Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar – Obesity, Exercise & Tea

Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar – Obesity, Exercise & Tea

Obese people are more at risk for high Blood Pressure and High Blood Sugar. Let us see what happens in the body of obese people and why they become obese.

  •  A person eats 2000-2500 calories in 24 hours.
  • There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours.
  • That means a person needs 1.5 calories per minute for his vital organs.
  • Vital Organs include heart, brain, liver, kidney, blood circulation, digestive system, body temperature etc.
  • When the resting metabolic rate drops by even 0.2 to 1.3 per minute, in 24 hours that will be 288 calories.
  • In 12 days such a person will put on 400 grams of weight.
  • One tea spoon of sugar has 15 calories in it.
  • The only way to help him improve his resting metabolic rate is to give him immediate source of energy and that is only sugar. But give only that much which will result in higher metabolic rate and will not be stored. So take only ½ tea spoon of sugar every hour.
  • Eating 30-40 calories in a day by way of sugar is perfectly ok. One can safely eat upto 10% of the total calorie requirements by way of sugar.
  • This will improve the working of all the vital organs of the body.
  • Within 15 days the blood pressure and blood sugar will return to normal because of better functioning of the vital organs.
  • Exercise has temporary effect on weight because it is difficult for overweight person to do exercise. To my mind it is plain stupid to ask an overweight person to do exercise to reduce weight.
  • When resting metabolic rate improves by 0.2, the person will lose 400 grams every 12 days without dieting or exercising.
  • That is pretty easy.

Digestive system of the body consists of – Mouth, Stomach, Liver, Small Intestines and Large Intestine

Next Most important thing is creating a right balance in these. Hydration is most important for the body. Next target has to be perfect balance of hydration of the systems involved in digestion.

If we drink water slowly we will improve the hydration of Mouth Stomach and Liver. If we drink water fast in one go the hydration of intestines will improve. But these have to balanced.

So far 3-4 days drink water 1 mouthful in 15 minutes. Hold the water in your mouth and then slowly ingest that water.

Next 3-4 days drink one mouthful of water in one go in 15 minutes.

Next 3-4 days drink 1 glass or more water in one go every 1 hour.

That will return the best balance in the body.

Within 15-20 days you will start losing weight. Blood pressure and blood sugar would have become normal already 15 days back. So happy living.

Some other thought while I was in the process of reaching the above stated logic. I have reached to this point after lots of trial and errors.

To understand the concept, Let us take an example-

A person drinks 3-4 glasses of water in 24 hours. He changes his routine and starts drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water. There will be some sudden changes. One of the experiments still hounds me –

My brother in law had severely cracked heals. The heal bone was visible from the cracks and it was really too bad to even look at. These were there for all 12 months / 365 days in a year for last 10 years or more. I suggested him to drink 1 glass of water every hour. Within 15 days his cracked heals were as good as his palm. There was no sign of cracked heals.

I was shocked. I did expect some results but these results were beyond my wildest expectations.

He continued with the routine of drinking 1 glass of water every hour. In next 15-20 his cracked heals came back.

So no need to look beyond obvious. Most of the scientists would try their best to look beyond the most obvious. But really there is never any need to look beyond the most obvious things in life.

He drank water in excess. In most of the situations the results of excess and deficiency are same. We try our best not to accept this most obvious thing.

My next suggestion to him was to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water for 2-3 days in a week. For rest of the days I suggested him to drink 2-3 glasses of water. His cracked heals were gone again.

Blood pressure is excess of fluids in the body. Or we can say that body starts retaining more water. This is easiest and most obvious thing about high blood pressure.

A cup of tea has zero calorie value without sugar and milk.

Below is a form for collecting data from people around the world to establish link between bed tea and blood pressure and blood sugar. So far very few people have filled up the form. But there is 100% link between bed tea and exercise both on empty stomach and blood pressure and blood sugar.

Click here to see how Bed Tea causes Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar

Check the results yourself. Fill up the form and ask your friends to do the same and you will know for sure whether there is a link or not as soon as the number of people go beyond 1 million. On internet that may not take much. As on 17.12.2013 there were 51 responses. All indicating that there is a strong link between Bp, Sugar and Tea and exercise on empty stomach.

What causes blood pressure and blood sugar?


I spent more than 15 days searching on internet for any link between salt and high blood pressure. There is no scientific research in any country anywhere in the world.

Consider the following –

A person feels low on energy. He is not able to physically move around. He drinks 1 cup of tea and within few minutes he starts moving around and is perfectly able to do physical movements.


There is no calories in a cup of tea. That is a scientific fact. There is an independent link about that above. I have no role in publishing that fact.

Then what could be reason –

There is energy needed in the body for heart, running the blood, for brain, kidney functioning, liver functioning, maintaining body temperature. tea diverts that energy which is required by vital organs for physical movements. How it does that. It creates a layer in the arteries which for some time stops the movement of energy from arteries to cells and tissues of the body.

But why there was need for tea in the morning in the first place. May be there is too much gap between last meal (dinner) and breakfast. In repair mode during sleep the body diverts the entire energy for vital organs to recover and repair themselves. When that energy is not enough, the person feels low on energy when he gets up in the morning. When that happens tea comes as a help. Once in a while it is ok. But on regular basis it is death warrant signed by God.

Second reason is based on my personal experiments.

The level of energy in the body is also regulated. There is a range within which body functions. If the energy levels in the body increases beyond the maximum level which the body can handle, the body stops accepting the energy and bypasses the entire energy. That is known as hang over after drinking alcohol. Alcohol is very high on calorie values. Alcohol is not required to be metabolised to draw on that energy. It is straight away diverted for running the vital organs. There is some disconnect here. Some scientists can help me here with additional facts. But I have a gut feel that I am correct in reaching the conclusions that I have drawn. Besides gut feeling I have some additional experiences to rely on.

So the person goes to sleep shortly afterwards. After the person goes to sleep the entire energy contained in the alcohol is bypassed. Body keeps on using energy for running vital organs.

When a person wakes up in the morning there is no energy for any physical movement. Hang over is the result of excess burden on vital organs to divert the energy for physical movements. It is extremely difficult to close the gates thru which energy was transferred from arteries to the cells and tissues.

The same hand over happens if a person consumes high amount of sugar, sweets and carbohydrates.

How to get rid of high Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar and depression –

Try to regulate the energy requirements of the body. Stop drinking tea when physical movement seems very difficult. That puts lots of stress on vital organ’s functioning. Eat the breakfast immediately after getting up in the morning. Keep carbohydrate content high in breakfast.

Do not go for exercises on empty stomach. Eat heavily the first thing in the morning. Rest for 1/2 hour before going out for morning walk or exercises.

Do not go to bed immediately after consuming alcohol. Make sure there are not large gaps between 2 meals.

New Experiences

  • Today I was talking to another person who is having very High Blood Pressure and is on medication. He said that his average consumption of sugar is very high. He drinks 15 cups of tea every day on average. In each cup of tea he takes 3 spoons of sugar. After getting in the morning he drinks 3 cups of tea. He is very fond of sweets, chocolate etc. His Blood Sugar levels are perfectly in order. Less than 100 even after consuming lots of sugar.I have another experience with sugar and alcohol. Both cause hang over kind of head aches. 3-4 years back I reasoned that when our energy levels go beyond the minimum and maximum levels our body some how shuts down and passes on the excess energy with digesting it. I am sure how it is done. But the hand aches are caused because the vital organs are completely deprived of energy after sleeping after drinking. So the body gives pain signals and wakes us up to avoid the possible death. Since then I have carefully observed the similar pattern in other people as well. Now this person was advised that he should gradually reduce his sugar consumption. Also that he should avoid drinking tea so that his energies are not diverted away from his vital organs un-necessarily. Second that he should eat some thing solid the first thing in the morning. Under no circumstances he should drink tea in the morning. I will post the feedback in next few days.
  • stopped drinking tea for last 5-6 years. Recently I started drinking 1 cup of tea every day. I used to get head aches after 24 hours if I do not drink tea. My dandruff and skin dryness increased substantially. I started putting on weight. In 15 days I put on 8 to 10 pounds of extra weight. Dryness skin and dandruff are other indications that tea causes the nutrients to stay inside arteries and major blood systems. The fluid and nutrients does not reach each and every organ of the body. Tea intake also caused some kind of nerve pains as well. I used to be very low on stamina after drinking tea. Otherwise I have very good stamina. I still challenge people in 20s with my stamina. Today I gave up tea again. I had severe head ache for almost 12 hours. Now I am free of head Ache again. Keep coming back to this page. I will update my new experiences with tea consumption from time to time. I will be really great of the readers also share their experiences with tea.
  • Tea would cause the FATs to stay inside the arteries for longer period of time. Tea would also increase the build up of excessive fluid in the arteries. The amount of vapors loss through breathing and sweating (taken together) come down. Less amount of sweating is clear from dandruff and dry skin. Over a long period of time the arteries would become thick and since fluid cannot escape from arteries easily, there will be build of excessive build of fluids in the body. Initially it causes lower frequency of urination. But as the arteries become thicker the urine frequency will go up. Tea also seems to be the main cause for prostrate cancer and kidney stones.

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  1. I heard your advice personally in District court, Rohini , Delhi. Unfortunately I was late and could not understand the whole thing. Therefore, I have gone through your web site. I think there is substance in your health advice. Experience will be shared later.

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