Urine glucose test strips

Urine glucose test strips

Urine glucose test strips

I wonder why these non invasive urine glucose test strips have disappeared from the market. I have been suggesting people with diabetes to try hydration dehydration cycles and walk and rest routines to cure diabetes in 7 days.

Initially in first 7 days the blood sugar drops even after discontinuing with the medicines. The blood sugar reaches normal levels.

But after 15 to 20 days the blood sugar starts rising. In some cases it goes beyond 300 also. I had been wondering what could be the cause. Finally I decided to check the urine glucose in people with more than 300 blood sugar. Surprisingly there was no glucose in the urine. But these people got it checked at the hospital.

Most of the people reported that urine glucose strips are not available with the local chemists.

Today I google and found a wiki article on the subject. I think it is important for everyone to read how important it is test urine glucose. Click here for the full article.

People may not be inclined to buy 100 strips. They do not need to test again and again.

So one of the option which I thought of was supplying repacked packs of 10s of these strips with add on expenses of courier. The price which I will offer will be Rs. 100/- for 10 strips.

Or alternatively you can buy a bottle of 100 strips and left over strips can be sent to me at 25% discount.

These test strips were available on amazon Click here

These strips can check only urine glucose. There are strips that can check a variety of parameters.  For 2 parameters strips РClick here

For 4 parameters strips – Click here

I may plan repacking all these strips in 4,2,2 as well to give a wider option to you.