Celiac Cure

Celiac Cure

Celiac CureCeliac Cure

People who have celiac have more than 3 times chances of getting Eczema.

Celiac and Eczema Link


People with Eczema have been cured within 2 to 7 days by following simple water routines mentioned at –


One Cure for All Diseases


Stories of people who were cured of Eczema


Eczema has also been linked with high cases of heart and stroke disease. Heart Disease and stroke are already linked to High Blood pressure and High Blood sugar.


People with Diabetes do often have skin issues.


Diabetes and skin conditions


And it is but logical. Skin is the largest organ of the human body. The first indication of any disease has to be skin. Rest of the medical conditions are more than skin deep.


So Eczema is the first stage and hence cured within a matter of few hours by adjusting the water balance of the body.


Rest of the disease are advanced stages of water imbalance and hence take longer time to cure.

2 Replies to “Celiac Cure”

  1. Dietary triggers are important to consider in the treatment of eczema. Gluten and dairy are likely instigators but this varies from person to person. Trying an elimination diet can be helpful if you suspect gluten or dairy are causing a reaction, which can then result in positive effects in sensitive skin.

    1. Dietary triggers happen when there is imbalance in minerals. Minerals are fast balanced by hydration dehydration cycles in 48 hours. Eliminating diet is not a cure but controlling the disease. That is not my target. Every disease can be cured by hydration dehydration cycles and walk and rest routines.

      Check additional information at – http://healthyindianow.in/curing-eczema/

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