Bed Wetting Cure Best option

Bed Wetting Cure Best option

Bed Wetting Cure Best option – The earlier option was to drink lot of water (if the child was dehydrated and there was severe imbalance in the body).

Bed Wetting Cure Best option
Bed Wetting Cure Best option

If the water intake was very high in case of any child, the earlier recommendation was to add 1 pinch of salt 3-4 times in the water. That ensured the required reduction in fluid intake. In some cases there could be repetition of bed wetting in next season.

Now I feel that too much salt is something parents will not be comfortable with.

It was sort of permanent cure but does not seem to be best option.

The best option is –

To drink water 50 to 100 ml every 30 minutes for 3-4 days

or in case of a child who drinks too much water – 1 pinch of salt should be added for 3-4 days. Once the water intake is reduced, the child should practice the water routine mentioned on Home page.

Acidity, Acid Reflux, GERD Cure – Case 1

Acidity, Acid Reflux, GERD Cure – Case 1

Brief about Patient

  • 80 year old
  • Osteoporosis
  • Severe Constipation
  • Seizures (on Medication for last 20 or more years, Tagritol 400 mg)
  • Sepsis
  • Chronic Kidney Failure (4 or 5 stage)
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hiatal Hernia
  • Elevated head for more than 5 years due to GERD and Hiatal Hernia

Adopted routine mentioned on the home page. It took about 2 months and got rid of every thing. He can sleep with a simple pillow under his head.

He is taking no medicine currently for last 4 months.


Acidity, Acid Reflux, GERD

Acidity, Acid Reflux, GERD

I had Mouth ulcer a number of times in my life. Every time I will go to doctor he will prescribe a gel and some medicines and advise to drink lot of water.

About 8-10 years back every thing in my life seemed to be going wrong way. My health was deteriorating every day.

At last I had severe acidity for more than 6 months. My Mouth Ulcers will not go away. I could not eat spicy food at all. My life became miserable. I would do nothing except thinking – how can I manage my acidity?

I tried every thing. I drank lots of water. I drank milk. I took acidity injections. I took medicines. I took ENO. Every passing day the things were becoming difficult.

When I started experimenting with dehydration. My acidity disappeared. Now at the age of 52 years I can eat anything in any quantity that can cause acidity, GERD and acid reflux. I can eat 1 kg oil (Any oil, worst) soaked pakoras in one day, drink plenty of water with pakoras or after pakoras. I am open to almost all challenges that may come my way. It has to be reasonable keeping in view my health. Off course I can not eat 5 kg of any thing. I am a small frame person.

Any person with acidity should practice restricting (stopping) all kinds of fluids for upto 24 hours 2 times every week.

Before trying dehydration, I tried all types of medicines, injections, eno etc. Nothing worked.

For logic and reasoning read Home page. Sinus, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar.

Simple guidance to manage acidity –

  • Drink small portions of water (50 ml – child to 100 ml – Adult) every 30 minutes for 3-4 days.
  • Give up water and all other fluids for 4th or 5th day. Eat normal foods.
  • 5 or 6 th day you will be free of acidity.

After a gap of 1 day repeat the above steps.

Within 1 month you will have absolute control over your health.

Hydration Experiences

Hydration Experiences

The pages on this blog are based on my personal experiences over a period of last 8 to 10 years. The journey broadly has been very confusing and controversial.

I have been above average sports person through out my life. I played football, badminton, swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis, cricket. Almost every thing that I could lay my hands on.

By the time I was 40 I had some serious health issues. The first major shock was – When after a dexa scan I was told that I have severe osteoporosis. I was told that I will have to take Calcium and Vitamin D3 for life.

For the first time in my life I started spending time on internet looking for solutions to cure Osteoporosis. Then came my second bigger shock. I found that there is no cure for Osteoporosis. But I kept reading and trying various things. I did sun bathing. I used to spend hour in shorts in summers (45 degree temp) on roof taking in as much sun as possible.

I tried exercises. But most often I found that after 2 days of exercise I have extreme body pain and temperature. I could not continue for long periods of time. But I kept trying.

Next shocker came in the form of Kidney stones. The doctor told me to drink 4-8 litres of water every day. I did not take that seriously but increased my water intake. I had kidney stones 3 years in a row. 3rd year I had some blood in my urine. That terrified me.

I started drinking 1 glass of water every hour. I fixed my meal timings with very minimum of meals sizes with nothing one can call nutritious.

And then came a bigger shocker of my life.

Within 10 days I felt as if I had no medical problems ever in my life. My bones, my strength, my constipation every thing disappeared. I was too happy.

Every body I met during that period, I would lecture him to no end with benefits of drinking 1 glass of water every hour. I was like crazy. People used to laugh at me. I used to be surprised with the reaction of people.

But after 2-3 months I started feeling that benefits of drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water are in reversal mode. But I kept looking at other sources of trouble for next 1 year.

Then I came across another web site – and

That was second turning point. I started adding 1/4 spoon of plain table salt and later 1/4 spoon of sea salt to each glass of water that I would drink during the day.

Within few days I found that I could go out and exercise endlessly. I started playing badminton. There would be days when I would beat any body in badminton. But there would be other days when I was not too happy with my body.

Water and salt continued for about 18-20 months. All my family members (my wife, 1 son and 1 daughter were on this. Some where down the line I started feeling uneasy. But nothing serious happened during this period.

There is one thing that deserves to be mentioned here. During this period of 18 months I had 2 serious falls. There was extreme pain and I thought that I must have broken more than 2-3 bones each time. But within less then 2 minutes I had no trace of any pain. Even when the body cooled off, there was no trace of any injury.

After about 18 months I found my blood pressure has gone up to 100/150 and I had water retention and swelling. I stopped adding salt to my water. Now water tasted very bad. But I completely gave up adding salt to water. Within 1 month my Blood Pressure came back to 70/110.

After about 2-3 years (after I stopped adding salt to water) I had 2 falls. First time I broke 2-3 bones. Hair fractures. Second time I had 4th degree sprain. I could not get the things right for more than 6 months.

After these incidents I started adding salt to my water. But now I would add salt to my water for 2-3 days in a month.

During the period when I was on salt and water I found that I have difficulty swallowing and drinking water and other fluids. I would often chock on drinking water and eating rice. I spent some 15-20 days on internet and found that it could be some thing similar to Huntington. I was terrified. This Huntington could be due to increased salt intake. After reducing my salt intake and water intake – the chocking stopped completely.

The Bigger Shock of My Life

I told my Brother in Law (55 years) who had very badly cracked heals. One could see the heal bones thru the crack very easily. And he had his condition for more than 10 years.

I suggested to him to drink 1 glass of water every hour. Within 15 days there was no sign of cracked heals. His heals were simply smooth and perfect. I and my Brother In Law and all others who knew this were all shocked to no end.

But there was another shocker waiting for me.

The Biggest Shock of My Life

After about another 15-20 days the cracked heals came back. And these were worse then they were before. My Brother in law had continued drinking his increased water intake. I was totally confused. It was in front of my eyes. I could not say that there is something else wrong in this case. The difference was too obvious to ignore.

I started questioning water drinking very seriously.

I started reducing my water intake. I found I was happier. I was like mad. I used to lie on bed for 48 hours just trying to figure out what happens by reducing water intake. At time I drank less then 2 glasses of water and other liquids in 1 week. I used to have very bad experience.

I would not suggest anyone reading this to reduce the water intake to that level under any circumstances. Anything beyond 48 hours could be very serious.

Soon I found that even in summers I could be very active even after giving up water for upto 48 hours. I played in 45 degere temperature for more 2 hours after giving up water for 48 hours and did that without feeling thirsty or tired. But I do not recommend that to any one.

I started treating very serious ailments by suggesting people to give up all fluids for 48 hours. There was 100% success. I have not come across any one who had any complications arising from this. But I do not recommend 48 hours to any one. 24 hours to 36 hours will do the trick.

You will find more specific logic and details of giving up fluids on AIDS and Sinus pages.

Click on Home above for latest updates to Health Concepts and my theory.

Other Shockers

Bed Wetting – 4 year girl cured of bed wetting in 2 days by adding salt to her water intake. See other shocking details in bed wetting section.

Eczema Cure Case 1

Eczema Cure Case 1

Brief Details 

16 year old suffered from wounds on his hand for a long time. He had been seeing doctors for more than 1 year. But all that was of no help. He was told that he has dust allergy and hence the wounds on his hand.

Eczema is inflammation of skin. There is no cure of eczema as per pharma industry.

As per Pharma industry the only solution is – moisturizer and steroids. In fact none of these are solution. These two make sure that eczema is never cured and person keeps using these for life. As the time passes the wounds caused due to eczema flare up more often and become more severe.

To understand cure of all kinds of inflammation click on the home link above. Look for Itching and other pages.

If you do not get relief in 4 days do blame me for all your sufferings. Wish me the worst one can imagine. And do call me at – 9971730965. Email –

Prostate Cancer Case 1

Prostate Cancer Case 1

My father is aged 80 years. He had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer about 5 years back. Off late he was having difficulty in passing urine. He had very poor control on his bladder. Most of the time he will wet his cloths.

In June 2014 he had sepsis. To see more details of the same, click on home above.

He has been following the same water routine as outlined in home section of this web site, since August 2014. He had not been so regular in the beginning. Since Nov 2014 has was regular in following water routine.

About 10 days back I observed that he has no obstruction in passing urine. He urinates in one single stream.

The suggested water routine is really a Pancea.

I am going to try the same on Dialysis patients. In fact I think that Dialysis is the biggest case of medical negligence in the world. How would any one miss out on things that may have been short in the body. People engaged in Dialysis know the working of the kidneys more then any one else.

Celiac Cure Case 2

Celiac Cure Case 2

Brief details of the patient

  • Age 22 years
  • under weight by about 10-12 kg
  • dry skin patches
  • flickering eyes in day light
  • poor food intake
  • 500-800 ml milk intake daily
  • Body temperature 95-96 for very long period of time.
  • Frequent bowel movements.

I guessed that he could be suffering from celiac and IBS.


  • Water routine. Day 1 – 200 ml water 10 times with one hour gap. Day 2 No water or other fluid intake.
  • Only rice intake. No wheat or other gluten containing food
  • No milk or juice intake


  • 3rd day the body temperature was 100.3 degree C. Took medicine without consulting. The body temperature returned to 95-96
  • Again after 3 days the body temperature changed to 98.3 degree
  • Increase in food intake
  • No blinking of eyes when exposed to day light
  • 1 bowel movement in 24 hours
  • Increase in energy
  • No more dry skin patches in the forehead




Dialysis is required to be done when kidneys are not able to clean the blood properly. In a healthy person kidneys would work intelligently eliminating the toxins and preserving the vitamins and minerals which are in short supply in the body.

It seems to be common sense that kidneys work with the help of some minerals, hormones, vitamins and other chemicals which keep the filter clean and healthy. The only reason for improper working of the kidneys could be poor maintenance of kidneys due to some shortages or excesses in other parts of the body. Had it been the changes in the blood the same would have been cleaned in the dialysis process permanently. The fact that the kidneys are not able to do its normal function means that there are some fundamental changes that have taken place in kidneys.

These changes could be caused only due to things present in the blood or excretions over a long period of time.

Let us assume that 100 things in our body the health of kidneys. Some of these things could be in excess and some could be in short supply.

In the process of dialysis the wastes and toxins are removed from the body. But the things which are in short supply are not effected in any manner.

Now the same life process can be used here as well.

Day 1 regulate the water intake by splitting the daily water allowance in 10-12 portions and taking the water at fixed time intervals of 1 hour. In case of kidney patients the per day water allowance is usually 1000 to 1500 ml. This will take care of all the excess in the body and blood.

Day 2 give up the water intake completely. That way the average water intake shall be 500 to 750 ml.

This process will correct the imbalances in the body in 48 hours to a very large extent.

I do not see any reason for this water routine not to work in every case with 80% accuracy.

Dialysis process do take care of excesses to some extent. But the only reason of some excess seems to be some shortages in the body.

I hope to get some results in next few days. I hope for positive results.

My father aged 80 years was 5 stage chronic kidney patient for more than 5 years. He was also diagnosed with initial stage prostate cancer. In last 4 months he seems to have recovered from all kidney issues.

After all this ailment is also caused due to inflammation of kidneys. In this case also the inflammation of kidneys is much less then inflammation in case of sepsis.

Celiac Cure First Case

Celiac Cure First Case

Brief details of the Patient

Age 29 years. Diagnosed about 4 years back. He had undergone Biopsy test to establish Celiac. His Hb had dropped to 5 and was in ICU for more than 10 days. Reported rapid loss of weight. He used to drink more than 1 litre milk in childhood. After detection of celiac also he was drinking about 500 to 800 ml milk every day. After hospitalisation he gave up wheat and gluten products completely. By Oct 2014 his pulse rate and Blood pressure increased. He was generally low on energy and tired. He had leg cramps and pains. His food intake had dropped considerably over the period. His ttg test score in June 2014 was 53 when his gluten intake was negligible. Had problem in focusing during day light. Had problems in ears as well as if there is some kind of glue in ears.

In June 2014, my father was diagnosed with Sepsis with encephalopathy. He also had acute chronic kidney disease stage 5 with Seizures, high blood pressure, severe constipation since last 1 year or so and on medication for more than 25 years. Doctors opined that my father will not survive for long. He had multiple organ failure during his hospital stay in June 2014. I had experimented with fluid management for sinus, cold and cough for a long time. I was not given much details of the medical condition of my father. I was not told about sepsis etc. All I could see was accumulation of cough in lungs. After repeated reports of doctors that he will not survive for more than 1-3 months, I decided to use my old fluid management theories. And it worked. He recovered completely from all organ failures in about 45 days. He returned to complete healthy condition with all normal functions and movements restored. He was on his own much before 45 days.

In last week of Oct 2014 I started looking at the reason of his recovery.

  • Sepsis is whole body inflammation.
  • I googled – What is inflammation – I found all diseases are caused due to chronic inflammation. Celiac was specifically mentioned as caused due to inflammation of intestines.
  • Then I googled what foods cause inflammation. Milk was high on list of foods which cause inflammation.

I contacted the gentleman and explained everything. He was educated with Chemistry (Hons.) and could see the logic himself. After few hours of study on internet, he decided to take the plunge.

Day 1

Step 1 – He took 3-3.5 litres of water a day. This was divided into 12 portions. So he took 200 ml to 300 ml water 10 to 12 times a day at equal intervals of 1 hour.

Step 2 – He stopped drinking milk completely.

Step 3 – He stopped eating fruits in the breakfast.

Day 2

No water intake. No other liquid intake.

Most Important

Before starting the above water routines, it is suggested to give up all tea, coffee and other caffeine products. Caffeine interferes with the fluid regulations in the body and hence there is little chance that the positive results can be seen immediately. The withdrawal symptoms of tea etc remain for 3 to 7 days. So for 3 to 7 days one will have to tolerate head aches and body aches.

The Results

Within 6 days his blood pressure and pulse rate dropped and was within 120/80 with pulse rate 80. His energy levels were up. The gas was missing. His stool movement was smooth and perfect. His food intake increased by 200%. His ears felt better. His eyes could now focus better.

His ttg test score in last week of Nov 2014 was 38 when his gluten intake was much higher. Before undertaking the blood test he had 4 complete meals of wheat and gluten. This was good indication.

During the month of Dec 2014 he was on wheat diet. All 3 meals in the day. He felt better with lot of energy and higher food intake. Even with much higher food intake his weight had dropped by about 2-3 kg.

ttg test on 08.01.2015

The ttg test score was 50.8. Rather disappointing score. However this was with 4 weeks of wheat with gluten all three meals every day. The food intake was at least 3 times of the meal in Nov 2014 when the above water routines were introduced. Except for the score there is no negative thing that has happened. Energy level, stool movement, digestion every thing is perfect.

The reasons for the poor performance

  • High food intake. It was suggested to reduce the food intake to the same level at which the food intake was before starting the above mentioned water routines. Due to holiday season that could not be maintained. How it might have effected – Inflammation is caused when the normal limits body are breached. After a meal the cellular metabolism starts. The cells pick up their stuff and get into metabolism activity. When there is so much of extra food around the cells the excess cannot be metabolised. The extra food is a load on rest of the cells. Unless that load is dislodged the cellular metabolism can not continue. That extra food is main reason for inflammation. For example a light massage is good for body. That improves are blood circulation. But 4 hours of massage will result into visible inflammation (red marks visible on the skin are inflammation. Same thing is done by extra food. That too gluten loaded meals.
  • Low water intake due to cold weather. The water intake was reduced to less then 800-1000 ml. The result was severe cold and cough. The severe cold and cough itself could have caused higher ttg score. Moreover cold and cough are the first indicators of inflammation and water routine having gone wrong.
  • Higher intake of processed sugar. It was suggested to avoid fruit juices and other beverages. However due to party season and holidaying that was ignored. During last week of December in parties 5-6 mocktails, coca colas etc were taken.

With so much going against the water routines, still there was no back tracking of the proress. The improvements stopped but there were no negative results inspite of so high gluten intake.

The further experiments stopped due to being busy in job. As and when the water routines and rest of the process starts I will post the results.



Count down for 3rd World War???

I have always been thinking what will happen if one found a free cure for all health issues. Personally I never had any doubt that one day every one will be laughing at Medical community for missing out on something which even a child will not miss out.

And Finally I found the simple and perfect cure for every disease on this earth. It is only a matter of time, when this world will accept the same. It is simple, fast and will demolish the whole of medicine system very soon. There is no need for any labs for blood tests and x-rays. It is straight way to perfect health.

What is the Cure –

All medicine systems in this world are dependent on finding out what mineral, vitamin or hormone is in excess or short supply in the body. So far, since the advent of life on this earth, medicine community has not been able to go beyond 1%. Most modern labs in the world can diagnose only 1% of the total variables that can effect our health. That too is a wild guess. None of the blood tests really have any meaning and relevance to the disease for which these tests are done.

Let us assume there are 1 lac things which can cause disease when they become disproportionate. There may be some kind of stupid tests for 1% of those things.

Now take a small and simple example.

Take a glass of water. Add 1 spoon of salt to the water. Taste the water. If you find the water very salty, you will add some more water to match it your taste. If you find that salt is less, you will reduce the amount of water. There is no better option then this.

All medicine systems focus on Blood as the carrier of all hormones, nutrients etc. Blood or fluid is the only thing which moves from one place to another. When the medicines reach blood the repair is carried out.

Now what will happen if we add 1 lac things in water which will finally take the form of Blood. These things will be disproportionate to the ones found in the healthy body. Now how do we restore the right proportion of these things to cure every disease in the body.

We have Kidneys which do the same job. Our kidneys remove the unwanted things from blood. Let us assume that out of 1 lac things in our blood 70000 things are in excess.

Drink 2 to 3 litres of water on Day 1 in 200 ml to 300 ml doses every hour. Keep the doses correct. Keep the timing correct.

All things which are in excess will get diluted and the systems and part of the body which depend on those 70000 things will start working perfectly. The kidneys will excrete the excesses to a large extent in 24 hours. This will put a very small pressure on things which are in short supply in our body. I can confidently say that the benefit due to reduction of excess will be to the extent of 60-70% in 24 hours. The negative impact on things which are in short supply will be 0 to 5% only.

On day 2 drink no water or other liquids. It will be 36 hours without water technically. At about 10 PM on day one water will be stopped. There is no water intake during night (12 hours). Next day no water intake (12 hours). Next night no water intake (12 hours).

Some people may find it very difficult in the beginning to stay without water for 36 hours. They can take week to 10 days to get used to the routine. They need to repeat the routines for 30 to 60 days to maximize the health benefits.

And now what I am claiming. My father (80 years) survived in June 2014 when all the doctors said that there is no hope for him. He had sepsis, multiple organ failure. He was back on recovery path in less then 48 hours. Next was 2 boys with celiac and Irritable bowel syndrome with Blood pressure and pulse problems. Every thing was under control in 6 days. Next was dust allergy. after 3 days the wounds caused due to dust allergy completely healed.

There was another lady with Blood sugar. She did not give too may details. But she seemed to have better control on her blood sugar.

Next stop is last stage cancer patient. It should not take ore than 6 days to get a handle on all patients. I am quite hopeful of Ebola, dengue and other things.

1/3 of the worlds’ population is dependent on health industry. If all of them are without any job what will happen to world peace. I hope the governments world over will be able to handle that.