Vitamin C – Cold – Flu

Vitamin C – Cold – Flu

Vitamin C – Cold – Flu

Google ranks web sites higher if they have nice images.

The above web site has nice images and so it will rank higher.

The above web site deals with increasing the vitamin C dose to reduce suffering from cold and flu.

There is no explanation given of the possible mechanism which could be behind this perception of relief from cold and flu.

According to my experience and my experiments with the working of human body – with vitamin C is major reason for high incidence of cold and flu.

Vitamin C increases the absorption rate of minerals in the blood. In the process large quantities of vitamin C are also absorbed in the blood causing lodging of large quantities of vitamin C in cells. That becomes breeding ground for all bacteria.

Then Vitamin C keeps pushing more of irritants in the blood which are causing inflammation in the cells providing some relief from cold and flu.

I got complete relief from cold and flu of more than 40 years by reducing intake of vitamin C.

Whatever it be. Even if my experience is wrong, there should be complete explanation if one holds a point of view so that others can review the same.

Yesterday there was a news item that tea and caffeine reduces the absorption of sugar in the blood, thereby providing some sort of protection from diabetes.

There cannot be any further away from truth than this statement.

Caffeine reduces absorption of sugar in blood – that is true. But caffeine absorption in the blood increases with that. After some time caffeine starts reducing absorption of sugar into cells lowering the Resting Metabolism and triggering Metabolic syndrome and all associated diseases.

And there is nobody to watch out who is posting what. People can get rid of posting any garbage and play with public health.

Side effects of excess of Vitamin C

Kidney failure high creatinine swelling and high blood pressure

Kidney failure high creatinine swelling and high blood pressure

Kidney failure – high creatinine swelling and high blood pressure

Case 1

Patient Details – Age 30 years. Suffered from very high BP for last 2 years. Was on BP medicines. Started dialysis on 2.3.2017. The weight before dialysis used to be 74 kg and after dialysis 70 kg. His creatinine was 14.

Contacted on 24.2.2017 at 2 pm. Suggested him to take ½ small spoon of sugar every hour since his sugar intake had been very low since childhood. That was done to check the inflammation with direction to stop sugar intake for 1 day after every 2 days.

He was suggested to walk for 5 minutes followed by bed rest for 30 to 60 minutes and to keep repeating it the whole day. Minimum repetitions suggested to him were 10 to 15.

After 36 hours urine output increased. The burning sensation while urinating disappeared completely.

After 10 days his weight was 69 kg before dialysis and after dialysis 68 kg. His creatinine was 5.6 and he had no symptoms of kidney failure. His BP also fell below 100/60 on two occasions shortly after taking BP medication.

He did hydration / dehydration cycles twice after this. After hydration / dehydration cycles his got cough and fever and started sweating very heavily. These are all indications of the body releasing excess water stored in. He even got some blood in cough for 2 days. With medicines he got immediate relief.

Now there is no weight gain even after 5 days after dialysis and inspite of drinking 2 litres of water every day.

Case 2

Age 80 year. June 2014 India. Summers.

Multiple organ failure started from lung failure induced sepsis. Stayed in ICU for more than 20 days. During this period his urine output decreased to 0 in 24 hours and he was put on CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) for 24 to 30 hours.

Doctors rule out recovery. I asked the doctors in writing to stop medicines or reverse the medicines. In 48 hours he was back to his recovery. After he was shifted out of the ICU room I repeated the hydration / dehydration cycle very strictly. During this period of 48 hours of hydration / dehydration cycle he lost 10 litres of fluid through urine.

And his lungs started recovering. It took a total of 2 to 3 months to completely recover and be independent of all support for his daily life.

Case 3

Age 82 years. Nov / Dec 2016.

Seizure/ epilepsy. The patient did not recover from seizure for more than 5 hours and was shifted to hospital. He was put on anti seizure medicines. And in next 3 days he shifted into semi conscious state where he stopped responding to any stimulus.

Again the doctors ruled out recovery. Again I asked them to withdraw IV fluids. After about 24 hours he regained his consciousness fully. But could not move his limbs.

After withdrawing IV fluids asked them to start water intake. I had to struggle a lot to make the doctors agree for water intake since sodium was already on lower side border.

After 48 hours of hydration / dehydration cycle he was shifted to chair.

But his recovery was slow or negligible.

After 10 days I stopped epilepsy medicines and other medicines completely.

After withdrawing the medicines I did one more cycles of hydration / dehydration. After the dehydration cycles he was sweating very heavily for next 48 hours. All his swelling due to IV fluids etc disappeared completely. It was shocking because during Dec / Jan the temperature in Delhi is less than 4 degree C.

There is striking similarity in case 1 and case 3. In both the cases it was winter. Though there was huge difference in temperature at 4 degree and 20 degree. But in both the cases the excess water was lost by heavy sweating. In both the cases the weather temperature was less then body temperature.

To understand and appreciate the concept of hydration / dehydration cycles read at One Cure for All Diseases

Migraine Cause and Cure and Resting Metabolic Rate

Migraine Cause and Cure and Resting Metabolic Rate

Migraine Cause and Cure and Resting Metabolic Rate

Exercise provokes migraine attack. But mild exercise may help relieve migraine pains. You may like to verify the following links.

Exercise or no exercise has no link with migraine. None of the above web sites offer any help or insight into the cause of Migraines.

I have cured migraine completely. In fact it is much more than migraine cure.

After spending 1000s of hours on studying migraine, its triggers and after curing migraine completely, I have listed the following cause and cure for migraine.

Here I would like to recommend you to read – – One Cure for All Diseases.

Point No. 2 and its exaplanation.

Exercise lowers Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Check reality show findings that exercise caused all the participants to have very low RMR post the reality show.

Mild exercise can help relieve migraine pain. But the real question is very complex.

So what causes migraine pain.

  • If a person runs beyond his comfort level he will have pain. Say a person runs 5 kms when he is not used to run even 1 km. Why?
  • When the person stops running, he may not feel the pain. But as the time passes his limbs will become stiff and produce intense pain.

Possible Answer –

The entire energy meant for the limbs involved in running is used up. During the act of running the body channelized the energy meant for other vital organs and systems to the limbs and tissues involved in the running.

After a person gets in rest mode the vital organs must start normal functioning. So the energy supply to the limbs involved in running is cut off.

This energy supply is cut off by the inflammation process.

Same is true of the Migraine Pain.

When the energy supply to the brain starts falling down the pain triggers get activated.

It causes cell death in the brain. That cell death blocks / impairs some movements of the body by restricting the supply of energy to those organs. That will keep the brain healthy for some more time.

As the time progresses and aging further effects the RMR rate more tissues are denied the minimum energy supply to them.

This is more or less irreversible damage happening in the body.

Improving the RMR can help slow down the degradation of the body and aging process.

To improve the RMR walk for 1 to 5 minutes at easy pace within your house in the morning and then go back to the bed for 5 to 10 minutes. There is need to fine tune, what is the minimum walking time and resting time, which will increase the RMR faster.

My experience tells me as under :

During on the onset of migraine pain (when the pain is very mild), I do not feel like walking even for 1 minute. But I pushed myself for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then took rest for 2 to 5 minutes. Again I managed to get up and walked for 1 minute. Again came back to bed to rest.

Within 10 minutes or less the Migraine pain was gone.

Small doses of sugar (1/2 small spoon) also helps relieving migraine pains much better.

There was a recent study that 1 spoon of sugar is better then any energy drink in the market. Sugar is best anti inflammatory food if the body can Metabolise / digest it. Otherwise sugar can cause intense inflammation within few minutes. Keeping the dose of sugar very small will help avoid inflammatory response of the body.

I am sure the above 2 steps will help get relief from migraine permanently in 7 days.


hernia cause cure is easy and free

hernia cause cure is easy and free

hernia cause cure is easy and free

Read my blog to understand physiology of al hernias. Check my profile.

Today (23.03.2017) a 80 year old man struck conversation with me. I was not in a mood to discuss anything with any body at that time. Initially I tried to ignore him. But he came straight saying – If I know of a person with knee pain, I should refer him/ her to him. He said he can provide relief from knee pain in 30 minutes.

I countered that it will be temporary relief and it easy to do.

But he persisted that he follows up on phone for a long period of time and he is sure that people get permanent relief from his treatment.

I asked him the details of his treatment. But he evaded saying that it is a god gift to him and his touch has magic. He claimed that he has treated even preseident of India and has a testimonial from him. Now I was really badly pissed off.

I asked him to refer the patients whom he can not treat to me. That I can cure every disease on this earth within no time.

Now he started asking me the details. It was very surprising that a person so secretive about his own treatment a few minutes back would be so forceful in eliciting more details from him.

But I am always open. I spent another 30 minutes in explaining my treatment theory.

In the end he gave me following details – that he takes his dinner at 9 pm or later. That he drinks water with and after meals. That he sleeps on his stomach. .

He was keen to ask whether he should be sleeping on his left as dictated by old Indian Saints and Ayurveda experts.

I asked him why he sleeps on his stomach.

He said that he cannot get sleep any other way.

I suggested him my walking and resting theory and asked him to try.

But he persisted with the question whether he should sleep on his stomach.

I told him that it will cause hernia to him.

The moment he heard it, he pulled up his shirt and showed a big protrusion on his stomach.

What is physiology of Hernia

When we eat dinner and drink water and other liquids and immediately thereafter sleep, we tend to sleep on left side. That way all the stomach acids and water leaks from the stomach. Because all the liquid and acids will be on top. That way all liquids will be close to the opening of the stomach into the intestines. That will cause all the stomach acids to leak into blood. That will cause the fluids from the blood along with acids to leak into the tissues and cells close to stomach.

This leakage for a long time will cause weakness of surrounding muscles and protrusion and result into hernia.

This is as simple as 123.

But after reading all medicine systems of the earth, I come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to know the exact cause of hernia.

And what about varicose veins.

Same cause. Stop drinking fluids after 6 pm. Limit total fluid intake to less then 1 litre. Stop drinking tea and other caffeine products.

I wish I could make people see some logic into my theories.

Kidney Failure Cure

Kidney Failure Cure

Kidney Failure Cure

Case Study

Patient – On 03 Feb 2017 – 30 years, creatinine 14, very high blood pressure (200/120), Hb 5.5. weight before dialysis 74, weight after dialysis 70 kg.

On 24 Feb 2017 started taking 1/2 small spoon of sugar every hour.

On 25.2.2017 no burning sensation while urinating.

25.02.2017 started walking for 5 minutes every hour followed with bed rest of 10 minutes.

On 26.02.2017 urinated 3 times instead of 2 times. Urinate output increased to 700 ml per day. No data of previous urine output.

On 27.02.2017 – felt slight burning sensation and hence stopped sugar intake. Was told on 25.02.2017 that burning sensation will come back. That is an indication of sugar not getting tolerated well in the body.

On 28.02.2017 the weight before dialysis 72 and after dialysis 68. Started sugar intake again.

On 11.03.2017 – weight before dialysis 69 kg. Weight after dialysis 68 kg.

Blood test on 15.03.2017 – creatinine 5.6, Hb 9.

Starting hydration / dehydration cycles now. Will report the results later. Keep coming back.

More details of hydration / dehydration logic and science on

Whatsapp me on +917011156397

obesity heart disease and kidney disease

obesity heart disease and kidney disease

obesity heart disease and kidney disease

Obesity is the not does not cause heart disease and kidney disease.

Obesity is outcome of fluid over load and fluid under load.

Obesity is not the cause of heart disease and kidney disease.

Obesity is the effect / result of poor kidney functioning.

Unless we start seeing the problems correctly, we will never find a cure.

Every body is busy shifting the focus and blame to others.

Kidney mal-functioning due to fluid over loading is the key to every health problem.


heart diseases cancer stroke and balding

heart diseases cancer stroke and balding

heart diseases cancer stroke and balding

Read the above link and my posts on bed wetting.

Bed wetting is an indication that the kidneys are not optimally or that there is excess or less water and other fluid intake.

Fluid overload is the only possible cause for high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

This will eventually leads to increased risk of cancer.

To be healthy and live a long healthy life we must investigate fluid over loading and its long term implications on health.

This will lead to perfect health.

Diseases are being dealt with very lightly by the irresponsible authorities.