Heart & Cholesterol, How to Lower Cholesterol without Medicines

Heart & Cholesterol

How to get rid of Excess Oils from Your body and Arteries Without Medicines

Oil Floats in water –

Every one recommends that sports and Exercise and Yoga are good for keeping heart healthy. But every one seems to forget to look beyond the obvious.

While Exercising the obvious things are heating up of the body, sweating and dehydration. The most obvious is Dehydration by way of sweating.

When one gives up water and fluids, what happens is Dehydration. So can we conclude that by dehydration (through restricting fluids) we can get the same results as one can get by exercising.

Let us see

If there is oil in stool it will float on water.

When a person consume excessive oils on a particular day, his stool will float on the water next day. That makes it clear that our bodies have a perfect system of handling any amount of oils.

When we do heavy exercise. Next day / time we can see that stool floats on water and it is hard to flush the same. It can take more than 1 flushing attempt.

Now restrict the fluid intake (Do not take any fluids/ water/ tea/ juice etc) for 24 hours. Next few days you will see that the stool floats in toilet.

Then the question arises why is it that every one is crying hoarse that one must keep checking the oils in the arteries.

Is there some thing serious over there that can not be undone by a person without burning hole in his pocket.

Dehydration does the trick.

Stop drinking any fluid for 24 hours. Check your stool for next few days. Does it float on water.

If it does float on water, then there should not be any need for popping the pills.

By the way, I found that people are extremely constipated after they start cholesterol lowering drugs. They develop piles and hearing problems.

I checked on brochure found in cholesterol lowering medicine. I stated that the side effect of medicine is – constipation, stomach pain and one more stomach related problem (technical name which I do not remember).

No one warns the people when they are put on these medicines. What if the medicines cause constipation, piles and Hearing Loss. These days people are put on drugs if the cholesterol readings are any where above 200.

You should be aware that cholesterol reading is highly influenced by your intake in last 24 hours.

Take a small survey. It will take just 15 seconds of your time.

Some other Scientific Studies on Heart & Cholesterol

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are no good for Heart

Heart Medicines increase the risk of Diebetes

Statins Associated With Significant Risk Of New-Onset Diabetes: Study


But the question that crosses my mind why every major medicine discovery is negated after few years.

To my mind development of new medicines is based on hit and trial and not on any scientific basis.

Heart regulates blood in our body. Blood consists of fluid. So we need to regulate only fluid in our body to manage any heart disease.

New Hydration Experiment

Drinking 1 to 2 litres of water first thing in the morning has been talked about for a long time. So I thought of giving that a try about 15 days back.

Now for the last 3 days I have running nose, cough and nasal congestion.

Since last 2 days I have changed my hydration to 100 ml water every 45-60 minutes instead of complete dehydration. Though I did not get much relief, I am inclined to try it for some 10-15 cycles.

My first feeling is that it will lower my weight and cholesterol levels significantly.

When one drinks water in large quantities the water spreads through out the body and starts accumulating (if the far places of the body were highly dehydrated). The increase in urine output would not be as much as the increase in water intake.

When one drinks water in small quantities but more often keeping the total quantity of water intake constant, one dehydrates the far off parts of the body resulting into many health benefits.

Check it yourself as share your experiences.


Vitamins Mineral Supplements cancer heart disease

Vitamins Mineral Supplements cancer heart disease

Why these supplements cause cancer and Heart Disease?

Body needs every vitamin and mineral in the correct ratio in the body.

Drinking water and dehydration at proper intervals is the key to perfect health. One can read the home page of this web site to understand why drinking water and dehydration is the key to perfectly balance minerals and vitamins in the body.

Inflammation is the defence system of the body which corrects any deficiency as well as takes care of the excesses in the body. If any muscles in the body gets damaged, there will be local deficiency of those muscles in that area of damage. So there will be inflammation in that local area of damage. That signifies that the body is trying to cover up the deficiency of muscles by building new muscles.

The next step will be removal of dead muscles and tissues from the site of damage. This step is also taken care of by inflammation process or a similar process which is triggered by inflammation process.

Similar is the process of digestion and absorption in the body. That is also inflammation process.

Whatever is eaten or ingested must be absorbed by the body. Body will absorb only those things that are needed by it. Rest needs to be removed from the body. Absorption and removal from the body is by inflammation process or similar processes. Any excess or shortage of the minerals is made good by storing or taking loan from the cells of the body.

Storage of excesses or depletion of the some minerals or vitamins in cells cause the cells to malfunction and cause cancer.

Recommended Daily Doses are not calculated by any scientific methods. It is simply impossible to monitor RDA of an individual. RDAs are calculated by pharma companies and they do what suits them.


Cancer and Heart Disease

Today (26 April 2015) I filed the following RTI with Indian Coucil for Medical Reasearch. What do you think how fast ICMR) will reply to this RTI. Does ICMR really know how things are happening at various levels.

“Brief Facts prompting his RTI –

Cancer and Heart Diseases

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2015 says that its research spread over last 20 years suggests that supplements for vitamin and mineral deficiencies is increasing risk of developing cancer and heart diseases.

And it adds that it does not know why it is happening. That is shocking

After spending 20 years advising people to take supplements for Vitamins and Minerals, it says that it does not know why increase in supplements is causing increase in cancer and heart diseases.

Does it not mean that 20 years back when AACR recommended the increase it knew nothing about supplementation – how supplements will improve health.

And after 20 years it throws back the same ball at the consumers by still insisting that correct doses may improve the health in the end.

There is an interesting question here Who and how Recommended Daily Allowances for Vitamins and Minerals is decided.”

How dangerous is tea

How dangerous is tea

  • Tea has zero calories.
  • Most of people around the world drink tea when they feel low on energy.
  • Tea provides instantaneous alertness and energy.
  • The calories in milk and sugar that goes into tea does not have in themselves enough to provide that instantaneous energy and alertness.
  • All other stimulants like alcohol, drugs etc. have high calorie value in them to provide that extra energy.
  • On average a person eats about 2000 to 2500 calories a day.
  • There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours.
  • That is about 1.5 calories a minute is required. Almost all of this calorie is needed to run the internal organs and systems like brain, heart, kidney, liver, blood pressure, body temperature, digestion etc.
  • In 24 hours a person may spend about 50 to 500 calories in external activities like walking, running, exercise, sports etc.

Based on above we can conclude that when a person gets up in the morning the level of energy in his body is constant. If a person feels low on energy in the morning, that is an indication that his entire energy is channelised to run his internal organs and systems.

Why Tea is Dangerous for the Human body

  • By drinking tea the body does not get extra energy since there is no calories in tea.
  • The body simple diverts the existing energy that is used for internal organs and internal systems to external activities.
  • That would mean that tea makes less energy available for internal vital organs.
  • That would mean that our vital organs will work at reduced energy levels.
  • From this one can conclude that tea causes metabolic syndrome.
  • Metabolic syndrome is responsible for Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Heart ailments, Stroke, Constipation and every other disease.

Why there is often news that tea is good for heart and for other things

  • Check what is source of the news.
  • Check the source of scientific study that is referred.
  • Check the details of scientific studies.
  • Send a RTI to Indian Council for Medical Research to get a copy of the original research.

You are most likely to face the wall. There is no serious long term scientific study on the effects of tea consumption.

I made some efforts for collecting the data on the effects of tea consumption. You may see the results of the scientific research at the this link.