doomsday when will be end day of humans

doomsday when will be end day of humans

doomsday when will be end day of humans is based on pure science and maths.

I had to add maths because the word science has lost its meaning these days.

the number of Americans with cardiovascular disease will rise to 131.2 million – 45 percent of the total U.S. population

The following example may open up your eyes to the hard reality.

If you keep folding a paper, after how many folds one end of the paper will touch moon and other end will be on earth?

Do not worry it is an ordinary photocopy paper of 75 gsm type. No tricks are there in this question.

It is not practical to fold the paper more then 6 to 7 times. After 6 folds the paper may get torn. To overcome this problem – instead of fold you can keep adding more papers instead of folds.

The answer may shock most of the people – it will take just 42 folds.

With each fold the number of sheets in the fold will double. So 42 folds will have 2 raised to the power 42 paper sheets.

2 raised to the power 42 is equal to 4,398,046,511,104

You can check the powers of 2 upto 100 at the following link –

Now a normal bundle of 500 photocopy papers is about 2 inch thick.

1 meter is equal to 39.37 inches.

So 1000 meters (1 km) will be about 39370 inches.

Now it is simple mathematics.

2 inch thick paper bundle has 500 sheets of paper.

39370 inch (1 km thick) paper bundle will have 500/2 x 39370 paper sheets = 9842500 sheets.

2 raise to the power 42 = 4,398,046,511,104

So 4,398,046,511,104 sheets will be 4,398,046,511,104 / 9842500 kms thick

or 446842 kms thick

The distance between moon and earth is only 384400 kms.

So after 42 folds the papers would have passed the moon by more than 1 lac kms.

What connection it has got with the dooms day?

Our health depends on perfect mix of minerals in our blood. There are 3.85 x 10 raised to the power 215 possible combinations of minerals if we assume that there are 128 minerals, vitamins, protein chains, molecules, hormones and other chemicals in our body.

This is a much bigger number. Even simple printing of these numbers by super computers with super printers will take more than trillions of trillions of years.

Forget about reaching any where close to finding a cure for a thing as simple as common cold in next trillion years.

The whole of medicine system is a big fraud. But there is nothing to feel bad for medicine professionals. Same is the case of all other professionals. All the organised professions are nothing but a very big fraud, be it stock markets, judicial systems, finance markets, lawyers.

Or you may chose to say – it is game of survival of the fittest.

All the research and mis-information is taking us one fold closer to the doomsday.

Check again after 41 folds the paper was just 1/2 way to the moon. Next fold will take the paper past the moon.

Same way in 2035 there will be 45% people on this earth suffering from cardiovascular diseases. And next year ie 2036 it may be 90%.

And trust me every passing day the degeneration of human body or doomsday will become very close to us.



Why you should stop funding research in health

Why you should stop funding research in health

Why you should stop funding research in health

This is funniest news item.

Who is responsible for the deteriorating health of the people in this world?

People who fund the research.

Trillions of dollars have gone into research into last several decades and you are time and again bombarded with this type of news.

It is time to question – have we not done more than enough already to fund the research.

Why the diseases are on rise?

Are the researchers squeezing you?

Yes they are squeezing.

I am an advocate. Same thing happens in almost every field.

Let us say a person faces the prospects of going to jail on false complaint or even if it is true complaint.

A good advocate will first try to convince that if a person decides to pay less, his prospects of going to jail will increase.

He will squeeze as much as possible.

Then he will get his bail applications rejected. Show sympathy with him. Promise him moon again.

The person will pay more money and stay with the same advocate because he has already paid him lot of money.

To save the already wasted money you spend more.

Same here.

You are being asked to pay more for research, because the money you have paid in last 100 years is not enough to yield any results. You are moving towards extinction of human race faster then ever before.

You are facing the prospects of being hanged until death.

Keep paying.

Or better read the pure health science at and question these researchers who are asking for more money every passing day.

It is time to find out the relationship between funding the researches and the increase in health costs. The relationship is clear. With every increase in funding of the research the health is deteriorating.

Slowing Down the Aging Process

Slowing Down the Aging Process

Slowing Down the Aging Process

Slowing Down the Aging Process
Slowing Down the Aging Process





The recent research claims that reducing the calorie consumption can slow down the aging process. The following is the link to the research.

Cutting down on calories can slow ageing

The research seems to be based on the recent news items where the people who lived longest claimed that the secret to their longevity is low calorie consumption.

This is not even half truth.

Inflammation is the main cause of every disease and aging process. That is a claim which can be termed as scientific to some extent.

Inflammation happens when there is excess of something in the body. The body tries to get rid of the excess through inflammation process.

So yes, when you eat in excess (excess means more then what your body or cells can process) than inflammation will happen causing speeding up of the aging process.

Whatever one eats, has to be converted into energy. That energy has to be used. So when there is imbalance between these 2 inflammation takes place to get rid of the excess energy produced in the body or excess food that we have eaten.

To attain this perfect balance between energy produced and energy spent is a difficult part.

The moment you start promoting the concept of low calorie consumption, people will go to the other extreme and eat very less.

Mal-nutrition happens when you eat less then what your body needs. Mal-nutrition also causes inflammation.

How Mal-nutrition causes inflammation?

Cells are metabolic units in the body. Cells need different minerals and other chemicals in a particular proportions. When a person starts eating less that proportion of different minerals gets disturbed. These disturbed proportion of minerals creates excess of some minerals. And now this new proportion of minerals will cause inflammation.


Let us say that cells need the mineral A and B in the ration of 40:60. Further let us say at a particular time the absolute values of mineral A and B are 400 units and 600 units.

Now we start cutting down calorie intake and in the process we reduce mineral A to 300 units while keeping mineral B to 600 units.

This will cause inflammation. Resulting into body trying to get rid of excess of 150. Because now the right proportion is 300 units and 450 units to maintain a ratio of 40:60.

Now one has to understand that it is next to impossible to figure out what is perfect ratio of minerals to be maintained. All the blood tests and other recommendations of the mineral balance is a complete lie. This all is farce and fraud that must be beaten down.

To understand the basic maths in support of last para read

Only way to bring about right portions among the minerals in the body is – hydration / dehydration process and increasing the resting metabolic rate.

Cutting down the calorie consumption is never ending process. This will result into severe mal-nutrition in most of the cases.

To increase the resting metabolic rate follow step 2 of the

One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All Diseases

  • Every disease is caused due to chronic inflammation.
  • Inflammation essentially involves some swelling.
  • This inflammation is at cellular level. There is excess fluid in cells as well as in gaps between the cells.
  • By hydration / dehydration cycles the fluid outside the cells (gap between the cells) is exchanged / removed to the blood and outside the body as well.
  • But there is no significant change in the fluids in cells.

The above explanation is an after thought based on personal experience. Else where I shared my experiences with my father in June 2014. There had been so many things that were done to help my father to recover to good health.

Some details about my father. My father is 82 years with both hip replacements done some 20 years back. He broke his collar bone 12 months back. He had another arm bone broken 2 years back. So there was limited limb movements in the sense that he could walk independently without any help or support but used to get tired in about 100 meters. He suffered from high Blood pressure. But he was never diabetic.

The exact things which helped him to recover was not clear and there was no significant reversal of his health condition of seizures. He used to get seizures every 2 or 3 months. Though initially the seizures were even more widely spaced out 3 to 4 months but with time the seizures started every 1 month or so though these were very mild most of the time allowing my father to recover in 15 minutes or so.

But in Nov. 2016 he did not recover from one of the seizures. After taking him to hospital and after putting him on epilepsy drugs he lost all limb movements and was in semi conscious state. Again the doctors told that he will not regain limb movements for rest of life (which was not estimated to be more than 7 days). But here again with fluid management as mentioned at he recovered and was sent to home but there was very minimal limb movements.

Withdrawing the epilepsy drugs improved the limb movements. With each withdrawal of drugs he kept regaining his limb movements.

But due to poor management of his bed movements, he developed bed sores. Once these bed sores were there, it did not seem to improve inspite of all care.

At this time the assessment by medical professionals was that it may take upto 6 months to recover from all bed sores.

Finally all medicines were withdrawn and he was given about 5oo to 800 ml water every day. On day 1 he was given sugar – 1/2 spoon every hour. On day 2 he was given 1/4 small spoon of salt in each glass of water in place of sugar.

So sugar and salt were alternated. One day sugar, 2nd day salt.

And results shocked me. He started recovering really fast in 10 days all his bed sores were healed. His brain also seems to be recovering.

During his hospitalisation his brain was also effected. The doctors explained that the CT Scans showed that portion of the brain which is supposed to be gray has become black and there is no way that can be changed.

During 2014 to 2016 he was very repetitive. He used to get his bank balance even during middle of night. He was fussy about getting his bank pass books updated every month from various banks though there were no new transactions.

This time when he started recovering his initial response was of repetitions. But gradually he seemed to be improving in that departments as well. He is not repetitive and is engaging in more logical conversations.

Hopefully he is on better recovery this time.

With this sugar and salt on alternate days his Blood pressure and blood sugar seems to be in perfect range. There are no fluctuations and blood pressure is normal these days.

And then I also implemented this salt and sugar on alternate days. And results are really shocking.


International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

International Yoga DayInternational Yoga Day


Yoga is violence to Body and Mind


Anybody who preaches health should set out Goals that will be expected to be achieved by following a particular system.


If the Goals are not achieved, then the reasons should be found out.


If the goodness of the health system is to be publicized then any shortcoming should also be publicized. More than 80% of the people who practice yoga do not get long term benefits. Those who preach Yoga do not enjoy perfect health. If you withhold such information – will you not call it fraud?


Few years back I met two Yoga teachers aged 65 and 38. Both of them were preaching Yoga for tens of years. After some discussion they agreed that they have stomach issues on long term basis. They cannot eat anything spicy or anything from Market.


Breathing Exercises are integral part of Yoga. Through breathing we inhale and exhale large amounts of air. This causes unusual movements of respiratory organs. That results in dehydration of the organs as well as supply of more fluids to the organs involved.


But why do we need to do all this is the basic question that must be answered before we proceed. Involvement of Mr. Modi or anyone from big offices need to look deeper into the issues before getting involved.


The blood of our body must maintain pH level of 7.35 to 7.45 to enjoy good health. The first system to ensure that is breathing. Carbon Dioxide is slightly acidic. Whenever pH level of the blood falls below 7.35 the breathing becomes deeper. Secondly urine also helps in maintaining the pH level of the blood. There are several other organs which influence the pH level of the blood.


What causes changes in the blood pH level should be the first question that must be answered by an Honest person. Yoga never speaks about this question?


Our food and liquid intake influences the pH level of the blood. Exercises, physical movements and any other kind of energy expenditure influences pH level of the blood. Sugar (Carbohydrates) act as buffer and saves the blood from rapid changes in the pH level.


Water is the safest thing that can bring fast changes in the blood pH level without causing any serious side effects.


But why should we choose water over yoga or other things in the world to control pH level of blood.


If you want to understand the reasons for choosing water over other systems of health which have been created by mindless pursuits of greedy people do the following.


Drink 200 ml water every hour from 7 am to 7 pm on day 1. Have normal average 3 meals during the day. No other liquids to be ingested. No water or liquids during night.


Drink no water or other liquids on day 2. No water or liquids during night on day 2 as well.

Watch the changes in your breathing.


Whatever you are trying to achieve through breathing exercises and Yoga will all be there and much more.


You spend almost no time in drinking 10 glasses of water of 200 ml each on day 1. But for Yoga you need to spend more than 1 hour every day.


Yoga or any other activity effects the organs involved in the exercise.


Hydration and dehydration effects each and every organ of the body.


The effect is long term and not short term as provided by Yoga. Why the Yoga impact would be short term.


Remember carbon dioxide is slightly acidic. By controlling breathing you are saving the body from the harmful effects of acidic blood. But what about blood becoming too alkaline. Yogi dies of alkaline bodies. They over do the thing.


Yoga is a violence to the body and mind. Yoga is developed by sick people who experience some benefits at some stage in their life. But they failed to look beyond and far.


Personal Experiences


Case No. 1


Few years back my mother in law weighed in 110 kg. She started Anulom Vilom and Kapal Bhaati every day for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


In about 6 months she weighed 70 kg. Every relative was shocked. She was fit and very happy as we could see.


Another 6 months passed by. She continued Yoga breathing exercise. And she started putting on weight. In next 6 months she weighed in 130 kg. She had to undergo surgery to cut some loose skin which covered her eyes and she could not see because of that.


I kept warning her that this all is happening due to yoga breathing exercises. She did not listen to me. She started spending 3-4 months in a year in hospitals for various health conditions.


And she died of massive heart attack. Cardiogenic Shock.


Case 2 


A friend of mine is a disciple of Swami Dhirender Brahmchari. Few years back he lost his eye vision. There is no injury. He lost his eye vision at the age of say 40 years or earlier then than. He still practices yoga. He has other health conditions as well. He is not able to hold water for long after drinking even glass of water even in summers.


He has done 10s of courses in Ayurved, homeopathy etc to understand the disease and to cure himself. But there are no results.


But he is also hesitant to discontinue Yoga.


Case 3


In 2015 I met another yoga instructor. Age 62-63. He was teaching yoga to people and was very active.


He also suffered from Acidity. I asked him to stop yoga for 10-15 days. Dehydrate himself for 36 hours and see the impact. He met me after 10 days and said that he got complete relief from acidity.


I could have taken this information with a pinch of salt since he did not keep in touch after that. But he called again in 2016 asking for help to cure his diabetes. That implies that he has long term relief from acidity and so his belief that I can be of help to him.


Case 4


The information about acidity was taken from 2 yoga instructors who suffered from acidity even after being very active yoga instructors. I kept thinking about the reasons and it seems that I am very close to actual reasons.


But then people who do not suffer from acidity may argue in favour of Yoga. Yoga causes acidity due to their bodies becoming more alkaline. They can become acidic again by doing cardio exercises. That is by running and walking and hence dehydrating.


That means first you have to do Yoga and then to get rid of the harmful effects of yoga you will need to spend more time in reversing the conditions caused by Yoga. Walk for another one hour or run / jog for 30 minutes every day.


This whole universe is created to supplement and ensure the cycles of hydration and dehydration. Day and night. Changes in seasons (temperature). Earth revolves around sun only to help too greedy people to maintain right hydration levels.


To understand the real science of the body – visit –

International Yoga Day


When Water can Kill you

When Water can Kill you

When Water can Kill youWhen Water can Kill you
Your body has only 6 to 7% of the body weight as blood. So a 70 kg person has 4.2 to 4.9 litres of blood in the body at any point. Rest of the water is in cells or between the cells. It takes hours before the blood can adjust the excess with with the cells and other processes of the body like Kidney. And meanwhile a person can be dead.
Flooding the body with 6 litres of water at a time will dilute every mineral in your body by 140% and that is too much.
See the experts on the subject.
How much water can kill you
Just think of a new born weighing only 5 kg. 6% of 5 kg is 300 ml water. It is not just water intoxication. It can be mother’s feed also which can kill a child.
If a mother is drinking too much water, it can poison the child.
The symptoms of water poisoning are – vomiting, loose motions, diarrhea, head aches etc.
More chronic symptoms are bed wetting, frequent cold and cough, sinus, chest congestion, poor eye sight, graying of hair, weak bones etc.
Kidney failure of new patients put on dialysis can be reversed in 48 hours if you have read the home page and understood. Immediately after dialysis the person should attempt fluid balance.
Kidney failure is nothing except fluid imbalance and resultant mineral imbalance.
So learn how to correct any fluid imbalance while you are this web site.
Do not miss to read the home page.

Migraine Causes and Cure

Migraine Causes  and Cure

Migraine Causes  and CureMigraine Causes and Cure


I suffered from acute migraine for more than 10 years.


My triggers were –

  • Drinking tea. When I used to give up tea, migraine used to trouble me within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Eating big amount of sugar, sweets, cold drinks, tea, water, salt, salty snacks,
  • walking or playing sports for long durations etc
  • Drinking tea for  more than 10 days at a time.
  • Not drinking tea for more than 10 days.
  • Frequency was about 10 to 15 days without triggers.
  • With triggers within 24 to 48 hours.


What lead to Cure


On 2 consecutive occassions, I had migraine  pain after eating large amounts of salty snacks (bhujia). On 3rd occassion I has huge amount of water within a short period of time. During this time I was experimenting on weight loss as well. I was very closely following the movement of Fluids from arteries cells and within cells.


Suddenly it struck me that the problem could be the sudden huge movement of fluids from arteries to cells and vice versa.
These days I had started interval walking as well. Interval walking that I was practicing was 5 minutes walk at easy pace at house (bare footed) at a very easy pace every 30 to 60 minutes. I found that this interval walking dehydrates a person by almost 3 to 4 litres a day. That was shocking.


During this period I used some triggers and the moment the migraine set in I would walk for 5 minutes at easy pace and rest. And the migraines would disappear within 1 minute of starting the walking.
I have tried to trigger migraine in all possible ways and the migraine disappears within 1 minute of walking. But I do interval walking without migraine triggers as well.


Now after a month of practicing interval walking, I find that even triggers of migraine are not working and migraines are not starting now.


And the best part is that after 45 days of interval walking my weight loss is picking up and getting quite interesting. I have lost 5 kg and it is just starting to pick the speed.


Hope to lose about 15 kg in next 3-4 months without any exercise and dieting.


Cause of Heart Diseases

Cause of Heart Diseases

Cause of Heart Diseases


Those who are interested to understand the working of the heart may watch the above video. If you decide not to view the video it is ok. My post does not take too much from the above video.


Cause of Heart Diseases


So coming back to the main question?


The above video shows some of moving parts of the heart. It shows the movement of blood to the heart, lungs and back to every part of the body.


You might think that God helps your heart to function every day. But I am sorry I do not think this way. Heart needs lot of energy to function.


Where this energy is generated?


And this energy is needed for every vital organ and system of the body.


This energy is called – Resting Metabolic Rate (Or Basal Metabolic Rate – BMR).


This energy is generated in the cells of the body.  The rate at which cells generate energy may be called Cellular Metabolic Rate.


  • The cells need fuel (nutrients) to generate energy.
  • Once energy is generated, it must be stored or used.
  • As usual there are costs involved in storage of energy. Everybody is familiar with running of warehouses.
  • These storage spaces are limited in size and capacity to store.


There are 2 classes of people in this world.


  • One who has more to eat than his body needs.
  • Others who do not have enough to meet the needs of the body.


People who eat more than their body can use, will store the energy so generated.


After some time they will reach a stage when there is no storage present. Now either they should stop eating or start spending more energy.


You may say why we need to store energy or spend energy. The body will handle the spare energy by releasing in whatever way. Same may be thought of nuclear plants. And every one knows unless nuclear energy is handled with care there are disaster waiting to strike.


Enough on energy generation and spending. Let us change the context for some time. We will come back to this later.


Energy Expenditure


  • Energy is needed to run vital organs and systems.
  • Energy is needed for physical movements and other activities.


The things that should make you stand up and look for answers


Over weight People do all kinds of physical activities to lose weight. 95% and above people fail to lose weight.  Those who do lose weight gain back the lost weight after some time. Activities that people do for losing weight –

  • Weight Training (Gyming – most of the people gain 5 to 15 kg in about 1 years). There is net weight gain in 99% cases.
  • Jogging – Though very strenuous and tiring, only 1% of the people manage this. Even they fail to lose weight over long period of time.
  • Sports  like badminton, swimming, volleyball etc.


There are millions of web sites that tell you that to lose 1 kg weight you have to burn 8000 calories.


Most of the above mentioned activities burn calories at the rate of 8 to 10 calories per minute. Most of the people achieve the target of Burning 200 to 300 extra calories a day by the above activities.


But still they fail to lose weight.


What is the reason for failure to lose weight?


We completely ignore the calories burnt during rest periods.


We need to look at BMR or Resting Metabolic Rate post the exercise.


The total glucose in the blood at any point of time is 25 grams. Calories in each gram of sugar is 4 approx. So total calories that we can burn in a short period of time is only 100 calories.


But in the above situation, people were burning 200 to 300 calories extra. So the rest of the calories have to come by cutting down on BMR.


What does that mean?


Yes the calories available for your heart and other vital organs is cut down drastically after few minutes after the work out period.


And for rest of the 23 or more hours, the body will be burning lesser calories per minute. 23 x 60 = 1380 minutes. A drop of 0.2 in BMR will save 276 calories in a day. And that is very huge. In most of the cases the saved calories in 23 hours far exceed the calories burnt in workouts. Hence the weight gain.


And what????


And when vital organs are not working efficiently your body will be flooded with lot of waste and toxic.


Why is that?


Waste removal system is a vital system of the body. Toxic build up in the body causes high Blood Pressure, High Blood Pressure, heart diseases, stroke and all other metabolic syndromes.


So what you should be doing?


Walk just for 5 minutes per hour.

Calorie calculations of 5 minute walk will be –

5 minutes x 5 calories per minute = 25 calories. Body is still left with lots of energy – 75 calories. The body will not cut down on the calories meant for heart and other vital organs. It will push for increase in cellular metabolic rates.


In the remaining 55 minutes (post walking session) if the cellular metabolic rate is increased by 0.1 calories per minute, the extra calories burnt will be 1440 x 0.1 = 144 calories.


This will result into provision of 144 extra calories for heart and other vital organs.


Waste removal will be better.


The rate of inflammation will fall drastically.


And you will be staring at a whole new body in about 30 to 60 days. No joint pains, no back pain, energy levels will beat 16 year old boys.


You will save lacs on hospital bills.


You will earn crores by using those extra calories generated.


And that is almost 2 to 3 kg weight lose per month.


Why weight loss of only 2 kg. Waste removal will alone result in 2 kg weight loss. Another 2 kg weight lose will come from burning extra calories.


You may consider sending me few thousand if at all. LOL


One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All Diseases

One Cure for All DiseasesOne Cure for All Diseases


The research indicates that people suffering from celiac have 4 times more chances of getting eczema.

Celiac and Eczema Link


Another credible source claims that Eczema also causes increase in heart disease and stroke.

Eczema and Heart Disease and Stroke


High Blood Pressure is linked to heart disease and stroke already.


Kidney failure is also linked to high Blood pressure and heart disease.

Eczema and Kidney Failure


Now you should expect a link between Eczema and constipation.

Eczema and Constipation


Even Diabetes, another deadly conditions is linked to Eczema.


Eczema (Skin Conditions) and Diabetes

And you keep looking for other researches which will prove that all diseases can be cured by a single cure.


And everybody on earth agrees that every disease starts from the gut.


Eczema has been cured in 2 days in lot of people by balancing the amount of water that they drink.

Eczema Cure


Soon everybody will be talking of One Cure for All Diseases

Health Challenge 2

Health Challenge 2

Health Challenge 2

Most of the people who go to gym think that they know everything about calorie management of the human body.

They tell everybody that spending 1 to 2 hours in the gym is very demanding work. Most of the people suggest exercise without any significant rest in between.

A small challenge –

Do the skipping – you can skip the rope. You can skip the depth of jump. Simple jumps for 10 to 15 seconds at a time.

And then 1 hour rest.

Is that not the coolest thing. How many gym instructors can do that.

And last for a week.

I repeat a simple thing. 10 to 15 seconds skipping without ropes or with ropes. 15 times a day. Catch is – you have to take 1 hour rest between with spell of skipping.