Are the diabetes medicines safe

Are the diabetes medicines safe

Are the diabetes medicines safe

First you need to understand what is diabetes.

In diabetes the cells of the body do not get enough glucose. Glucose in cells is necessary for survival. No one can survive without enough glucose in cells.

All diabetes medicines cause tiredness which indicates that after starting diabetes medicines the supply of glucose to cells has further reduced. In other words the medicines for diabetes is slow poison that is being given to you.

The explanation given for insulin injections is that the cells have become insulin insensitive. Insulin is necessary for driving more glucose in the cells.

Is that was true than after starting the insulin injections a person should feel highly energetic. But that does not happen. People start feeling more tired. There is muscle loss as well. All this also means that there is further reduction in glucose supply to the cells after starting insulin therapy.

So it means that there is lot of misinformation around medicines. The authorities are ignoring all these. Authorities have become helpless.

The day you stop being thirsty your energy levels increase. Your muscle loss stops. You can eat more. You can digest more. You are less tense. You are in happy mode.

If you are able to see increase in your energy levels inspite of increased blood sugar levels that is good for health. Energy level is the only indicator of supply of glucose in the cells.

Do not delay. Call know.