Blood Pressure Cured without medicines

Blood Pressure Cured without medicines

Blood Pressure Cured without medicines

Almost 1/4 of the adult population of the world today from suffers from high Blood Pressure. Blood pressure medicines cause tiredness. Most of the people do not want to take blood pressure medicines. But then there is no known and authentic cure of Blood Pressure without medicines.

One cure for all Disease provides instances of curing BP as high as 220/90 without any medicine and exercise and dieting. This was the case with a 59 year old lady. She lost some 10 kg weight. The swelling on her knees disappeared. In fact that was the most amazing patient. When she reported bp of 220/90 I was worried and asked her to take medicines. But she decided against it saying that she does not feel anything. That she sees lot of improvement without medicines.

In the process I also learnt few knew things. I am not a doctor. I do not get too many patients. If I get a opportunity of dealing with BP patients more often, I strongly believe that I will be able to wife off all chronic and life style diseases from the face of this earth.

The details of this patient are as under –

Age – 33 years
Weight – 94 kg
The patient recorded high blood pressure and went to the doctor. The doctor prescribed some medicines.

After seeing my quora answers or youtube videos or may be web site he contacted me over mobile call. I explained the cause for blood pressure and the possible cure for blood pressure.

After first 7 days he started feeling lighter and he started recording normal blood pressure. He was happy. However some how the patient stopped following the suggestions after some time. After 1 month of so he found that his weight has gone up. He was worried. He went to the doctors. He his Blood pressure recordings were normal. Still the patient insisted. He got further tests done. Every thing was ok. Inspite of his insistence the doctor did not prescribe any medicines. This call recording from the patient is in sixth recording below.

All conversations with the patients are recorded by me and uploaded on youtube to help others understand the science and logic in One Cure for All Diseases. These recordings are most authentic data base of patients. I try my best to answer each question of the patient. I try to explain everything logically. How One Cure for All Diseases will help normalise the blood pressure.

The recordings of this patient are given below –

First Recording

Second Recording

Third Recording

Fourth Recording

Fifth Recording

Sixth Recording

Do we really need medicines for curing blood pressure

The most prescribed medicine for the blood pressure in the first instance is diuretic. That means for new blood pressure patients diuretics are prescribed. Diuretics increase the urine output. In simple terms the diuretics dehydrate you.

Instead of taking medicines to remove excess water from the body, it is better to reduce the water and other fluid intake. Anything taken in excess increases the inflammation in the body

Any person who drinks 2 liters of water can try by increasing his water intake to 5 or 6 liters. Much before reaching 5 or 6 liters of water intake the person will start feeling bloated or gaseous of headaches or some other issues.

Otherwise also blood pressure medicines cause damage to the kidneys. Kidneys or any other vital organ is not damaged in a day. It is usually a long process and normally takes few years. When kidneys are damaged the doctors restrict the fluid intake to less than 1 liter. Usually they go as low as 500 ml ot 700 ml.

But why similar restrictions are not placed when the kidneys are in the process of damage. That means after the blood pressure medicines are started. Blood pressure medicines start damaging kidneys the day one starts taking them. But taking BP medicines with reduced water intake can cause massive dehydration resulting in stroke or heart failure.

Reduced water intake with walk and rest will wonders to cure blood pressure. 2 meals a day will make the cure faster by almost 2 to 3 times.

Beta blockers or calcium channel blockers also have serious side effects. Blood pressure medicines also cause increase in cholesterol levels increasing the chance of heart attack.

How was Blood pressure cured without medicines

The patient was asked to follow the 2 meals a day diet with walk and rest.

The patient was suggested to take meal at –

First meal – 9 am to 10 am
Second meal – 5 pm to 6 pm

One glass of Water at the following times –

7 am, 8 am and 9 am with meal no. 1. Glass of water at 9 am was to be taken with the meal by sips. For 10 am meal water could at any 2 times with with a gap of 1 hour. 3rd glass was to be taken with meal.

Similar pattern for meal no. 2. Water can be taken at 3 pm, 4 pm and at 6 pm with the meal.

In case a person feels weakness during the day, he can take fruits at 3 pm or in the morning immediately after getting up.

Walk and rest

5 minutes walk within house every 1 hour during the day followed with bed rest for 5 minutes. This was to be done 15 to 20 times in a day. Any shortfall can be covered by walk and rest done continuously.

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