 4 days, then 10(what to do in this gap?) then repeat 4 days….?

    1. Day 1 – Drink 200 ml water every hour from 8 am to 7 pm.
      Day 2 to 7 – Drink 200 ml water with each meal. No other liquids.

      Dark spots will disappear before end of 7 days.

      Your skin will be brighter.

      After 7 days do whatever you like. Drink as much as you want. Because you know what to do whenever there is problem.

  29. Sir,
    I don’t really get it. Is the hydration-dehydration cycle different for different ailments?
    I suffer from sinus and hay fever (dust & smoke allergy), usually have a persistent lower backache and these days what troubles me the most is acidity.. It’s been 3 months and I feel acidic after every meal. Not able to eat properly. I eat very light and still get acidity.
    Kindly guide.

    1. It is same for every ailment.
      We need to manage our body fluids correctly.
      Sometimes lack of fluids also cause excess of body fluids.
      So be careful. It your total fluid intake is more than 1.5 liters a day,you can try hydration dehydration cycles as well as walk and rest routines. Gor updated information about these read my landing page on I am not updating acidity and other pages. The other pages have old information.

  30. hello sir,

    I am following the hydration/Dehydration program since one week and walking and resting process too.
    Day 1 to day 5 i had 200 ml water with each meal
    Day 6 i drank 200 ml water every two hours including the 200 ml water with meal
    Now please confirm me on day 7 what i have to follow, same as day 6 or NO fluid overall the day.

    It would be helpful for me if you share me the updated hydration/Dehydration program.

    I have been recently come to know that i am having high bp 140-145/90-100 and creatinine level as 1.30.

    Waiting for your early reply.

    Thank you so much..!

    1. same as day 6.
      Since it has been more then 1 week, how do you feel. Give your feedback

  31. Mr. Rajinder Bhalla,

    Thank you for such great theory you gave, will try your program as soon as possible.

    Can i also include dry fasting with your program.

    Dry fasting is a spiritual practice done in many cultures it is their way of purification and healing, dry fasting is the abstinence from both food and water in a certain time.

    I suggest maybe dry fasting can further enhance your theory or program.

    1. I recommend dry fasting for 12 to 18 hours in case of diarrhea only. Even a grain is bad and harmful during these 12 to 18 hours. I think there is no need of dry fasting. But I am always open to new ideas. My limited experience does not see any advantage of dry fasting except in case of diarrhea.

      I have never crossed 12 hours of dry fasting in case of diarrhea. And after 12 hours I can eat anything. And if I try any other thing, it used to take 7 to 10 days.

  32. Mr. Rajinder Bhalla,

    Thank you for your response on my message, I appreciate it.

    One more thing mr. rajinder, on your updated “one cure for all diseases” it dosen’t include a day where one will not drink water, which is different from your previous hydration dehydration cycles.

    my question is, is theres still any situations that we should not drink water during hydration dehydration cycles?

    1. In eczema and other skin diseases it works faster if one does not drink water for 36 hours on day 2. But I believe the current system would be better and safe even if takes few extra days.

    2. In case of Eczema and other skin disease recovery is very fast (in 6 to 7 dayz) if one does not drink water for 36 hours.

      But flip side is that is flares up for 2-3 days in between and reoccurs after 2 to 3 months. That has to be followed up with another dehydration.

      The current one is not tested on more than 1 person. It took about 20 days for recovery from eczema.

      I think we need to do more tests on this aspect.

  33. mr. rajinder

    good day sir i’am an engineer, and in my work place the temperature is always 35 to 40 degrees celcius, that is why we sweat a lot when we work.

    i try your current hydration and dehydration system, which i only drink water with meals only 600 to 900ml during week days and drink every two hour in weekends 1200 to 2700 ml in these days, and it always took me 2 to 3 days only and cant hold the feeling of thirst, that is why i cant complete the system for the whole week.

    any suggestions for these mr. rajinder

  34. Is it advisable to try this protocol even if I’m chronically dehydrated and feel thirsty all the time?

    I drink lots of water every day, with meals and away from meals, and I’m still always thirsty. I do not know why. (I have a digestive disease, but the only symptom it produces is pain in my small intestine.)

    I honestly don’t even know if I could bare doing the dehydration cycle. My throat dries up and I feel thirst so quickly.

    1. Yes. It is meant for you. You can start slow. Drinking right amount of water (200 ml) with meals and limiting fluids at other times should help you in providing relief from excessive thirst.

    2. I believe that one feels thirsty only when the blood volume goes down. If one drinks water with meals the blood volume goes up. But one needs to drink only 200 to 300 ml water with meals. More will not add to the blood volume.

      Besides meals one should reduce water intake. When feeling thirsty one should take only 1 sip and then wait for 15 minutes before taking sip (after 15 minutes sip is to be taken only if thirst strikes again.

      But this is for few days only.

      Later one may follow the following –
      Drink 2000 ml on day 1
      Drink 600 ml on day 2.
      Repeat day 1 and day 2.

      This is suggestion which can be modified to suit an individual

    1. yes/no.
      During night every body dehydrates. We need to dehydrate on daily basis.
      Over emphasis on hydration has caused most of the diseases.
      There has to be balance between hydration dehydration.
      So if we are not sick and not drinking too much fluids, there should be no need to dehydrate excessively.

  35. Mr Rajinder….all i usually eat is fruit and vegetables mostly raw. I am now 68 years old have hepatitis C and began having high blood pressure…..for the rest i´m pretty well…never took allopathic medicine (am against it for obvious reasons)…what do you advise me? Yor regular protocol? Thank you!

    1. Lower blood pressure represents the blood volume in your body. Higher blood represents the amount of excess fluid in your cells. Fruits contain lot of fiber. Long term consumption of fruits and vegetables cause inflammation of the small intestines. In the beginning it results in increased absorption of nutrients in small intestines resulting in better energy levels. But as time passes too much fluid is absorbed in small as well as large intestines. That results in high blood volume as well as high cellular fluids.

      Solution would be to eliminate fruits and vegetables completely (raw ones). Do hydration dehydration cycles. Hydration dehydration cycles also helps in balancing of the minerals. The aim of allopathy is also mineral balance. But the way it is done, nobody ever gets the results. Changes in minerals lower the BP for some time. But since focus in on permanent medicines for BP, the benefits are lost after few months. Same way the benefits of fruits and vegetables also do not last forever. Following a particular diet (of any type) is bad for health.
      Do walk and rest as well.

      You should be able to see some initial gains of this within 48 hours or so. But thereafter there will be ups and downs.

      It may take upwards of 6 months to get real benefits.

      Please do indicate your average blood pressure numbers for information.

  36. Thank you Mr. Rajinder….my blood pressure was very erratic….during the day it is between 110/70 and 130/80 but the problem is at nights it could go from 130/80 to 160/95….and the worrysome part is there are fast variations.
    I am on the 5th day of the dehydration and tomorrow i´ll start the hydration as per your updated version. I went on eating fruits in the morning and night BUT the good news is that my pressure came down during the days and also at nights in such a short period of doing the dehydration. Now an almost steady 110/70 during the days and never over 13/80 at nights. Another question is: how much water would be adequate for me to drink on a daily basis? My height is 1 meter 60 cm I weigh 59 kilos and am 69 years old (not 68 anymore) I was drinking much at one time: usually 2 and half liters everyday all in the morning. Please tell me what would be the ideal? Thank you again.

  37. PS: Just took my night pressure and it was 105/68….wow! It is now 11:30 pm…usually it would read over 140/88 or so.

    1. Yes. It is ok to drink water between meals. In fact drinking 200 ml water with meals is good for diabetes and other health conditions which are caused due to low blood volume and circulation.

  38. PS2: Really weird… i was going to sleep….it is now 12:30pm i had a last reading and it was 136/8…see it is erratic…but at least it´s not going up as it would. Any comments? Suggestions? A plan?

    1. Do not dehydrate too much. Be slow.
      With BP one should reduce fluid intake slowly.
      BP fluctuates all the time. Bring in changes slowly.

      More so I am not a doctor. So be careful.

        1. Day 1 to 3 – 200×12
          Day 4 to 6 – 200×3
          Day 7 to 10 – 200×6

          Always drink water with meals as well out of the above mentioned quantities.

  39. Good morning Mr. Rajinder. Could you please answer EACH question?
    1) How many times should I repeat the following routine in 30 days?
    Day 1 to 3 – 200×12
    Day 4 to 6 – 200×3
    Day 7 to 10 – 200×6
    2) For how long should I repeat that routine (during 6 months?)
    3) After that period would it be good for me to just do a 36 hour dehydration every month?
    Thank you!

    1. If minerals are perfectly balanced, there will be no aging or disease. There will be no sadness etc. One will be in perfect state.

      It is impossible for any person to lay down “How many times one should repeat the routines”.

      These are broad guidelines. Within these guidelines one has to explore what works best.

      Yes it is generally good for a healthy person to do 36 hours of dehydration once in a month.

      In case a person is on medicines one should train his body gradually over a period of time.

  40. Sir,Does this cycle work for hyperthyroidism, with little swelling on neck, TPO antibodiez are 27 . Never had this before , was diagnosed post pregnancy. Please help

    Thank you

    1. This is supposed to be One cure for all diseases. Disease is caused due to mineral imbalance. It address mineral imbalance. Please share your fluid intake details. Also share your food and other details eg age weight and height. You can also communicate on phone or whatsapp on +919971730965.

  41. What should be the routine for Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis ? During X ray for broken foot , The Doctor says ,I have plaque in my vessels , also in heart arteries . In the meantime , I am taking water 200 ml X 3times , today . The Osteoarthritis is observed on my left knee. . Regards

    1. With so many problems it is difficult to advise. But do consult with doctors from time to time.

      Increase water intake to 2.5 liters tomorrow.

      Repeat these for 6 days and give the results.

  42. My age 41yr 6 Month. Wt:68 – 69 for last 2 Yr. Height:165
    My problem : Suger level On fasting 14o After breakfast 190 – continue for 3-4 yrs. Maintained with Ayurveda medicine. On morning hour my stomac is in good condition, After noon getting destructed. Gas and poo once in afternoon.
    water tacking time and Qty: Morning 7:00 3 glass – 750 ML, 12O’clock -1 Ltr. 3:00 PM 1 Litr
    5:Oclock: 300 ml. 7:30 1 Glass 9:30 1 Glass -Water/Milk.
    Breakfast 8:00, Lunch 1:00 Dinner 8:30

    What changes i need to do to control Sugar and Gas/Stomach problem

    1. Take 1` glass of water with each meal.
      No other fluids for 5 days.

      Check blood sugar levels and give feedback.

  43. Hello and I wanted to share this article here because it discusses primarily the energy levels expended by the brain. I thought this information was very relevant to your topic as well as other interesting facts on energy use and expense of bodily functions. Also I didn’t know our brain uses glucose energy more than any other organ.

    1. Thanks for the link. The brain uses lots of energy while running. It has to coordinate 100s of muscles for the movement. There is a lot to learn in this area.

  44. Hi Rajinder,
    I read your post on Quora about dry skin, I found it interesting and landed in your blog.
    My skin is pretty much dry, I apply moisturizer(Nivea mainly) thrice a day, but still skin become dry, whitish skin come out, looks really bad, sometimes itchy as well.
    Sir can you please suggest Hydration/Dehydration treatment. If yes what would be the routine.
    Thanks in advance.

  45. Hi Rajender sir, read your posts and I am quite inspired by your theory.
    I am suffering from piles could you please share a plan to cure piles. I want to cure piles permanently without any surgery. Also I am 15 kgs overweight. As of now my daily fluid intake is around 1Litres
    Please kindly suggest.

  46. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into helping others get better.
    I am going to start trying this tomorrow, I have been suffering from migraine auras for the past month and eyes are sensitive to light.
    My father has had Multiple sclerosis for the past 10 years. Will this water treatment help him?
    Thank you and God Bless!

  47. Just wanted to make public what I already told you through whatsapp. My blood pressure normalized after one time doing your protocol. You definitely have some real good theories because they work! Thank you for your generosity in being so accessible to people in need! Such is a very precious quality nowadays!

    1. Drink 200 ml water with each meal. No other fluids. No tea, milk or other liquids. If you feel thirsty take 1 small sip of water. In 2-3 days you will stop feeling thirsty. After that follow hydration dehydration cycles as mentioned at – Expand my profile. All other links are given in the profile.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply. I have been searching in your above mentioned link for hydration/dehydration cycles. Is this the one that I should follow:
        Day 1 to 5 – Drink 200 to 300 ml water with each meal. 3 meals in 24 hours. So one should drink 600 ml to 900 ml water on these days.
        Day 6 and 7 – Drink 200 to 300 ml every 90 minutes to 2 hours from 7 am to 6 pm. So that will be 1200 ml to 2700 ml on these days. This will include drinking 200 to 300 ml water with each as well. On these 2 days also one should drink water with each meal.

        OR is it this one:

        One Cure for All Diseases consists of Hydration Dehydration Cycles and Walk and Rest Routines
        Currently the suggestions for Hydration Dehydration Cycles are –
        Day 1 and 2 – Drink 200 ml water every 2 hour from 8 am to 7 pm. Out of this with meal 1 glass of water. Total 1200 ml water/ fluid. No other fluids and water. No tea, coffee, milk etc.
        Day 3, 4, 5 – Drink 200 ml (Depending on the meal size, if the meals size is on lower side reduce water) water with every meal. So 3 meals in a day would mean 600 ml water for the entire 24 hours. No other fluids to be taken on these days. No fruits or coconut water. No salad. Every thing will contribute to body fluids. If taking fruits etc reduce the water intake by the weight of the fruit.
        Day 6 – Complete dehydration.
        Day 7, 8, 9 – Drink 200 ml with each meal.
        Day 10 – Complete dehydration. No water, fluids etc to be taken.
        These 10 days can be repeated again.
        People with high BP and on medicine should not do complete dehydration for first 30 days. They should monitor their BP regularly since the medicines effect the fluid balance of the body. Those who have been diagnosed with high BP recently and are not taking medicines can start the above.

        Which method should I follow the first one or the second one. It is for my varicose veins, bearing in mind that I have also high blood pressure.
        Thanks alot .

    2. Do not forget about walk and rest routines. You will need to do that regularly. 1 hour morning and 1 hour evening.

  48. Hi,
    Thank you for your work and information for helping others. I have 5y old with eczema and was wondering how i could help with this method. Could you please advise on some steps to address the eczema. I have recently started giving some mineral powders in water, a glass before a meal. as I realised there could be some mineral deficiencies, also for growth. We are using mineral salts, no sugar but use honey. I was told by someone that if the liver is not processing waste efficiently, the waste is coming out of the skin.

    I myself have problems with dark spots and circles and skin issues, acidity.

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Dietary triggers happen when there is imbalance in minerals. Minerals are fast balanced by hydration dehydration cycles in 48 hours. Eliminating diet is not a cure but controlling the disease. That is not my target. Every disease can be cured by hydration dehydration cycles and walk and rest routines.

      Check additional information at –

  49. Sir recently 14/3/2019 I come to know that my sugar lvl in fasting is 375 I could not believe but test is test I’m not on medicine and pray not to take I’m confused please help me what should I do .

  50. I saw your comment under a Quora thread on IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). As I have IBS, my diet must be wholly based on organic food as well as reduction in animal protein, fiber and spices. As a cause of this, I believe my food intake must include higher amount of water. If possible, can you suggest me some diet tips that I can follow duly.

    If you do, I can proceed on following your technique positively. More tips from your side is totally appreciated.

    IBS is said to be incurable. Incurable because, the cause of IBS is unidentifiable. But some comments like yours have given me hope and have influenced me to move forward in finding a cure which I believe does exist.

    1. IBS has nothing to do with diet. There is not enough energy for the digestive system in IBS.
      There is no logic for higher amount of water if one is not taking protein. In fact there is no need for water in case we are not eating.
      I have no idea about diet that is good for a particular disease. So I do not restrict the diet. I restrict the carrier of diet. That is fluid in the form of blood.

      IBS and every other disease is incurable. You may not have read about other diseases.
      GERD (Acidity), Migraine, Cold and cough, Sinus, Celiac, Diabetes, BP, Heart Disease, thyroid, Eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo etc.

      There is not cure for any disease.

      Listen to my youtube videos. Every one tells his story. That when he/ she tried a cure there were other side effects which made them stop the medicines. But in One cure there are no side effects. A person who tries for cure of one disease finds at the end that his other diseases / conditions have also improved or cured.

      The only possible cure of IBS is dehydration

  51. hello sir,my uncle was diagnised with stage 4 lung cancer…my husband thinking of taking homeopathy medicine from jaipur doctor rishi…becos he has high succes rates in treating…but for each month he takes nearly 50k ..and need to follow for 5-6 months…my husband is beliving him truely…he wants to continue this with allopathy….plz give ur suggestion on this …how true is homeopathy. And does this can be cured by hydration dehydration cycles…he is at stage 4 and doctor says he will be having lifrtime of max 6 months….

    Waiting for rply


  52. Dear Mr. Rajinder Singh Bhalla,
    7 weeks ago I developed sciatica and while browsing the Internet for some help I’ve found your blog. I strictly followed all your instructions about “One Cure for All Diseases” (including the exercise and walk and rest routines). After five days my sciatica really faded away. So, thank you million times!
    I have also been a systemic lupus erythematosus patient for about 35 years now, initially with lung and liver involvement, but later lupus also affected my central nervous system. I continued following your instructions and my condition improved, so that I have no pain at the moment. Last week my rheumatologist made some blood tests and he told me that lupus was no longer active. Now I feel much, much better, but I’m still worried because my central nervous system is improving so slowly. So that I can barely walk and move my arms because of my poor coordination and muscle weakness. I hope I’m doing the right thing and I sincerely hope, that you have some additional advice for improving my condition.
    Thank you in advance!

  53. Hello,

    Have quite severe piles/haemmoroids (I believe grade 3/4).

    Could you kindly let me know what to do? Truly want to avoid surgery.

    Also keen to lose weight.


  54. Hello Rajinder Singh Bhalla,

    I read and read and read your information and still have problems to fully get it.

    PLEASE, do not misunderstand me. I absolutely appreciate what you discovered. What it needs, in my opinion, is a thorough organization of all your content.

    Just the drinking water with meals and drinking water with an empty stomach is confusing.

    “”All the diseases listed at the right of your website need to be connected with the exact cure or treatment.”” It helps to eliminate many question bc of uncertainty. It will look so much better for all of those who love to ridicule you and disqualify as a quacksalver.

    It is work worth it.

    As a European living in the US, I might not get your English properly. It also might be partially cultural. Again I believe you got the solution tho the “Cure of all Diseases” and that makes a thoroughly organized information even more important. We truly need to heal ourself. Along with a clear mind, we function much better than when we feel like cavemen.

    Think about the 400 million people suffering from Diabetes 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

    With all the respect,
    Peter Kunz

    I did advertising for the 5 biggest pharmaceutical companies and learned how powerful well-presented information will be.

  55. Hello Hello Rajinder Singh Bhalla,

    This is a suggestion about how it could be written.
    Pls pay attention to my question at the end.

    Peter Kunz

    Your version:
    Day 1 to 5 – Drink 200 to 300 ml water with each meal. 3 meals in 24 hours. So one should drink 600 ml to 900 ml of water on these days.

    Your version:
    Day 6 and 7 – Drink 200 to 300 ml every 90 minutes to 2 hours from 7 am to 6 pm. So that will be 1200 ml to 2700 ml on these days. This will include drinking 200 to 300 ml water with each as well. On these 2 days also one should drink water with each meal.

    Day 1 to 5
    Drink 200 to 300 ml of water every day with 3 meals within 24 hours.

    Day 6 and Day 7
    Drink 200 to 300 ml every 90 minutes to 2 hours from 7 am to 6 pm.
    Every day include 3 meals with 200 to 300ml of water. For these 2 days, it will be 1200ml to 2700ml.

    When do you walk for 5 minutes and when do you lay down for 5 to 10 minutes?

    1. Thanks for your suggestions. I will make changes as suggestion in next few days.

      The best time for walk and rest are – immediately after getting up in the morning and just before sleeping.

      One should lay down for 5 minutes immediately after finishing 5 minutes of walking.

      So normally walk and rest is to be done at home only.

    2. Hello Rajinder Singh Bhalla,

      I am taking a break from the hectic life to find out more about myself. I believe there is more than working and running for money. While working with your suggestion, I do see improvements with my metabolism.
      I have no pain at all. Sleep well and enough, enjoy nature, drink much less water as you suggest. I have a very positive mind and laugh a lot.

      I had an accident 35 years ago with my car, which overturned 2 times. I broke my left toe and got a cast. My Chinese TCM doctor told me a year ago when the numbness started that the capillaries are much smaller than veins and therefore have no blood circulation. He worked with heating pads/moxibustion which partially helped. Also, Infrared Sauna did the reduce symptoms. With your suggestion, my left foot is much much less numb. During the nighttime, I feel the numbness which dissolves up to 80% after walking around.

      I am suspicious that I have Type 2 diabetes. I can’t lose the build-up below my belly and around my waist. It is not visible with a shirt but looking wobbly

      I am very optimistic about your therapy suggestion.

      With the food suggestion, I am a kind of insurance. I eat berries, banana and apple and Avocado, honey, bread, vegetable, fish, olive oil and apple cider vinegar, use fermented food and garlic. I am suspicious that I still overeat. I barely lose weight. I drink 4 espressos a day. No tea. No smoking. No alcohol. No medication, since childhood. Our family does not trust doctors.
      If you have a correction concerning food, I do appreciate it very much.

      I do 4 times 5 minutes walk in the morning and 4 times 5 minutes walk in the afternoon and 2 times 5 minutes walks in the evening before going to sleep. After the walks, I lay down for 5 to 10 minutes.

      I do also understand that drinking a small glass of water with the food intake supports the digestion. More water washes the nutrients out of the body and leaves the organs without the necessary nourishing.

      This is my comment about the effect of your suggestion.

      I am looking forward hearing from you.

      Thank you Rajinder Singh Bhalla


      PS I am suspicious that I have Type 2 diabetes. I can’t loose the build up below my belly and around my waist. It is not really visible with a shirt but looking wobbly

      I am very optimistig with your therapy suggetion.
      With the food suggestion I am a kind of insure. I eat berries, banana and apple and Avocado, honey, bread, vegetable, fish, olive oil and apple cider vinagre, use fermented food and garlic. I amsuspicious that I still eat tomuch. I barely loose weight. I drink 4 spresso a day. No tea. No smoking. No alcohol. No medication, since childhood. Our family does not trust doctors.
      If you have a correction conerning food I do appreciate it very much.

      I do 4 times 5 minutes walk in the morning and 4 times 5 minutes walk in the afternoon and 2 times 5 minutes walks in the evenung before going to sleep. After the walks I lay down for 5 to 10 minutes.
      I do understand that the walking makes me getting up from sitting and to give the organs or the whole bidy a break fromthe long sitting which is not godd for my organs.
      I do also understand that drinking a small glass of water with the food intake supports the digestion. More water washes the nutrients out of the body and leaves the organs without the necessary nourishing.

      I learned to love myself and therefore I do what is best for my body and my long life. And I must say the breaks are relaxing and it greates positive thoughts-

      Thank you Rajinder Singh Bhalla


      1. Too much fruits and fiber is not good for health. You can increase your intake of breads and reduce fruits gradually.
        Stop 4 espresso. Rest is fine.

  56. How about using diuretics like Black Coffee etc. when following the above 2 steps? Do they decrease the mineral content along with water and are thus better to avoid?

  57. Hi Rajinder Ji,

    I started following your blog and did few changes in my diet. And I am getting improvements.
    Changes I did
    Taking fluid with meals (water/buttermilk)
    Decreased my water intake to 2-2.5 L
    I have felt improvment in my overall digestion.

    I have one query.
    Vitamin and minerals are of two kinds. Fat soluble and Water soluble.
    Water soluble can be balanced by your theory of hydration/dehydration.
    How about fat soluble, science they do not get excreted with water and are hard to excrete if overdosed.
    Does Taking less food or fasting can help in this case.

    1. Every thing is balanced by hydration dehydration. This improves the metabolism. Increased metabolism uses more fat.
      You can safely reduce water intake to 600 ml a day. Once in 7 days increase the water intake to 2 liters a day.

      Walk and rest are also very good.

  58. Can we do pranayama along with this? eg, Kapalbhati, Anulom vilom etc. Should it be done after walking or before walking?

    1. No need for these when doing walk and rest routines. If you still want to do them, it is ok to do 1-2 times in a week

  59. Hi Sir.
    A friend of mine had 1st stent implant in 2014 , later in March & July 2019 he had back to back heart attack. Now he is on medication but as per latest update his heart strength is deteriorating & gone weak. He is always dizzy & facing difficulty in breathing. Please suggest possible options to help him.
    He is 37 yrs now.

    1. Get in touch on whatsapp +91-9971730965

      But in brief if your friend is on BP medicines then it may be little risky to reduce the water intake to 3 glasses a day.

      But breathing difficulty can be solved in 48 hours by walk and rest routines and reducing the water and other fluids intake. Better to give complete details and get in touch over phone call on 9971730965

  60. Hello,

    A couple of questions on the suggestions you published above.

    1. The 7 day hydration dehydration cycle you suggest on the top of the page should be done for how many days? Is this meant to be a lifelong practice or is it meant to be done at periodic intervals like once a month or something like that?

    2. Also the same question for walk rest routines. Are they meant to be a lifelong practice or are they meant to be done at periodic intervals?

    Thank you for your response.

    P.S. I don’t have any major health conditions yet thankfully, just ran into your information and got curious about it. I do take daily medicine for hypothyroidism though, just so you know. Thanks, again!

    1. The routines suggested are for life. But minor deviations for festivals and parties are ok. Walk and rest is also for life. But this can be adjusted in life style so that time can be saved.

  61. Hi Rajinder,

    Can I pay for your services to help me?
    I am trying to understand my body and fluid intakes, and how to explain crashes I have, and how best to look after my body. I feel as though I need your knowledge to help me.

    Do you have e-mail so I can write to you in more detail?
    I will pay for service.

    Thank you

    1. My Bank account details are –
      Name – Rajinder Singh Bhalla
      Bank – State Bank of India
      Saving Bank account – 10634258504
      Swift No. SBININBB378
      IFSC – SBIN0009110

  62. Hi Sir,

    “Drink 200 to 300 ml water with each meal”, is it mean drink 200 to 300 ml water before meal or after meal or at the same time?
    Thank you.

  63. Hi, I’m use to walking a lot so can I walk one hour/rest one hour? This 5 minute thing is very cumbersome. Thanks, LL

    1. No. Walking for 1 hour will not do any good. One should not walk for more than 5 minutes at a time if he is trying to increase the metabolic rate. Walking for long hours to test the stamina is ok

  64. Hi sir, i thought of giving this a try
    the 7 days 3 glass, 9th day extra glasses, 10th day no water. The walk n rest routine. N having little sugar in every 2hours.
    I have digestive issues (mainly morning diarrhoea and food intolerance) for 7 months now n currently having weakness/dizziness n hair fall for a month now.
    I can’t have water with the meal it gave me more pain n watery stool, so im having it an hour after breakfast, n other 45 minutes before lunch n dinner
    But does this method works on a nonveg diet,?cuz im not entirely vegetarian

    1. whatsapp me on 919971730965.

      There are some changes. Walk and rest and hydration dehydration cycles both are important. You should not drink water after the meal. You should drink water 1 hour before meal. If you do not want to have water with the meal, that is ok.

  65. Hello Sir
    I’ve been suffering from acid reflux due to h pylori for the second time in 6 years. Dr prescribed antibiotics and ppi again but I don’t want to take them again. Can I cure this problem and eliminate h pylori naturally.

  66. Sir, I have multiple lipomas from a decade. Operated to remove the larger ones (1cm+) few years ago. Any help to cure or reduce the lipomas?

    1. Currently the suggestions for Hydration Dehydration Cycles are –

      No fruits during first week. From second week onward start including fruits.

      No tea etc No milk or milk products

      Day 1

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Total water 2 glasses.

      Eat fruits at 2 pm or 11 pm

      Day 2

      7 am – 1 glass of water

      8 am – 1 glass of water

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      4 pm – 1 glass of water

      5 pm – 1 glass of water

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Total water 6 glasses.

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Day 3

      7 am – 1 glass of water

      8 am – 1 glass of water

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      4 pm – 1 glass of water

      5 pm – 1 glass of water

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Total water 6 glasses.

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Day 4

      7 am – 1 glass of water

      8 am – 1 glass of water

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      4 pm – 1 glass of water

      5 pm – 1 glass of water

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Day 5

      7 am – 1 glass of water

      8 am – 1 glass of water

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      4 pm – 1 glass of water

      5 pm – 1 glass of water

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Day 6

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Total water 2 glasses.

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Day 7

      1 glass of water every hour from 7 am to 9 pm

      Meal at 10 am and 6 pm

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Walk and rest (every day)

      5 minutes every 30 to 60 minutes

      Total 15 times in a day

      Get healthier by walking more. The Pacer app is a great way to start.

      Join this group

      This group has other member as well. You will stay motivated with the progress of other memebers. They can see ur step count. Same you can also see.

      People with high BP and on medicine should do walk and rest routines only for first 15 days. After that they should stop the BP medicines. They should monitor their BP regularly since the BP medicines effect the fluid balance of the body. Those who have been diagnosed with high BP recently and are not taking medicines can start the above. There will be no need of any medicines.

      Those who have problems following these suggestions should contact me personally over phone.

      Do not force yourself for dehydration in the beginning. This is natural system of the body. This system will automatically take care of thirst of the body. To understand the thirst mechanism watch the video given in the beginning of the profile. You should not feel thirsty. If you feel thirst take 1 sip of water. Within less then 10 days your body will adjust. Do not worry about the urine colour.

      Walk and Rest Routines

      After getting up in the morning rest for 5 to 10 minutes.

      Walk for 5 minutes at normal pace in the home.

      Rest in bed (sitting is not ok) for 5 minutes.

      Repeat 5 minutes walk and 5 minutes rest for 30 minutes and over a period of 15 days increase to 60 minutes. Those who are other healthy and young can start with one hour.

      Do the same before sleeping at the end of the day as well.

      During the day do walk and rest every 1 hours. During day instead of rest in bed it could be sitting.

      The above will help in weight loss as well as weight gain and will cure diabetes and other diseases completely and permanently.

  67. Sir,

    Stuck in moldy home

    sinus, brain infection, skin infection, ibs

    walk/rest, sugar throughout day,water with meals for 3 weeks

    result: no more ibs, skin infections cleared

    sinus symptoms and headaches still, also caffeine and nicotine

    do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you and much respect.

    1. Currently the suggestions for Hydration Dehydration Cycles are –

      No fruits during first week. From second week onward start including fruits.

      No tea etc No milk or milk products

      Day 1

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Total water 2 glasses.

      Eat fruits at 2 pm or 11 pm

      Day 2

      7 am – 1 glass of water

      8 am – 1 glass of water

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      4 pm – 1 glass of water

      5 pm – 1 glass of water

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Total water 6 glasses.

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Day 3

      7 am – 1 glass of water

      8 am – 1 glass of water

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      4 pm – 1 glass of water

      5 pm – 1 glass of water

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Total water 6 glasses.

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Day 4

      7 am – 1 glass of water

      8 am – 1 glass of water

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      4 pm – 1 glass of water

      5 pm – 1 glass of water

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Day 5

      7 am – 1 glass of water

      8 am – 1 glass of water

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      4 pm – 1 glass of water

      5 pm – 1 glass of water

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Day 6

      9 am – 1 glass of water with meal

      6 pm – 1 glass of water with meal

      Total water 2 glasses.

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Day 7

      1 glass of water every hour from 7 am to 9 pm

      Meal at 10 am and 6 pm

      Eat fruits at 2 pm and 11 pm

      Walk and rest (every day)

      5 minutes every 30 to 60 minutes

      Total 15 times in a day

      Get healthier by walking more. The Pacer app is a great way to start.

      Join this group

      This group has other member as well. You will stay motivated with the progress of other memebers. They can see ur step count. Same you can also see.

      People with high BP and on medicine should do walk and rest routines only for first 15 days. After that they should stop the BP medicines. They should monitor their BP regularly since the BP medicines effect the fluid balance of the body. Those who have been diagnosed with high BP recently and are not taking medicines can start the above. There will be no need of any medicines.

      Those who have problems following these suggestions should contact me personally over phone.

      Do not force yourself for dehydration in the beginning. This is natural system of the body. This system will automatically take care of thirst of the body. To understand the thirst mechanism watch the video given in the beginning of the profile. You should not feel thirsty. If you feel thirst take 1 sip of water. Within less then 10 days your body will adjust. Do not worry about the urine colour.

      Walk and Rest Routines

      After getting up in the morning rest for 5 to 10 minutes.

      Walk for 5 minutes at normal pace in the home.

      Rest in bed (sitting is not ok) for 5 minutes.

      Repeat 5 minutes walk and 5 minutes rest for 30 minutes and over a period of 15 days increase to 60 minutes. Those who are other healthy and young can start with one hour.

      Do the same before sleeping at the end of the day as well.

      During the day do walk and rest every 1 hours. During day instead of rest in bed it could be sitting.

      The above will help in weight loss as well as weight gain and will cure diabetes and other diseases completely and permanently.

  68. It would have been better if I didn’t continue the 1/2 spoon sugar every hour while doing the current suggestions for dehyration/hydration.

    The combination of the current suggestions and continuing 1/2 spoon sugar every 1-2 hours caused renal failure.

  69. Hello Doctor,

    i have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjögren’s Syndrome. Eyes, throat, mouth very dry. Eyes red all the time, blurry and double vision developing. Doctors suggest more fluids but i have been following the hydration/dehydration for some time yet not seeing improvement in the symptoms. Has anyone else with these conditions been benefitted by your system? Thank you.

    1. Tell me exactly what you have been doing.
      I do not trust that by following my suggestions you would not see any improvement in 7 days.

      But anyway if you have not seen any improvement, then do not follow the suggestions. You can reach me at 9971730965 and discuss

      1. Dear Sir,
        Thank you for your strong reply and your amazing system and kind effort to improve health in India.
        i am doing the best i can in the situation i find myself. Meal time can vary by hours in a given day and sometimes dairy is provided, sometimes you cannot ascertain at what time the meal will arrive so taking water an hour or half-hour before is not always successful. There is no excuse for not eating what is provided and no opportunity for eating elsewhere. Taking water with meals on ‘water with meals’ days is okay. Despite these restrictions i must be experiencing some benefit because i keep trying to improve my h/d and w/r performance within the given constraints. My joint pain is much less, as is the catching in the tendons, but the dry throat and dry mouth and red, dry, blurry eyes, and itching ears continues and sometime maybe once or twice in a day tendons do catch very painfully. I feel compelled to continue on even imperfectly as i suspect the benefit will outweigh the difficulty. I hope to be able to update you soon with better news. Respectfully yours,

        1. I am extremely sorry for strong words. I would do anything to help you. Be in touch on whatsapp 91-9971730965. That way I can reply faster and may be in time.
          Since when you are following h/d and w/r.
          Hope you recover soon.

          1. Your confidence is highly commendable and compelling. I will contact you on WhatsApp. Thank you again, sir.

  70. The water routine from day 1 to 7. Is this just cure or we can follow this drinking water routine throughout our life. Repeat every week 1 to 7 water drinking pattern.

    1. Something on these lines should be followed for life.
      I keep making changes to these based on feedback and changes in weather.
      Keep checking for updates to hydration dehydration cycles

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