Calcium supplements weaken the bones

Calcium supplements weaken the bones

My father was a government employee and had the facility of CGHS. We used to get free medicines. We used to read that calcium makes the bones stronger.

Every time the doctors used to give lots of calcium tablets. The idea of being strong used to drive me crazy. I used to eat too much of calcium tablets.

By the time I was 20 year old I started having bone problems. I used to have back aches. I used to have low blood pressure. By the time I was 40 I was told that I have severe osteoporosis. I was shocked. I used to feel extreme pain in my knuckles even if there is a slight impact.

About a year ago I read that GNOME scientists have found that there is a molecule in our body which controls excretion of calcium and sodium in our urine. And they concluded that excess of sodium is too bad for our bones. In case we have excess of sodium then calcium will also be excreted. I laughed at the conclusion.

I reversed my osteoporosis by increasing my salt intake. Today I have normal bones. I have no osteoporosis.

Now when I look back, I realise the real reasons are as under –

High calcium intake caused higher then normal sodium excretion. So I had low Blood Pressure. But I never realised. I had no serious symptoms of that. When I increased my salt intake excess calcium was excreted from my body and my bones became alright.

White wash is pure calcium. We need to peel off the white wash when we need to apply the white wash again. The same way our bodies must excrete calcium before they can use the calcium for bones again. When there is build up of old calcium in the body the bones stop absorbing the calcium and there is calcification in the body affecting bones, heart, kidneys (I had kidney stones 3 years in a row) liver etc. We need to have perfect mix of calcium and water for white wash to last longer. Same is true for bones as well.

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