Cause of Heart Diseases

Cause of Heart Diseases

Cause of Heart Diseases


Those who are interested to understand the working of the heart may watch the above video. If you decide not to view the video it is ok. My post does not take too much from the above video.


Cause of Heart Diseases


So coming back to the main question?


The above video shows some of moving parts of the heart. It shows the movement of blood to the heart, lungs and back to every part of the body.


You might think that God helps your heart to function every day. But I am sorry I do not think this way. Heart needs lot of energy to function.


Where this energy is generated?


And this energy is needed for every vital organ and system of the body.


This energy is called – Resting Metabolic Rate (Or Basal Metabolic Rate – BMR).


This energy is generated in the cells of the body.  The rate at which cells generate energy may be called Cellular Metabolic Rate.


  • The cells need fuel (nutrients) to generate energy.
  • Once energy is generated, it must be stored or used.
  • As usual there are costs involved in storage of energy. Everybody is familiar with running of warehouses.
  • These storage spaces are limited in size and capacity to store.


There are 2 classes of people in this world.


  • One who has more to eat than his body needs.
  • Others who do not have enough to meet the needs of the body.


People who eat more than their body can use, will store the energy so generated.


After some time they will reach a stage when there is no storage present. Now either they should stop eating or start spending more energy.


You may say why we need to store energy or spend energy. The body will handle the spare energy by releasing in whatever way. Same may be thought of nuclear plants. And every one knows unless nuclear energy is handled with care there are disaster waiting to strike.


Enough on energy generation and spending. Let us change the context for some time. We will come back to this later.


Energy Expenditure


  • Energy is needed to run vital organs and systems.
  • Energy is needed for physical movements and other activities.


The things that should make you stand up and look for answers


Over weight People do all kinds of physical activities to lose weight. 95% and above people fail to lose weight.  Those who do lose weight gain back the lost weight after some time. Activities that people do for losing weight –

  • Weight Training (Gyming – most of the people gain 5 to 15 kg in about 1 years). There is net weight gain in 99% cases.
  • Jogging – Though very strenuous and tiring, only 1% of the people manage this. Even they fail to lose weight over long period of time.
  • Sports  like badminton, swimming, volleyball etc.


There are millions of web sites that tell you that to lose 1 kg weight you have to burn 8000 calories.


Most of the above mentioned activities burn calories at the rate of 8 to 10 calories per minute. Most of the people achieve the target of Burning 200 to 300 extra calories a day by the above activities.


But still they fail to lose weight.


What is the reason for failure to lose weight?


We completely ignore the calories burnt during rest periods.


We need to look at BMR or Resting Metabolic Rate post the exercise.


The total glucose in the blood at any point of time is 25 grams. Calories in each gram of sugar is 4 approx. So total calories that we can burn in a short period of time is only 100 calories.


But in the above situation, people were burning 200 to 300 calories extra. So the rest of the calories have to come by cutting down on BMR.


What does that mean?


Yes the calories available for your heart and other vital organs is cut down drastically after few minutes after the work out period.


And for rest of the 23 or more hours, the body will be burning lesser calories per minute. 23 x 60 = 1380 minutes. A drop of 0.2 in BMR will save 276 calories in a day. And that is very huge. In most of the cases the saved calories in 23 hours far exceed the calories burnt in workouts. Hence the weight gain.


And what????


And when vital organs are not working efficiently your body will be flooded with lot of waste and toxic.


Why is that?


Waste removal system is a vital system of the body. Toxic build up in the body causes high Blood Pressure, High Blood Pressure, heart diseases, stroke and all other metabolic syndromes.


So what you should be doing?


Walk just for 5 minutes per hour.

Calorie calculations of 5 minute walk will be –

5 minutes x 5 calories per minute = 25 calories. Body is still left with lots of energy – 75 calories. The body will not cut down on the calories meant for heart and other vital organs. It will push for increase in cellular metabolic rates.


In the remaining 55 minutes (post walking session) if the cellular metabolic rate is increased by 0.1 calories per minute, the extra calories burnt will be 1440 x 0.1 = 144 calories.


This will result into provision of 144 extra calories for heart and other vital organs.


Waste removal will be better.


The rate of inflammation will fall drastically.


And you will be staring at a whole new body in about 30 to 60 days. No joint pains, no back pain, energy levels will beat 16 year old boys.


You will save lacs on hospital bills.


You will earn crores by using those extra calories generated.


And that is almost 2 to 3 kg weight lose per month.


Why weight loss of only 2 kg. Waste removal will alone result in 2 kg weight loss. Another 2 kg weight lose will come from burning extra calories.


You may consider sending me few thousand if at all. LOL


Angioplasty Vs One Cure for Diseases

Angioplasty Vs One Cure for Diseases

Angioplasty Vs One Cure for Diseases

Angioplasty for 5000 at JJ Hospital


This is a huge promise at very low cost. But when it comes to your health, you need to know what are you being offered. Will it be effective for life? How will it work?


But whom can you ask? There is none to answer that. Why? I feel very angry when there is none to answer such important questions. How can governments all over the world allow people to be around for such a long period of time without disclosing the real reasons.


I am not a health professional. I am no doctor. But I let out my anger to show freely. I would like to share the real health tips for free. Take these at your risk.


Heart Disease is nothing but systematic failure of the vital organs and systems of your body.


See how the metabolic system of the body works at –


Failure of Vital systems of the body


Now if you have understood the above clearly, you would know that even if you remove the blockage completely, it will come back to haunt you in few months. The reason is simple.


Your heart, muscles, nerves are not getting enough energy to work efficiently. Your muscles must shrug off the excess FAT. but it cannot do that unless it has enough energy to do that.


So what are the solutions?


  • Stop going to Gym immediately.
  • Do very mild exercises for few seconds at a time
  • Stop seeing your doctors.
  • Stop trusting the health practitioners
  • Take charge of your health.

One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All DiseasesOne Cure for All Diseases

The main 3 systems of medicine are – Allopathy, Ayurved and Homeopathy.


Allopathy and Ayurved systems assume a person gets diseased when there is imbalance (shortage or excess) of some life elements (Minerals, vitamins, hormones etc.) in the body fluids (Blood). So Allopathy has labs to find the imbalances.


The labs results are meaningless. Since there is no way to decide what is normal quantity for a human body of a mineral or vitamin. If a lab test shows that a person has high BP, it should also show that his blood has more sodium then normal limits. There is no cause and effect relationship established for any of lab results. I may not be making any sense here. Let me take an example.


My bones are weak. I suffer from osteoporosis. I go for blood test. Calcium is low in the blood. I take calcium. My bones further deteriorate. WHY??


The labs reported that I have osteoporosis. Labs reported that my calcium is less. So I increased my calcium intake. The problem should have been resolved. If the problem increases. There should be more to this.


The above is true story. I suffered from severe osteoporosis more than 10 years ago. I am fine now. I did not consume calcium at all. As a child I consumed more than normal calcium. Now as a grown up I had excess of calcium. That is working as toxin in my body. Any further intake of calcium is toxin (poison) for me. But doctors told me that I will have to take calcium and vitamin D3 for life. I did not.


By mistake, I started taking extra salt in water based on the suggestions mentioned in That extra sodium removed excess of calcium from my body. 4 years back I read an article that there is one single molecule in our body which controls sodium and calcium in our body. So I saw the link.


Excess of calcium was causing low levels of sodium in my body. My BP was below normal usually 100/70 or so. By increasing the salt intake I removed excess of calcium from my body and bones became all right. But now excess of salt created lot of other issues. It is very complex story. Mathematically I can say that no super computer can solve this issue even in next trillion years. Trillion year is no exaggeration. Rather instead of writing trillion trillion 50 times I am writing once because that is not digestible by most people.


One of the main reasons for failure to establish the cause and effect relationship is that Diagnostic Systems still can not identify most of the life elements. There are still huge unknown life elements in blood or elsewhere.


  • The other reason for failure to establish the cause and effect relationship between various life elements is that the body has great adaptability capabilities. By the time some progress is made in establishing the cause and effect relationship, the body would have changed. That will throw the entire previous efforts to a big zero.
  • There has been attempts to attribute the failures of medicine systems to stress, neurological things, the lesser known things in our body. And then the medicine system practitioners seem to rest and turn to Religion and God.
  • In Allopathy, Ayurved and Homeopathy attempt is made to change the constituents of our fluid (Blood) to cure any medical condition. Medicines are delivered orally or through injections. The aim is to reach the fluid and thereby bring a change.
  • In an emergency room there is a glucose drip bottle consisting of sugar, salt and water. Why??? Because salt regulates water in and outside cells and arteries. Sugar acts as a buffer and allows for gradual changes in the body. But why so much mystery. A sugar and salt bottle costs Rs. 10000/- per day in a hospital. At home it just costs Rs. 0.10 cent.
  • There must be some ulterior moto. Remove money out of the system and all the disease will disappear.
  • I am here to remove money out of the system of health.


One Cure for All Diseases


  1. Our body has 5 litres of fluid (Blood is 7% of the body weight). All the above referred life elements live in blood. The cure is possible only if the changes in fluid (blood) take place.


  1. Let us pause here for 1 minute. Let us take a simple example.


  • Take a glass of water. Add 1 spoon of salt to the water. Taste the water. If the water is very salty, one will add some more water to reduce salt in water and match the taste. If salt is less, One will reduce the amount of water.
  • So we do not need to vary the salt to match salt to our taste. We can vary water.
  • But one can always argue that we can change the quantity of salt to match our taste.
  • The problem is that in our blood there are huge number of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and various other health elements. It is next to impossible to find out the relationships among each of these.
  • Meaning that the change in one health element causes changes in all other health elements.
  • The information that we see about recommended daily allowance (RDA) of various minerals and vitamins is the biggest fraud on this earth. There is no scientific method to calculate the requirements of the body of any of these items.


  1. Kidneys remove the waste (read excesses) from our blood. That is a natural system. Which we can rely upon.


  1. Kidneys will preserve the things which are in shortage.



  • The imbalance in the health elements (minerals, vitamins in blood etc) cause the diseases.
  • The kidneys auto correct the imbalances in the health elements.
  • But there is a range within which these imbalances can be removed. Take an example here. Let us say that kidneys will remove the excess of salt from our blood if it is in the range of 100 to 200 units. If the salt in our blood goes beyond 400 the ability of the kidneys to remove the excess is compromised. It may stop removing the excess salt completely or to great extent.
  • Let us further look into it.
  • Let us say that if salt in blood is 200 units kidneys will remove excess and bring it to 140 units, removing excess of 60 units.
  • But if the salt increases to 400 units, the kidneys may be able to remove only 30 units of salt within the same period of time.
  • The other situation could be – To remove excess salt there is requirement of potassium of 100 mg. But there is only 50 mg of potassium. And the level of potassium is reduced though more of it was required initially to remove excess salt that was there in the blood.
  • For some time excess salt was removed using potassium in the blood.
  • Once potassium availability is also compromised, the salt removal also suffers.
  • The mention of potassium here is just an example. No real relationship is meant here.


So what is Scientific Cure for all Diseases?


  • Let us say there is 5000 ml fluid in our body.
  • There are x number of elements which are in excess.
  • Add 2500 ml water to this fluid. This should be done by drink 200 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm.
  • In 12 hours most of the health elements in excess will come within standard range. Now kidneys will be able to filter the excesses easily without relying on other minerals and vitamins in our body.
  • After 6 pm stop drinking any water or other liquids for 36 hours.
  • That will cause the fluid in arteries to be reduced. Thereby causing all excesses on the previous day become excessive again and all shortages to come within the standard range. So kidneys will remove the excesses again bringing it lower then the higher limit of standard range.
  • Excesses were caused due to eating habits and hence within next few days those eating habits will cause those things to become in excess again. So there will not be much harm in removing the excesses in more quantities.
  • Repetition of the above water routines will start giving permanent relief if changes in the eating habits are also introduced.


Option 1

Day 1 – Try Walking 5 minutes every 30 minutes.

Day 2 – Try walking 5 minutes every hour. Day 1 will result in muscle cramps. It looks easy on the face of it. But it consumes huge amount of calories. It burns more than 4 litres of water in 24 hours. So it has dehydration affect also.

Day 3 – Even managing 5 minutes every hour is too difficult. You would love to agree to this. Now lower your walking to 2-3 minutes per hour. If you skin some hours it will be just perfect.

Later – Repeat Day 2 at least once every 15 days.

The above routine helps you to lose 4-5 kg weight every month. It is perfect way to dehydrate yourself. It is best to beat osteoporosis and joint problems.


If you can not do Option one, Option 2,3 or 4 are also good in that order.



Option 2

Day 1 – Drink 100 ml water every 30 minutes. Preferably start at 7 am and stop at 6 pm.

Day 2 – Drink 100 ml water 1 hour before each meal. No other water or other fluids.

Day 3, 4 and 5 – Repeat day 2. Look for signs of acute dehydration.

Repeat day 1 to 5 more often. In due course of time as you become healthy and feel much better.


Option 3


Day 1 – Drink 100 ml water every 15 minutes after getting up in the morning for first 3 hours. So in 3 hours one will drink 100 x 4 x 3 = 1200 ml water. This should cause increase in urine output for next 5-6 hours. After first 3 hours there should not be any water intake. 2 hours after one stopped drinking water eat 1/2 spoon of sugar every hour.


Example – A woke up at 6 am in the morning. At 6 am, 6.15 am, 6.30 am …….. 8.30 am, 8.45 am and 9.00 am A will drink 100 ml water. Total 12 doses of 100 ml water. If one want to drink tea or coffee one can replace one dose of water with that of tea.


No water or other liquids after 9.00 am.


If A is diabetic and can not stay without water for next 21 hours, A can have water between 6 pm to 7 pm. 100 ml water every 15 minutes. That means 100 ml water at 6.00 pm, 6.15 pm, 6.30 pm, 6.45 pm.


Option 4

Day 1 – Drink 2 to 2.5 litres of water in 200 ml doses every hour. Keep the doses correct. Keep the timing correct. Those suffering from terminal diseases should drink 100 ml per hour. (Drink 200 ml or 100 ml water every hour from 8 am to 7 pm). Drink no water or other liquids after 7 PM on day 1.

On day 2 – Drink no water or other liquids for 24 hours. It will be 36 hours without water technically. At about 6 PM on day one water will be stopped. There is no water intake during night (12 hours). Next day no water intake (12 hours). Next night no water intake (12 hours).

Some people may find it difficult in the beginning to stay without water for 36 hours. They can take 7 to 10 days to get used to the routine.



For healthy people who want to get additional health benefits, after trying the above health routines for 7 days or so, they should switch to a higher level water routine.


After developing enough stamina for staying without water for 36 hours, one should try adding 1/4 spoon of salt to each glass of water on day 1. They may need to reduce the glasses of water to 8 from 12.


It is quite difficult to stay without water after a day with salt. So be patient. Development stamina over a period of time. Say 10-15 days.



Normal healthy people can do the above Day 1 and Day 2 once in 15 days to stay healthy without getting seasonal ailments and allergies.


My father (80 years) survived in June 2014 when all the doctors said that there is no hope for him. He had sepsis, multiple organ failure, CKD stage 5, Brain Damage, on medication for seizure for last 20 years. He was back on recovery path in less than 48 hours. Next were 2 boys with celiac and Irritable bowel syndrome with Blood pressure and pulse problems. Everything was under control in 6 days. Next was dust allergy. After 3 days the wounds caused due to dust allergy completely healed.


One important question that arises is – Why the above is supposed to work? How does it make recovery a sure shot thing. Click on this link to understand this part. You must read this link since I am no medical professional and take no responsibility for anything happening to an individual.


Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-21

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-21

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-21

Stopped watching walking and food intake for most of the days between April 9 to April 19.


Back on track now.

Reduced walking to 2 hours 30 minutes a day. 5 minutes every 30 minutes.


More than this is very tiring.


Weight Loss goes for a toss once you get tired. Resting metabolic rates go up only if you relaxed.


So you need to be relaxed while you need to up your calorie burning.


Interval walking is best for weight loss.


I might shift to 5 minutes walk every hour. Even 80 minutes walk in 16 hours will do wonders to you.

Constipation Blog

Constipation Blog

Constipation Blogconstipation blog


  • Healthy people empty bowels after 10 to 12 hours of dehydration.
  • Tea is first choice to people to beat constipation. Tea is dehydrating.
  • Lemon water is second choice. Lemon is dehydrating.
  • Walking for few minutes in the morning is another choice, Walking is dehydrating.
  • The chances of constipation are very high among Old people. Old people drink more water. They move less. That means old people over hydrate and dehydrate much less due to reduced physical movements.
  • The chances of constipation are much higher among pregnant women. Pregnant women move less. They over hydrate themselves. Fruit juices are common among them.

Hydration and Dehydration are both very important aspects for maintaining very good health.


If a person is drinking less than 1 litres of water and is constipated, he should increase his water intake to 2 to 3 litres a day.


If a person is drinking more than 3 litres of water for last 2 months and is constipated, than he should restrict his water intake to less than 1.5 litres a day. And preferably less than 500 ml for at least 3-4 days.


Eczema Cure

Eczema Cure

Eczema Cure

Eczema Cure
Before Pic


Patient Details


19 year old student

Used to drink 5 to 6 litres of water

Skin condition on rest of the body – perfect.

Experienced pain while writing.

Finger tips of hands.

Was under treatment from allopathy doctors


Eczema Cure
Before pic

Was administered Injections to treat the condition.


After administering the injections, the conditions worsened.


Next appointment of the doctor was given after more than 1 month.


The student had tried reducing the water intake and had experienced improvement in the condition.



Eczema Cure
Before Pic

But due to invention of the doctors, he avoided reducing the water intake for almost 2 months.








When there was no relief and it was making things difficult, he started reducing water IMG-20160413-WA0003intake to 1 to 1.5 litres a day.


After 4 days he found that there was pain while writing.


He also experienced reduction in the wounds caused due to eczema.


After 8 days there was further substantial improvement.

Eczema Cure
After Pic





Eczema Cure

Eczema Cure

Eczema CureEczema Cure


Details of Patient


Age – 50 years

Suffering from this condition – 5 years

Using creams since 5 years

Was drinking 5 litres of water every day.

The job involved moving in the field during the day. TV Electronics expert. Used to pick up LCD TVs from home for repair and later deliver back.


Met on 27.03.2016


Suggested to lower the water intake to 1 to 1.5 litres a day or give up water for 36 hours to get immediate relief from Itching.


Could not give up water for 36 waters.


The patient preferred to reduce the water intake to 1.5 litres a day.


By 4.4.2016 the patient stopped using creams. Itching stopped. But the skin colouration was still there on this date.


Celiac Cure

Celiac Cure

Celiac CureCeliac Cure

People who have celiac have more than 3 times chances of getting Eczema.

Celiac and Eczema Link


People with Eczema have been cured within 2 to 7 days by following simple water routines mentioned at –


One Cure for All Diseases


Stories of people who were cured of Eczema


Eczema has also been linked with high cases of heart and stroke disease. Heart Disease and stroke are already linked to High Blood pressure and High Blood sugar.


People with Diabetes do often have skin issues.


Diabetes and skin conditions


And it is but logical. Skin is the largest organ of the human body. The first indication of any disease has to be skin. Rest of the medical conditions are more than skin deep.


So Eczema is the first stage and hence cured within a matter of few hours by adjusting the water balance of the body.


Rest of the disease are advanced stages of water imbalance and hence take longer time to cure.

One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All DiseasesOne Cure for All Diseases


Take a glass of water. Add a spoon of salt to the water. Taste the water.

If salt is more, one will add more water to dilute the salt.

If salt is less, one will take less water next time.


Blood in Human Body

Blood in Human body is 6 to 7% of the body weight. A person weighing 70 kg will have 4.2 to 4.9 litres of blood in his body.


The Definition of Allopathy


Looking at the above example of water and salt, allopathy is far away from common sense.


We can take the help of above example of water and salt to better understand the meaning of allopathy.


In the above example the allopaths will add some sugar to make the excess salt palatable. Allopaths can add many substances to the water and salt to make it palatable.


Every option of allopathy will cause irreparable damage to the body by delivering excess materials that are not needed in the body.


Natural Defence system of the Human body

Our body has every antibody (antibiotics) needed to fight every possible infection or bacteria. Even if people are not given any medicine for curing a disease a majority of them will recover from the disease.


Every Steroid that is given to diseased persons are also naturally found in the body. But may be those steroids are lower than the amount that may be needed. Or may be due to some conditions the body is not in a position to use them.


The defence system of the human body can be explained as under –


If a person is consuming large amounts of sodium, the kidneys will filter out the excess. However while the excess salt stays in the blood, it interacts with other minerals and / or some other minerals may be used up to manage the side effects of excess salt in the blood.


Kidneys filters out the excess of all minerals and other chemicals in the blood. Kidneys preserve the minerals which are in short supply.



Let us say there are 2 minerals in the blood. X and Y. Let us say kidneys can filter X mineral if it is in the range of 100 units to 200 units. And let us say that kidneys can filter mineral Y if it is in the range 500 to 600 units.


Let us assume that mineral X interacts with Mineral Y and uses up mineral Y in proportion of the consumption of mineral X.


Now due to excess consumption of mineral X, mineral Y gets reduced below 500 units (say 400 units) over a period of time. Due to shortage of mineral Y the kidneys will not be able to filter X efficiently. So over a period of time mineral X will increase to say 300 units.


The blood in our body is 5000 ml. The normal range for X was 2% to 4%. The normal range of Y was 10% to 12%.


Now our body has 6% of mineral X. So the efficiency of kidneys will suffer further and there will be build up of mineral X in our body causing depletion of many other minerals.


Now there will be manifestation of these imbalances in the form of diseases.


Now we need to correct these imbalances to restore good health to the person.


Natural Cure or solution to above situation

Drink 2500 ml of water. 200 ml every hour from 7 am to  6 pm.

Let us assume there is no urine output. This is to make the things simple to understand.

By the end of 12 hours the total fluid in the body shall be 7500 ml approx.


Now mineral X shall be 4% of total body fluids and kidneys will be removing the excess more efficiently. So in another 12 hours the kidneys will bring down the mineral X from 300 units to 200 unit which is exactly 4% of the total fluid. But the body tends to remain in the same condition over a small period of time. Over consumption of X will soon cause build up of X in the body.


Now the person gives up all fluids on day 2. The person will experience dehydration. But the dehydration will be slow and gradual. And kidneys will sense the urgency of the situation and will keep on removing the excess on day 2 as well. 24 hours dehydration may cause the total body fluids to reach 4000 ml by the end of the day.


And assuming that kidneys will be able to keep the mineral X in 4% range, by the end of the day mineral X shall be 160 units.


Now mineral Y will be 10% of total fluids and hence it will work more vigorously to keep mineral X in 4% range. While mineral Y was less then 10% (at 8% of total fluids) it was not working to contain mineral X.


That means that we have completely recovered from the diseased condition in 48 hours.


Now let us indulge in some mud-slinging. Let us try to find faults in allopathy.


If we assume the minerals, vitamins, proteins, FATs, carbohydrates and other chemicals in blood are in excess of 128, it is impossible to find out what is in excess in our body.


Reason for this is that – possible permulations of 128 elements is 3.85 x 10 raised to the power 215. 10 raised to the power 12 is one lac crore. There is no super computer which can handle a number as large as 10 raised to the power 215.


Now we took a very low hypothetical number of 128. In real life the number of elements in the blood could be well above 10000.


A super computer will not be able to decode a 128 bit encryption even in billions of years. So simply forget about decoding 10000 bit encryption of the human body.


The above is too much mathematics

The above is difficult to understand for most of people. The above point can be made easy with the following example –


About 40 years back I was taught in school that if I consume more calcium, my bones will become stronger.


After fighting a losing battle of poor bone health, the same scientists started saying that I need to supplement calcium with Vitamin D3 intake. Another 20 years went by.


The bone health further deteriorated.  Now a-days children of 10 years of age have back pain and poor bones.


I am looking for last 4-5 years, where are those scientists. How they would like to correct themselves now. I am sure they will invent another lie soon and come back with some new products to make more profits.


Take another example

There is a blood test which calculates serum calcium. The normal serum calcium is 8.2 to 10.2. Now if a person has 8.2 serum calcium he is further suggested to go for dexa scan to confirm that his bones are weak.




When serum calcium is low, why it cannot be corrected by supplementing with increased calcium intake and correct the situation.


Bone health and calcium are not directly related. There are all other 127 (assumed minerals etc in blood) elements which interact to deliver the results.


The best diagnostic system is built in our body. And it is Kidneys.


I was told about the functions of Kidneys also. But I decided to be more complacent. I waited for doctors to make my life easier by telling me lot of other medicines and vitamins that can make me healthy.


Now million dollar question is – Why people are not realizing the truth. Have these medicines gone too deep into the brain of the people?





One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All DiseasesOne Cure for All Diseases


The research indicates that people suffering from celiac have 4 times more chances of getting eczema.

Celiac and Eczema Link


Another credible source claims that Eczema also causes increase in heart disease and stroke.

Eczema and Heart Disease and Stroke


High Blood Pressure is linked to heart disease and stroke already.


Kidney failure is also linked to high Blood pressure and heart disease.

Eczema and Kidney Failure


Now you should expect a link between Eczema and constipation.

Eczema and Constipation


Even Diabetes, another deadly conditions is linked to Eczema.


Eczema (Skin Conditions) and Diabetes

And you keep looking for other researches which will prove that all diseases can be cured by a single cure.


And everybody on earth agrees that every disease starts from the gut.


Eczema has been cured in 2 days in lot of people by balancing the amount of water that they drink.

Eczema Cure


Soon everybody will be talking of One Cure for All Diseases