Steps for Curing Eczema in 15 days permanently forever

Steps for Curing Eczema in 15 days permanently forever

Steps for Curing Eczema in 15 days permanently forever

Step 1 –

Stop all fluids, tea, coffee, fruits, salad, milk, chocolate, butter milk (lassi) etc except water as mentioned below.

Day 1 to 3 – Drink 200 ml water with each meal. Children below 5 years to be given 50 ml only. Children below 10 years 100 ml. Children below 15 years 150 ml. Same applies to water to be taken on other days as well. Salt also needs to be reduced in their case.

Day 4 – Drink 200 ml water with 1/4 spoon of table salt every 2 hours.

Day 5 – No water for 36 hours starting from Day 4 night. The 36 hours will be counted from Day 4 – 9 pm to day 6 morning 9 am.

Day 6 to 10 – Day 1 to 3 – Drink 200 ml water with each meal.

During this period there will be flare ups for 3 days or so. Usually after day 4. You will have to bear that.

Step 2 – 

Morning after getting up – Walk for 5 minutes at easy pace in your house or wherever you can lie down on after walking for 5 minutes. If you must go to park, take a yoga mat or something like mat for lying down.

Repeat this walk and rest for 1 hour. People older than 50 years can start with 30 minutes and progress to 60 minutes after 7 days.

Do this step at night before you sleep.

Result to expect on day 10 you should be free of eczema. In some chronic cases it may take upto 15 days. In case of relapse after 2 months or so repeat the above steps. The best is to reduce overall fluid intake.

After 15 days there will not be need for any restriction except reduction in over all fluid intake.

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