Slowing Down the Aging Process

Slowing Down the Aging Process

Slowing Down the Aging Process

Slowing Down the Aging Process
Slowing Down the Aging Process





The recent research claims that reducing the calorie consumption can slow down the aging process. The following is the link to the research.

The research seems to be based on the recent news items where the people who lived longest claimed that the secret to their longevity is low calorie consumption.

This is not even half truth.

Inflammation is the main cause of every disease and aging process. That is a claim which can be termed as scientific to some extent.

Inflammation happens when there is excess of something in the body. The body tries to get rid of the excess through inflammation process.

So yes, when you eat in excess (excess means more then what your body or cells can process) than inflammation will happen causing speeding up of the aging process.

Whatever one eats, has to be converted into energy. That energy has to be used. So when there is imbalance between these 2 inflammation takes place to get rid of the excess energy produced in the body or excess food that we have eaten.

To attain this perfect balance between energy produced and energy spent is a difficult part.

The moment you start promoting the concept of low calorie consumption, people will go to the other extreme and eat very less.

Mal-nutrition happens when you eat less then what your body needs. Mal-nutrition also causes inflammation.

How Mal-nutrition causes inflammation?

Cells are metabolic units in the body. Cells need different minerals and other chemicals in a particular proportions. When a person starts eating less that proportion of different minerals gets disturbed. These disturbed proportion of minerals creates excess of some minerals. And now this new proportion of minerals will cause inflammation.


Let us say that cells need the mineral A and B in the ration of 40:60. Further let us say at a particular time the absolute values of mineral A and B are 400 units and 600 units.

Now we start cutting down calorie intake and in the process we reduce mineral A to 300 units while keeping mineral B to 600 units.

This will cause inflammation. Resulting into body trying to get rid of excess of 150. Because now the right proportion is 300 units and 450 units to maintain a ratio of 40:60.

Now one has to understand that it is next to impossible to figure out what is perfect ratio of minerals to be maintained. All the blood tests and other recommendations of the mineral balance is a complete lie. This all is farce and fraud that must be beaten down.

To understand the basic maths in support of last para read

Only way to bring about right portions among the minerals in the body is – hydration / dehydration process and increasing the resting metabolic rate.

Cutting down the calorie consumption is never ending process. This will result into severe mal-nutrition in most of the cases.

To increase the resting metabolic rate follow step 2 of the

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