Aging, Diseases and Inflammation

Aging, Diseases and Inflammation

  • To cure any disease every health system in the world targets the fluid in the body. Fluid is the only thing that moves in the body from one place to another.
  • What we eat passes through digestive track and is finally excreted. Only the nutrients in the food or drinks get into blood and can have some curative properties.
  • In case of diseases like Jaundice there are no medicines because the body stops digesting and the nutrients cannot get into blood.
  • There may be millions of things in the body Vitamins, Minerals, Hormones etc. It is common sense that a person can get a disease only if some of the things are in excess or short in the body.
  • All the medicine system target in fulfilling the shortage of these things in the body.
  • The diagnostic have limitations inspite of very expensive tests being conducted in the labs. These labs cannot detect even 1% of the shortages and excess.
  • The whole of the medical scientists have been  wasting lives of the people by passing the buck or giving excuses for not curing people with clock wise precision.

Take an Example to understand what is happening when you go to a doctor

  • Take a glass of water. Add a spoon of salt to it. Taste it.
  • If you find the water to be very salty, what you will do. Naturally you will add some more water to the existing mix of salt and water.
  • If you find the water to be less salty, you will need to take care to add less water next time to the same amount of salt.
  • What a doctor does is – add some sugar to the water to ward off the taste of excess salt. Or may be some other stuff like wheat floor or such things. But it introduces some other tastes to the water. That will create its own set of problems.

What is the exact cause of a disease

  • Our body has millions of monitoring systems (may be 100s). These monitoring systems regulate various vitamins, minerals and processes in our body.
  • These monitoring systems need some tools to work in the form of some hormones or minerals or vitamins.
  • Some times it may happen that 2 or more monitoring system need some minerals in conflicting quantities.
  • Due to the conflict 2 or more monitoring systems collapse and stop working. This causes a disease.

What should be the cure

  • To manage all the excesses in the body a person should drink lot of water with 45 minutes to 1 hour gap. That will dilute all the excesses in the body.
  • But then there are lot of other shortages in the body. The shortages in the body will get further reduces. But there are usually more than 1 check in the body. In short term the body is not adversely affected by shortages or excesses for a short period of 24 hours.
  • Now to manage all the shortages in the body, do not drink any water or other liquids on next day.
  • Repeat drinking lot of water on day 1 and not drinking any water on day 2 for 4 to 10 days or more depending on the seriousness of the disease.
  • In a matter of 4-5 days all shortages and excesses will be taken care of. The conflict of various shortages and excesses will be resolved and the person will be cure.

Some experiments have shown that the above works with clock wise precision in almost every disease. At this point of time, this is the best possible treatment for any disease.

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