How to get rid of Irregular periods

How to get rid of Irregular periods

How to get rid of Irregular periods

  1. Eat well. Eating less does not result in weight loss. It leads to lot of other complications in life such as PCOS/ PCOD, weight gain, thyroid, diabetes, BP, migraine, acidity, heart diseases etc. Vital organs of the Body needs energy to function properly. 3 meals a day is a must. Eat at 5 to 6 hours interval.
  2. Drink 200 ml water with each meal. Avoid drinking water except with meals. Once in 10 days drink 200 ml water every hour. That is only once in 10 days. On rest of the days total water intake should be 600 ml with meals only. Drinking more water does not help in bright skin or better skin. It is a myth that drinking water improves skin. I treat all skin conditions by restricting water intake. Do not drink water to kill hunger. Excess of water intake is main cause of all diseases.
  3. Walk and rest is best exercise to ensure proper energy supply to vital organs. One should walk for 5 minutes at easy pace in the house. After walking rest in bed for 5 minutes. Repeat this for 60 minutes in the morning after getting up. Also repeat for 1 hour before sleeping at night. Do not take it easy. This can cure any health condition in 7 days. It can cure heart disease involving operations of 5 lacs within 7 days. Exercise does not help in increasing energy levels after the age of 12. If you want to exercise start with walk and rest. After 15 days introduce light exercises gradually. One should start with exercises 3 times in a week. Go slow.
  4. Ghee and oils are essential for healthy body. Recently keto diet has picked up. But there are side effects of following any diet plan. So increase fat intake. Reduce or eliminating fat intake does not help in losing or maintaining weight.

The above steps will cure irregular periods in less than 15 days. You can be sure of regular painless periods every 28 days. There is 100% result from every one. Girls should start above from the age of 8 years or as early as possible to rule out any complications in life.

Even girls having irregular periods at any age will see results in 15 days or less.

The above steps will bring all round improvement in health.

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