Acidity GERD Cure in 48 hours

Acidity GERD Cure in 48 hours

Acidity GERD Cure in 48 hours

Acidity is caused due to low stomach acids. The cause of low stomach acids is excess fluid intake. Usually our kidneys deal with excess fluid intake efficiently. But with passage of time the excess fluids starts accumulating in cells resulting in low metabolic rate and host of the diseases like migraine, acidity, indigestion, constipation, heart burn, diabetes, BP and heart disease. The list is just illustrative.

To get relief from acidity all that you have to do is reduce your fluids intake. You should count the following towards your fluid intake –

  • Water
  • Tea, coffee
  • milk
  • butter milk
  • curd
  • fruits
  • salad
  • raw vegetables
  • fruit juices – fresh or packed
  • cold drinks

Avoid milk and milk products in acidity. I personally suggest to eliminate Milk, tea, coffee from your life forever.

Drink 200 to 250 ml water with each meal. No other fluids during the day. Eat full 3 meals during the day. So the total water intake during the day should be only 600 to 750 ml. Usually this much fluid is enough for the day.

Besides limiting your fluid intake as above do walk and rest as well.

  • walk for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes of bed rest.
  • Repeat this walk and rest for 60 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes before you sleep at night.

If you read this post any other time of the day, do not wait for night or next day morning, start walk and rest. By the time you are ready to sleep it will give you 50% of more relief.

Walk and rest has worked in case of patients who have been treated by the most expensive doctors in Delhi for GERD, heart burn and acid reflux. People who have spent more than 10K on various tests in hospitals without any relief get substantial relief in first 2 hours of walk and rest.

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How can we Control Acidity

How can we Control Acidity

How can we Control Acidity

Blood acid (Blood pH) level must be maintained within a tight range of 7.35 to 7.45.

What happens when we drink too much of fluids.

To maintain the same amount of Blood acid levels the body has to produce more of acids because of abundance of fluids in the body.

There is very good effort to list the causes of acidity at the following link – List of causes of Acidity

  1. Spicy food tops the list – Lot of people eat very spicy food specially the punjabis and villagers without getting acidity. Spices are best for a very good digestion. Google the goodness of Indian spices.
  2. Excess Fibre consumption – Every doctors prescribes lot of fibre to fight constipation, to lose weight, to maintain clean and healthy body. But it sounds some what logical. But too much fibre is too bad for health and constipation. There are other web sites which say too much fibre is too bad for health.
  3. Cancer – I should not touch this subject. Acidity causes cancer. Every ayurved doctors says that. More than half of the world is fed that acidity is the cause of cancer. Now here you have cancer as the cause of acidity.
  4. Stress – Stress and God card can be played in every situation.
  5. Irregular meals – The whole rural population eats only 2 times in a day. This irregular meals concept beats me. More than 70% of this world’s population eats only 1 or 2 times and do not suffer from acidity.
  6. Lack of sleep – This is the new stress and God. This is being included in every list these days.

Then what is the actual cause of acidity. Read whatsapp conversation with a 22 year old person who was cured in 5 days of acute acidity after taking treatment for 9 months from allopaths and homeopaths

I have helped Yoga instructor also to get rid of acidity in 48 hours. Most of the old Yoga instructors suffer from acidity. Read here – why Yoga instructors suffer from acidity

To get rid of acidity follow 3 steps to perfect health.