Inflammatory and Non Inflammatory Foods

Desperation of Scientists is manifested in the statements branding the foods as inflammatory and anti-inflammatory.

The same foods are consumed by billions of people every day without causing any inflammation. Just because a food causes inflammation in less then 0.1% of the population, the scientists have termed the foods as inflammatory.

Milk and other Diary products, wheat etc are branded as inflammatory. These cause celiac and other auto-immune system related diseases.

Tea is Anti-inflammatory but causes inflammation (acidity) in more than 20% of the tea drinkers some time in their life.

It is not the food which is inflammatory or anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation is sign of a food not getting accepted in the body. That food is in excess. That food may be too deficient. That food needs to be excreted from the body urgently.

Chronic inflammation is the cause for every disease. Chronic inflammation is the cause for aging as per scientists today.

Water causes inflammation the most. The reason – when water is in excess it makes digestion difficult. Excess of water causes less absorption of nutrients in the body.

There is very strong need to re-look at the inflammation aspects and theory.