Role of Diet in weight Loss Efforts

Role of Diet in weight Loss Efforts

Role of Diet in weight Loss Efforts

Listen to the discussion with 32 yr old Lady. In her efforts to lose weight she started cutting down on food intake, started eating easy to digest food etc.

Easy to digest food comes with minimal nutrients. That will work only for few days – maximum 7 days.

The more complex food will have more nutrients. Spices etc will improve stomach acids.

The most important part is giving your food enough time to digest before we eat something else. Lack of knowledge and sharing of information with public is making the whole world sick. Today doctors are worst in health index.

We must oppose the amount of money that is spent on researching the medicines. Medicines will never cure any disease. The efforts that are being put in medicines has not given any results in last 100 years. The quality of life has suffered immensely. There is no reason to trust any pharma company or their research.

If we would have spent even 10% of the government expense on research in involving public in the research, we would have got 100 times better results.

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