Cancer Cure

A person suffering from cancer has low immunity. He is advised to ward off the chances of infection by keeping a distance from visitors etc.

You will notice that most of the theories link cancer with fluids imbalances. But never the reasons for fluid imbalance have been gone into detail.

I started spending time on cancer growth mainly concerning fluid. 8th Dec 2013 is the first time that I googled Cancer History and saw the above link. But I have been continuously saying for last 5 years that cancer is the result of fluid mismanagement. I am not from medical field. But this gut feel seem to have some link. I leave the details of the link to the imagination of the readers.

Today it is believed that cancer has spread because of development. The countries which are more developed have much higher percentage of cancer.

Now look at what developments across the world have meant. More comfort of the body. There is no part of the world (where humans live) which has just one type of weather. The temperature changes at each place. There are nights and days. It could have been same weather always. By all this variations the only purpose is to seek new balances in various organs of the body.

Till date there is no scientific explanation of the cause of the cold and cough.

But I have succeeded in a big way in controlling and curing cold and cough. According to me cold and cough are caused due to mismanagement of the fluids in the body.

To cure cancer one should try to balance fluids in the body. The best way to balance the fluids in the body have been outlined in AIDS, Sinus cure sections of this web site. 

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