Cure mouth ulcers in 24 hours

Cure mouth ulcers in 24 hours

Cure mouth ulcers in 24 hours

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Mouth ulcers are caused due to lack of minerals in the body due to drinking too much fluids.

Mineral level can be increased in 12 hours or less by restricting the fluid intake. There are 10000s of people who have benefited from this. I am on Quora at number 1 position with the same cure for more than 2 years now. No scientist or doctor is able to move me from that position.

Recent Case

Father of a young patient Contacted me on 24.06.2019 after reading this message. The mobile recording and whatsapp messages are available in the form of a video on youtube. Click here for the video

The discussion in brief is as under –

The patient was suffering from mouth ulcers since the age of 6 years. Currently the patient is 18 year old. He sough treatment from doctors from all medicines systems without any relief. During the first call, when I asked about details of the fluid intake, father insisted that I should assume the fluid intake to be 2 liters a day. I insisted that I must speak to the patient. After discussion with the patient, it appeared that the average fluid intake of the patient is 5 liters a day. I suggested to limit the fluid intake to 600 ml a day for next day and the patient reported some improvement. Today (4th day) when I called the patient reported that he got complete relief from mouth ulcers.

The burning question –

What is happening to the medical research. 10000s of doctors have read about my cure. They are not willing to test the same. This is the fastest cure in the world. A person who suffers from mouth ulcers has higher risk of mouth cancer as well. So one can conclude easily that this is best prevention against any kind of cancer.

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Do people feel more thirsty before heart attack? Why?

Do people feel more thirsty before heart attack? Why?

Do people feel more thirsty before heart attack? Why?


People feel more thirsty before heart attack. I have made video to help you understand why people feel thirsty before a heart attack.

Do you think it is important for people to understand why do they feel more thirsty?

Do you think any heart patient has asked his doctors the question about his thirst?

Why do you think people do not ask such simple questions to their doctors?

Do you think doctors ever try to find the cause of any condition.

Now let me tell me when people feel thirsty.

Diabetics, People with High Cholesterol, GERD Patients, Acidity Patients, People with eating disorders, People with heart blockage, PCOS Patients, People with Erectile dysfunction, Eczema Patients, Mouth Ulcer Patients, Constipation Patients, Migraine Patients, Obese people, Thin people, Arthritis Patients and list is endless.

And one simple answer to the above is – Anybody who drinks too much water feels excessively thirsty.

Doctors advise you to drink at least 3-5 liters of water. Some will go to the extent of telling patients to drink 8 liters or more water. When I got kidney stones, the doctor told me to drink 8 liters of water.

Any doctors who tell you to drink 8 liters of water is extremely sick. Fun part is that in 2016 a senior doctors told me that if anybody tells that he drinks 4 liters of water a day, he is telling a lie. He said that no one can drink that kind of water. I was shocked.

Not because he was telling that one should not drink too much water.

Because he said that no one can drink so much water. That means he was not aware that people drink too much water. And it is a fact that people in the ICU of which he was in-charge often used to drink more than 4 liters of water a day.

Anybody who gets thirsty often is sick. Thirst is the first sign of sickness and serious health issues. Not only diabetes but 100s of diseases.

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