Bad Breath Cause Cure Oral Hygiene Gum Disease

Bad Breath Cause Cure Oral Hygiene Gum Disease

Bad Breath Cause Cure Oral Hygiene Gum Disease

Bad Breath Cause

Lack of saliva is the cause of bad breath. You can use any product in the market. None will give a solution. You can get rid of bad breath by using these products for 2-3 hours at best.

Lack of saliva is caused due to drinking too much fluids. You need to understand what causes thirst to be able to regulate your fluid intake. Watch my video to understand the thirst mechanism in our body. Once you understand thirst system, your saliva will increase in 2 to 3 days by almost 10 times.

Bad Breath Cure

Drink one glass of water with each meal. The water that we drink with meals gets in our blood and increases our blood volume and also blood circulation. Improved blood circulation will increase the saliva in our mouth.

Normal blood volume is 4 to 5 liters. The shortage is usually half liter. Drinking 200 ml with each meal will increase the blood volume by half liter in 24 hours in most of the cases.

But at the same time we have to keep in mind that during these days we should not be drinking any other fluid. Drink fluid (water) only with your meal. This water with meal should also be restricted to 200 to 250 ml with each meal.

Once your saliva increases you will get rid of bad breath permanently.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused when debris of food remain in our mouth for long periods of time. When our saliva is thick and less, the particles of food get stuck in our saliva and ferment causing bad breath.

Once the saliva increases we keep gulping the excess saliva frequently. That gulping process removes all debris of food to our stomach. That improves our digestion and energy as well.

Following the suggestion of hydration dehydration cycles will ensure healthy teeth till we die.

Oral Hygiene

There is no need of any oral hygiene. This is marketing stunt. I have not used any tooth paste or tooth brush or powders for last 20 years. Still at the age of 58 year my gums, my teeth are perfect. There is never any bad smell. You can ask for video call to check the condition of my teeth.

I have never been to any dental surgeon. In fact a dental surgeon called me for my suggestions on dental care for his family member.

At best one can use a baby tooth brush (softest) in the morning to remove any debris of the food left over due to indigestion and fluid imbalance in the body. If one follows my suggestions there will be no need of this even. But so much of rules spoil the fun. So it is better to use softest baby brush once in the morning. Brushing every time after the meal will cause indigestion. Indigestion is also leading cause of bad breath.